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What do you do for toothpaste/soap/shampoo/etc?

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My 2yo's just been dx (blood test) with a number of food allergies. His corn allergy is very borderline, maybe false positive, but I know it's a common allergen and that stuff is in everything! His diaper rash powder. His bubble bath. Etc etc etc.

He's also got dx allergies to wheat, dairy, soy, egg, peanut, etc. Running more tests soon. Meantime, I'm having a devil of a time finding allergen-free -- esp. corn-free -- bath/body/teeth stuff. Anyone got a list of safe ones? Preferably with no artificial colors/scents. Ick.

(Re: toothpaste, we need a fluoride-free one for him and a whatever one for us. Trying to eliminate allergens from the whole house if possible .. )

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I wish I knew for the toothpaste... I haven't been able to find anything safe for DD yet. So for now, we just don't use anything (she's 29mo). Eventually I suppose I will have to start researching though... For myself, I use EcoDent.

For soap (for DD)- we use California Baby, but we only use it about once a week (or if she gets into something really dirty)- otherwise we stick with water. She is IgE to corn and coconut, both of which are used in CA Baby, and it doesn't seem to bother her. But they don't use any top allergens in their products, like nut oils or dairy.

Corn is so hard. I avoid all processed foods so that we don't get any trace corn, but I've long ago given up on avoiding all environmental exposure- it's just not possible. Everything is made of corn- carpet, toilet paper, paper cups, you name it. And most (all?) "natural" home products- detergent, cleaning stuff- is made from corn/coconut. So I guess you have to judge how severe the allergy is- just watch for contact reactions if you use any products containing corn.
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Thanks! The weird thing with us is he's nonreactive apart from maybe some GI/behavioral stuff. *shrug* More testing!
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One of our neighbors just mixes peroxide and baking soda (he's anti-mint and he's been doing that for years; he's a high school science teacher).

My father's girlfriend just brought me some "mint chocolate body soap and shampoo". It's from a company called www.100percentpure.com. Okay that's the website, not what it's called. The only thing in this one that is questionable is the Vitamin E, which I'm going to assume is soy derived since it says a-tocopherol. But it's all made out of food oils (not so good for someone IgE allergic to any of them though). But there's no CORN! I want to look at their other stuff to see what they have.

My son uses Xyliwhite toothpaste, and handles it fine. I believe that I called and the xylitol is corn-sourced though. He's intolerant, not allergic, and tolerates it. I haven't found one less allergenic for him, so he's using it.
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For my dd I use Kiss My Face olive oil soap (no additives or fragrance). I don't use shampoo, I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar on her hair (and mine and oldest dd's as well). I don't use toothpaste, just water.
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Subbing since I need a natural shampoo that has no allergens. Just checked my toothpaste and it has xanthum gum (corn!) I have issues with corn, so I may stop using it but ever noticed a problem yet.

I do like www.uncleharrys.com tooth products and they are very natural.

-Just saw he has shampoo too. I am always careful when trying new shampoo since alot of the "natural" stuff leaves my hair oily looking. Perhaps I will try it...
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What about Dr. Bronner's? I've never really analyzed the ingredients well, but it's olive oil based. It can be used for anything- I know of people who brush their teeth with it. I don't. Because that sounds gross

Or just baking soda to brush teeth and wash hair? I've also heard (and am considering doing) of some moms who just put some baking soda in their children's bath water and use that to wash both their bodies and their hair (just dump the water over their head and massage in a little). Kids don't get the kind of body odors and oils that we get, to they really don't need as much to get them clean (just a good scrubbing to get all the dirt off!). Then rinse with some ACV (I do do this, and it makes my kids' hair so soft!). I use California baby as well, but we're not intolerant of anything in it. But for my own hair I use baking soda with an ACV rinse and it works awesome.
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