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18 months for the first two 26?? months for the third. I'm sure pregnancy had something to do with the first two. They both just suddenly started refusing around the time I was 3 months pregnant. My third didn't have a sibling interrupt his noonies. But by the time he was two years old, he was super-active and I was getting skin-crawls every time he nursed, so I didn't try to push him to nurse and was relieved as he gradually stopped asking. I had night-weaned him at about 18 months because by that point after so many years of night-waking (they're all two years apart), I was getting close to insane from sleep deprivation.

And I don't feel guilty either. All three were ready, all three thrived afterwards, and all three are remarkably healthy little goobers. I gave them a *really* good start with nursing exclusively for as long as they wanted, and I am content with that.
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Originally Posted by Dulcealegria View Post
My older is 5.5 and still breastfeeding every morning and night, it seems its not going to end this year.

I have a 6 YO and when my baby was born, she wanted to nurse again. After too much of persuasion I finally let her try. She had completely forgotten to latch. She still ocassionally asks to nurse.

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My 5 yo is still going strong, though I'm kind of getting ready to be done. She claims she is going to be done when she is 9.5 but I will cut her off before then!!!
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We considered DD "officially" weaned at 4 years, 2 months. She couldn't figure out how to latch after that though she tried for another 15 months and was upset for much of the time. I consider the limitations I imposed while pg with DS to have altered her natural weaning timeline.

DS was 5 years, 8 months. He was *so* proud when he weaned himself. One days I was like, "Hey, you haven't nursed in a while" and he gave a huge grin and said, "Yup, I've weaned." It was spring of his kindergarten year.
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Please keep in mind that this is the Child-Led Weaning forum, so I am assuming the OP is looking for ages of when children have quit on their own, without prompting, coaxing, or other mother-led encouragement. Thank you!
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it was very, very gradual: every month for under five minutes, then every three months, then it felt like whenever i declared her weaned, she would ask again.

i have no memory whatsoever of the last time she nursed, but she was somewhere around 7 or 7 1/2.

She won't ask again; she's 21 now, lol.

ds1 was 6 1/2, but i don't consider that clw because i overdid the "after i finish..." and then when i finished whatever seemed so darned important at the time, i wouldn't remind him if he seemed happy doing something else. i never intended to wean him, i just felt 'touched out", but pretty soon he stopped asking and then started refusing when offered.

he's 18 now.

Although both kids were shockingly old by cultural standards, i see a huge difference in them and feel that the clw kid benefited tremendously from what really wasn't that much more time out of my own life.

most kids will wean earlier than that, but i will not cut my two year old off if leisurely weaning runs in my family.
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at 3.5 and 5.5 years old; both had been tapering down from a few times a day to 1 time a day in the 6-9 months leading up, and then one day I realized I couldn't remember when we'd had our last nursing session ...
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Already posted. oops
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DS1 was 22m and it nearly killed me! It was what ended up being 6 weeks before his little brother was born and he just lost interest. He nursed a couple of times after DS2 arrived but then he started refusing. He would say "it brudders now". It made me so sad for him to not want it anymore when our goal was 4 years but he seemed to be okay with it so I guess he knew best. DS2 is 8 months and totally boobie obsessed.
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My oldest recently weaned at 6 years old. She feels totally fine with it. My younger two are 4.5 years old and 21 months and still going strong.

I wouldn't categorize us as totally CLW, as I did limit nursing somewhat, especially when nursing three, but I tried to work with my daughter as much as possible on it.
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I think DS1 is done, at 6.5. His last time to nurse was right around Mother's Day, and a few days after that he told me that his body didn't need nursies anymore. He may nurse again, but I wouldn't be shocked if he didn't. He'd been down to every few weeks for awhile.
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dd is almost five and still nursing she says she maybe 10 when she stops nursing. I won't be able to hold out that long but given the amount of time she spends nursing now I imagine she will stop sometime during this next year. I hope. I want it to be her decision but...
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The first time dd weaned was when I was pg with ds, she told me that a story would do and that the 'num nums' was for the baby, I was shocked and remember crying at the LLL Toddler meeting, it was about a month before ds was born and 2 months before her 3rd birthday, ds was born and things went from bad to worse for us all and she had a very traumatic time, when I came home from the hospital she asked to nurse again and she remembered and wow it did us all a power of good - it really was one of the best moments of my life!! She nursed with her brother for another 18 months and then again decided that she had had enough and that was it really, she has asked once or twice but can't remember how to suck. DS is still nursing once a day - he says he'll stop on his 5th birthday hmmm ..... watch this space - not sure he'll actually stop on his birthday - he saw my breast the other day and said mmmm this is all for me!!! lol made me laugh
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This is post is very good! I learned a lot! Thank you for your replies, threads and posts!
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Just shy of two!
I just posted about it - I'm still surprised. It just gradually declined in frequency & duration. The past several months it was only first thing in the morning, & then he would nurse a while. So I was surprised when he started being disinterested in the morning. He wanted more to play 'fort' hiding under my sheets than to lay down & BF like we normally did in the morning.

I will admit that the past several times he has asked for "Monk" (still has trouble with those 'Ls'), I ignore & distract him now, BUT, every.single.time he's asked the past couple months, I get the boob out & he doesn't nothing but look at it, or put his mouth on just the nipple & laugh! So when he asks (always before bed) I know it's just a diversionary tactic to avoid going to sleep. Or maybe he's just pointing out that he knows the word for it- he does that a lot lately, just naming things.
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Dd never asked to quit, she just started tapering off a lot and got distracted. Around 4.5 my milk really dried up on one side and it hurt on the other because she nursed every so often, so I proposed a weaning party, which occurred when she was almost 5. She does still attempt to latch upon occasion.
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my ds will be 3 in october, and hes getting close to being done i think
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DS will be five next week - don't think he'll be finished yet. I keep thinking he has quit- then one morning he'll ask again - when he does, I have mixed feelings.

I think if 3yr old dd was not still nursing, he would have stopped. This morning, she woke early and nursed on both sides, then fell back asleep. Then, ds woke up and DID ask to nurse. When he tried, there really wasn't much milk. He was like, "aahh, shoot", but then bounded up and was ready for the day.
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Child #1: 5 years
#2: 7 years
#3: 7 years

#4 (almost 5 years old) and #5 (2 years old) continue to nurse. #6 is due to arrive in March.
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Originally Posted by mom2threenurslings View Post
Child #1: 5 years
#2: 7 years
#3: 7 years

#4 (almost 5 years old) and #5 (2 years old) continue to nurse. #6 is due to arrive in March.
wow.. where is the bow down smiley LOL

no weaning here yet... mine are 3 & 1
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