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Ok, I'm 17 weeks and I thought I'd been feeling baby move for about a week, but the last two days nothing I know I was super bloated yesterday so not to surprised I wasn't able to feel the gentle movement, but today? My midwife isn't worried yet, but I really am...
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i haven't felt the baby move YET and i'm 19 weeks. i'm sure there's plenty of kicking time for months to come. i keep thinking it's a kick then i fart!
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I know how you are feeling. I started feeling the baby move very early on and it was a couple time a day. Then once I hit about 15 weeks I started feeling the baby move only every couple/few days. Finally now at 18 weeks it is becoming more regular but that has only been since the weekend when I was about 17.6 weeks. I am sure everything is ok. Baby could be laying with its back to your stomach and that is why you aren't feeling anything. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I went through the same thing. Could you get your midwife to quickly check with the doppler to give you piece of mind?
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Movement was very irregular for me at first, too. I'd feel plenty of movement for a few days and then nothing for a day. It was worrying to me because DD1 was super active from the beginning, but everything is still great for me and at nearly 22 weeks, I'm just starting to feel a lot of activity.
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Thanks, mamas! You made me feel better. I was so uncertain because of all my gas, its crazy, lol. Then I was so sure because it happened when my jeans poked me funny or I leaned weird, ya know? Anyway, they are so tiny right now and you're right there will be enough time to get kicked.
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