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Litmama, that sounds awful. I'm so sorry for you. I hope you find some answers. Do you mind my asking, which test are you using? I've heard lots of bad things about the blue-dye tests and false positives.
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Just wanted to pop in here and let you ladies now we saw HEARTBEAT today!

Baby looked like a little blob to me and DH, but had a nice heartbeat of 160 and the tech said everything look great and "you can relax now." Yes, there were tears. But I do feel like I can relax now (well, when I'm not nauseated!).

Sending lots of to all the BFPs. It's wonderful to see so much happy news on this thread!
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Litmama, I'm so sorry. That sounds so stressful and disappointing and to be treated rudely, too. Ack! . Sounds like maybe a chemical pregnancy. Maybe you've had a few.

I'm in the SF Bay Area too. I've found an RE I like and a TCM practicioner I like. I don't know if we are anywhere near each other but if you want to PM me we could find out and maybe that could help.
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Oh Karen!!! That is so wonderful.
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Quiet here! I hope you all are busy with wonderful spring weekends.

I am 9dpo--having intense pg symptoms the last few days. It's interesting a few of them that I might have had with my 1st pg, I bet I wouldn't have noticed then--like extra saliva and metal taste. The senso boobs and nausea would be tough to miss. The senso boobs actually kept me from falling back asleep in the wee hours yesterday.

Anyway, I'm almost crossing the line to too optimistic for a BFP and trying to scale myself back a bit. With all this I think I will test early. I think I'll realy want to know if this was a chemical if I end up bleeding. I'm sorry to see myself less optimistic than usual about it being sticky. I guess "than usual" should be a clue. This has happened before. Though on the hopeful side, my symptoms aren't usually this intense this early. I hope that means a very healthy little one has burrowed in and got my body poring out hormones.
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How are you LitMama? I've been thinking of you and sending good wishes.
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Question about mini ivf

I was reading about this procedure on-line and my TCM provider said it was an excellent choice for me if they would use femara instead of clomid.

Just wanted to say congrats to karen, ompath, and the other BFP's I saw on the first page.

Off to check on my little one and then back to read some and catch up on everyone.
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Hi everyone! Some of you may remember me. I used to post here quite awhile ago but for some reason stopped getting notifications so I gave up. Perhaps it will work this time. I checked the front page and I am still on there! Yay! I am so glad to see that so many of you are expecting now. That is SO awesome!!!! I am now 48 and STILL TTC another. No luck yet but I am not giving up! I had an early loss in July and another in January. I finally found an RE who will try an injects/IUI cycle with me. I went in for my baseline US last month and they found a uterine polyp and an ovarian cyst. I had the polyp removed and I am now waiting for AF to arrive so that I can try to start the injects again. I will need to read the thread to catch up with everyone!

Off to update my siggy....
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Hi kbhlmh, lots of baby dust to you. Looks like from our siggy you conceived at 44. Thats inspiration for us 43 year olds.

Watermama, those are positive signs, this month could be the one for you!

Im 13dpo (posted this before but post never made it?) I tested and got a smudge. I guess that not a positive, but there's still hope. The night before last i had aweful nausea, and then was up all night with vomiting sand diarhea. Great timing! Im better today though, so gotta be grateful for that...
will test again tomorrow...
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Yay! I got a notification! Maybe that means I am back in the game!

Maya - I hope that smudge is a nice clear line tomorrow!! I conceived DS2 when I was 43y5m and gave birth about a month and a half after my 44th birthday!
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WaturMama, have you tested yet? The symptoms sound promising!

Litmama, I agree that it was likely a chemical pregnancy. I have had several of those, the latest in late January when I had 4 positive HPTs each less bright than the one before and then ... bleeding. It is very disheartening and to be dismissed as you were by the doctor is doubly so. I am sorry.

I have been in a funk about this cycle. My first post here mentioned that I had an almost positive OPK on day 9. Well, the very next afternoon, the OPK had no second line at all and it has remained that way until now, day 17. My cervix is low too. So, I don't know if I Oed super early and it didn't get picked up by tests (and our BD timing was not good at all as we didn't try on day 9 at all per the sperm meets egg plan) or if I am not going to O at all or if I am going to O super late ... none of which are ideal options, for sure! I've had no PG symptoms at all, not a twinge or sore breasts, so my miracle seems unlikely this month. :-( Thanks for letting me vent. Hope everyone has a great week!
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Jen - A +OPK on CD17 isn't that bad. Try to BD and hopefully you'll catch that eggie!

Maya - How is that smudge today? Is it a real line? FX!!
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kbhlmh/Karen, I'm so glad to see you here! I hope the notifications keep coming. So sorry for your losses AND your fertility at 48 is impressive and inspiring. May your sticky bean comes to stay soon--so glad you found someone who will do the treatment you want. In case it helps to hear, my TCM person had a 52 year-old in her practice get pg a couple months ago, still sticking.

Maya, unless it is an evap line from a blue test, my understanding is that any line shows presence of HCG. Though I am starting to feel less hopeful about the light ones for myself after a recent chemical pregnancy and last year's very early loss (even though there are puh-lenty of stories about light or no early lines resulting in sticky beans).

Thanks to all who are thinking of me/asked about me. I'll report in about my test results probably tomorrow.
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Hi All,

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and kind words! It really helped me process that icky ER experience. I am touched. I also appreciated hearing from those of you who have had multiple chemicals. WaturMama, I will definitely PM you to ask about your local TCM and RE people. Karen1968, this time it was indeed a blue-dye test! When this has happened in the past, I've always repeated it with both types of dye, and gotten double positives. But hearing this about the false positives, I think I will just avoid blue dye in the future. Thanks for letting me know.

