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The other thread is closed but I would like opinions from folks who have seen this show. If this should be in another location, please move. I wasn't sure to go.

Hypothetically, IF there was a quasi-ap family who felt like things were out of control, who felt like their home wasn't as happy as they want it to be, where the parents had, over the past 2 or 3 years become emotionally and physically exhausted due to the demands of their children AND Supernanny was willing to take them on as a case, WHY should they not? Or why should they. A family where only the 9 year old co-sleeps, where the almost 3 year old twins are nursing, where the mom is as gentle and patient as she can be until she blows her top. (AKA the mom from Harriet you'll drive me wild, by mem fox)

What other avenues exist for such a (hypothetical) family to get help.

Just asking.
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I think anyone who is happy with supernanny's methods and is willing to enter into using them in order to change family dynamics could do so.

However i also feel that for me the whole supernanny thing is very artificial, and though her methods work in the span of time the show covers, i don't know if i PERSONALLY (and it IS really personal) believe it will be best long term to have this new lifestyle suddenly dropped onto a family the way she does. I can imagine if i went to using time-outs the way she does tomorrow it would be hard enough on my DD to integrate, without having to do it with strangers and cameras in her home and face, let alone having her emotional adjustment then shown to the whole country on television.

As to where else there is help...relatives, friends, "the village", books, magazines, counselling, parenting classes...lots of places. If that mom WANTED to use supernanny though, and felt the emotions around the intrusion of tv crews into family life at such a time of change and challenge were acceptable given the difference supernanny could make, much as it wouldn't be my own choice, i don't see why she shouldn't.
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