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My beautiful baby boy!!!!

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Crashing because I've been waiting for an update.

Congratulations on your new little bundle!
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You're back! We were all so worried! Congrats on your new little boy - though you know you didn't give us any of the vitals like name and weight? Sorry that birth didn't quite go as planned, but so happy that he is here and both of you are well and safe.
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crashing as well b/c I have been following your story and waiting to hear that you guys were ok

So glad to hear you are home with that beautiful boy!!
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Oh Katie, I am SO glad to hear from you! Your boy is gorgeous and I am beyond happy that you are all okay and recovering well. I hope now you will have a beautiful and loving babymoon. He's just perfect.
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yay yay yay and more cheers! I am so happy that both you and baby are healthy and happy! I am sorry that it did end up in a c section for you and with so much emotional drama but you do sound very much at peace with the process and outcome now. It will take a while to process so be gentle on yourself. Hope the recovery goes fast and smooth and can I just say he is adorable! Beautiful alert baby eyes. Lots of hugs, you have been through a lot, so happy for you and your sweet babe!
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Whew! I am also glad to hear all is well with you and your precious baby. You absolutely did the right thing, Katie. All is well. Here's to an easy, speedy recovery and a beautiful babymoon. 5 weeks on from my c-section and I don't feel a thing- unless of course I poke and press on my incision. Even then, it's healed remarkably quickly and I'm able to do all sorts I wasn't able to do at the end of pregnancy. Enjoying lying on your back? Isn't it great? It just gets better from here. Congratulations!!
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Oh thank goodness you're okay! And he's BEAUTIFUL! What a darling!

You did a great job, mama.
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Oh thank gawd! Wow, you've been through a lot, but you sound great. CONGRATULATIONS, Katie! Welcome, baby boy!
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DDC crashing to say congrats, and glad all is well with you and baby.
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Thank goodness you and your precious boy are healthy! He looks so beautiful! Congratulations!
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Congratulations Katie, I knew you could do it!!! He's beautiful !!!!

ps, I told you it was a boy hehe
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DDCC to say THANK GOD!. I've been checking for updates after catching your posts on New Posts. I am so thrilled to hear that everything is fine.
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Aw, a St. Patty's baby! Congratulations! I'm sorry it didn't go the way you planned - I know how that can feel. But he's adorable and I'm very happy for you.
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Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

He is beautiful!
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Yay! I am so glad to hear you and the baby - he's gorgeous! - are doing well! I was starting to get worried when we hadn't heard anything in a while. I'm sorry it wasn't the birth you had planned, but it sounds like in this case it was the way things needed to happen, and you did what was best for you and your little guy. Hope you're enjoying your babymoon!
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Katie... Congratulations! He is beautiful... I love seeing the dreams of my fellow TTC'ers come true.
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Originally Posted by Katie34 View Post
6 pounds and 4 ounces, 19 inches long. I think he began to lose weight in the end from being post term.
No name yet!! Though I may not post it here when we find one as I get kind of private about that . but we only have a couple days till it is needed for the birth certificate. We are working hard at it every day and pouring over baby name books. But we can't find one that feels- worthy of a baby so wonderful, y'know?! How do you possibly choose a name for a baby, I find it really difficult and oh so important!
Add me to the list of DDC crashers who were following the story. I am so sorry that things didn't go as planned, but glad that the baby is well and that you sound so happy.

I totally hear you on the difficulty of naming the baby. You think of how much the baby is to you - the love and the work and the glory - and how can you possibly reduce all that to one word? Which is why my kids both have two middle names. The baby name book and trying names on thing is, however, a great way to spend your time while you recover from surgery. You can do it sitting down, which keeps you out of trouble.
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Oh my goodness, what a journey! Congratulations!!! So relieved to hear all is ok and you are both healthy and happy. I will be 6 weeks out from my c-section on Friday and I feel 100%, excellent. The first few weeks are tough, but you'll do great
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