Ompath, how's the energy? I like your idea of creating a thread for discussion of the inevitable discussion!

Jenjersnap, did you ever figure out whether you O'd? I'm curious to hear how you like your O predictor paraphernalia?

Contactmaya, I bet that smudge is a positive! Have you tested again?

MsGB, how are you doing? You know, I would just add to the support others are giving you about not worrying about college tuition costs, etc. My parents were *broke* when I went to college, and I funded it entirely with loans and part-time work, and it all worked out. I had *great* college and grad school experiences, and have never regretted the cost. My parents gave me what I really needed, their amazing love and support.

WaturMama, any news??? Your symptoms sound so promising! I'm thinking of you!

We saw our RE today and I'm feeling better about everything. He was a pretty cool, quirky character who was supportive of TCM and generally encouraging to us. He believes I've been having a series of chemical pregnancies. Since my hormones look good, our next step is ruling out anatomical issues that could be preventing implantation, so I have an U/S and a saline sonogram lined up, plus more bloodwork to look at chromosomes for DH and me. We asked about progesterone suppositories, and he said I don't need them because my prog was 14, but said it wouldn't hurt, so he ordered them for me anyway.

One unexpected monkey wrench came up... because I have a small arterial-vascular-malformation in my brain (that has never given me any problems, not even when pg with DD), I now have to get clearance from my neurologist before getting pg.

This month I'm going to be out of state when I O, ack! Maybe DH and I will just have to spend some special time together on the way to the airport...
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I held out till day 14 to test again, and AF arrives on the evening of day 13!
Im taking the progesterone!

So, thought it might just be spotting, so waited....nope, definitely af.

The postives-at least the baby's due date wont be dec 30th, which is the worst possible date for schools, because it makes them the youngest in the class. Better to have a due date in the early part of the year.

AF is a sign of fertility when breastfeeding, and im glad im still getting it.

Can stop taking that progesterone!

Get to wait for my next cycle and actually time insemination (working with a donor here) properly, instead of after i ovulated. (i was pretty sure i had already o'd, but took the chance, and i cant believe i was actually optimistic when i inseminated not on the day of the dark line on the OPK, but on the day of the somewhat faded line on the OPK, the following day....)

Was really depressed all day yesterday, took my kids to the playground,a nd we gorged ourselves on donuts. Usually, i dont allow this (we share one between us at the most) but yesterday, i dont know,...what the hell.


...was thinking there was a possibility of a chemical, because of the smudge,..i guess ill never know.

Have not read the posts yet,...hope there's good news!

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Maya - I am sorry that AF reared her ugly head!

LitMama - I am glad to hear that you will be going in for some uterine testing to make sure your uterus is nice and healthy for implantation!!

WaturMama - Thanks for letting me know about the 52 year old! My OB's partner delivered a 52 year old last year - oops baby. I love hearing about those kinds of stories!! Any test results yet?
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Litmama, you know, I still have no idea if I Oed or not. I am definitely not going to O at this point unless it's several days away. Trying to remain optimistic that it did indeed happen on CD10 ... that would make me 9 DPO. I have lots of ICs so I tested this morning and it was BFN, of course. I am so silly, I have never gotten a BFP earlier than 12 DPO.

As far as OPK paraphernalia, I used to love my Clear Blue Fertility Monitor, but, now that I am older, it hasn't been as accurate for me personally. I need to figure out a way to clear its memory and start again because it is so confused with me Oing on CD23 one month and CD10 the next! It wants me to use so many sticks. Still, I do think it is a great tool. I do use cheapie OPKs in the p.m. in conjunction.

Sounds like your RE is exactly what you need!
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Maya. I'm sorry to hear AF came. Do you want to take a photo of that smudge to get some other opinions?
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I'm feeling soo cautious in my optimism, but I'm going to have it for a moment here and say...

I got a !!!! Yay!!!

Here's a little more of my BFP story. I have continued to have a ton of pg symptoms. Normally I'm not an early tester, but I thought, if I bleed I really want to know if I had a chemical so I can know if I read my symptoms. I woke up to pee at 3:45a 2 days ago on 11 dpo. Didn't want to miss that first morning pee, so I tested. I got a faint, but clearly there line!! After 2 chemicals pgs in the last year I wasn't ready to celebrate yet (though this faint line was definitely darker than the barely readable one on 11 dpo 2 months ago--I tested early that time because we had a semen analysis scheduled later that week. Now I'm a fan of the 11 dpo test.). So I waited 2 days and tested this morning (13 dpo). At first I thought it was the same, and I freaked out a little so I used another strip just in case. A few minutes later they were both the same and clearly darker than the 11 dpo one. Darker!!! This is a way better scenario than the last two pgs--and like I said lots of symptoms so I am feeling cautiously optimistic. Send those sticky bean wishes.

My EDD is 1/1/11. How cool is that?! I'm embracing the potentially crazy holiday time wildness.

I also want to mention I am loving the inexpensive and sensitive OPK and HPT strips from early-pregnancy-tests.com, in case it helps anyone.
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OMG Waturmama!

I am so so happy for you! Clapping my hand and grinning like a mad woman happy!!!

And what a fun due date! DH and I got married on 10/01 at 1:00pm, so I like the synchronicity of it

I'll be like mad that this is a super baby for you!!!
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