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bad upper stomach pain

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I am having bad stomach pain in the upper part of my stomach under my ribs and above my belly button. At the point were I am not even sure this is pregnancy related. I am going to see a doctor in the morning. Could it be reflux related? I am pretty stressed out and not sleeping at all. Also my stomach has been emptying a lot fast so its empty more often. ???
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Which side is it on? Could be stomach - acid/reflux, stomach virus (it's been going around, though thankfully has spared us!), even hunger, or something of that sort. Or, it could be gallbladder. Any other accompanying symptoms?

I'm glad you can get in to see someone tomorrow! I hope you get some sleep between now and then.
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Glad you're seeing somebody too. I did have to have my appendix out during my second pregnancy. Not the best time but better than the alternative! Just take it easy as much as you can and try not to worry too much.
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I've had a little of this, too. I think it's just heartburn or something. It doesn't last long.
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DDC crashing...I have had that same upper stomach pain with all 3 pregnancies. It's like a regular early pregnancy symptom for me, it goes away during the second trimester.

I think mine is hormone induced indigestion and possibly trapped gas. It HURTS!
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How are you feeling?
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much better it does appear to be some sort of reflux/indigestion type of thing. I am able to control it by eating more frequent smaller meals.
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that's good to hear. hope it stays away!!
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So glad you're able to control it and are feeling better!
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Glad you're feeling better. That is no fun!
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I am having that too! It is really, really uncomfortable. I dont' remember having this kind of indigestion and heartburn except in the third trimesters. I am really watching what I eat - the refried beans the other night were a BAD idea!
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ya I have found that bland carbs really help like rice cakes and crackers. Also tons of little meals have done wonders.
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