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DD stopped nursing a few months ago, about 1 month before the new baby came. She was 5y9months at the time. She told me she was leaving it for the baby but reserved the right to nurse again if she wanted to. She had only started nursing less a few weeks before weaning. Before that, she would nurse at least 3 times a day (in the morning, after school and before bed).
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About 8 months after DD2 was born, I cut DD1 down to "once a day in the morning before I got out of bed." She'd nurse for literally like 2 seconds. If she forgot or missed her opportunity, oh well. About 4 months into this, at 4 years 9 months, she said she don't want to nurse anymore.
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DS had been telling me he was going to nurse until he was 4. His birthday came and then suddenly, he changed his story to say he would nurse until 6. He was nursing only once a day and then, just for a few minutes at a time. I got pregnant in Jan (he turned 4 in Oct) and because of previous losses, I decided to encourage him to stop. I still allowed him to nurse, but I would also distract him for a few minutes when he asked and then if he asked again, he'd nurse. Most of the time, he didn't ask a second time.

He's seen my breastpump and knows what it's for and tells me that when the baby comes and I have milk again, he wants some, but in a cup.

I feel good about how we weaned and he really does seem like he was ready for it. It's been about 7 months since he's even asked about it.
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DD told everyone as she was getting ready to turn 3 that she would stop on her 3rd birthday. And she did! (with a *little* help from me, but it was all initiated by her.)
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I can't answer the op because I weaned my older two kids around 2.5 years. I *think* that CLW may be the "right" thing to do but am not sure I can keep nursing the twins on their schedule.

Maybe this isn't the right thread to think about these things but, how did you stick with it when 1- it is so frustrating to nurse all. the. freaking. time and 2-my kids are whiny and miserable when not getting to nurse all. the. freaking. time and their weaned at 12 month friends seem to be happier, better behaved, etc human beings. and 3- I'm exhausted from the night nursings.(and 4, I'm starting to feel uncomfortable nip, just because my own confidence is declining about this.)

Maybe I am trying to justify my weaning them but I set limits on other things why not nursing also? (I am very much not being critical of clw here! I am looking for reasons to continue when the benefits are very much not visible to me. Heck, I'm so emotional about this......)
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Having nursed two now well into toddlerhood (and beyond.... for one) it is clearly a need. And non-nursed other toddlers DO fill that need in other ways, but I don't want to force that on my kids when it is still merely an annoyance at worst to still nurse them. If I were over-the-top fried it would be different, (and sometimes when I am in the middle of the night, I say no to the 2yr old...)

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DD - 2years 9 months., DS #1 weaned right around the same time 2 yrs. 9 mths, and DS#2 is only 18 mths and still nursing.
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Mine was a total Miss independence she stopped on her own at 11 months. Then my supply dwindled quite quickly. I tried to save it and keep it so I could pump for her to drink in sippy but couldn't get anything even when I added fenugreek and pumped double electric. Its possible the supply was dropping because she started to finally be okay with a bottle when I worked then realized she could take it on the run.

She didn't want to nurse long for a month before that she had started walking and didn't want to be held down for nothing.

I would have happily went on to 3, maybe more years.
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A drop in nursing at 11 months is a nursing strike. Infants don't self-wean.

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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
A drop in nursing at 11 months is a nursing strike. Infants don't self-wean.

Can a kid self-wean at 13 months?

I've never had the experience of any kid self weaning (I weaned two at ages 2.5 and 2.7ish and my 3 year olds are still going strong.) but couldn't a kid discover food and decide that beats nursing for calories and be the type of kid who doesn't need/want the closeness or comfort that it provides? I'm not wanting to argue, but am truly curious if some people believe a kid can't self-wean before 12 months but could at 13 months.
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Choose? Never. My first I weaned at 4 years. My 16 mo is going strong!
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My daughter is 4 years, 2 months and I am 32 weeks pregnant and she has shown no indication that she will ever stop. I asked her and she told me to ask again when she is 5 - we'll see.
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Can a kid self-wean at 13 months?
Unlikely IMO. Nutritionally they still need the milk at that point. Now if they were provided other animal milk etc, possible they would wean, but I would consider it partially mom-led.

IMO it is highly unlikely to have CLW before 18 months on the absolute earliest end. I think average is probably at least 3-4 yrs old.

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