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low TSH numbers???

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I just got a call from my doctors office and was told I need to go in for more blood tests because I have low thyroid numbers (TSH).
The number is 0.364 uIU/ml and I guess the normal is between 0.450 and 4.500.
Anyone knows what that means? Is it bad? I was really sick when I did the blood test and wasn't eating much so could this influence the results?
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Pregnancy does all kinds of wacky things to your thyroid- it is essential to get this treated though if it becomes an issue- here is a good resource:


I have hashimotos, which was diagnosed after my last baby- I am taking a low dise med to control it now.

Good luck!
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Hey Gen24 - Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing and what your doctor has advised since discovering the low TSH.

Mine is at 0.05 - has been at that for two tests now, one in early March when I was in the hospital for HG and another three weeks later. I've never had thyroid issues before that I am aware of. My midwife is freaked out and has referred me to an endocrinologist. She says that it is likely I will have to be transferred to a high risk OB, which is devastating news to me. (By law here, MWs can't follow women with hyperthyroidism). I am hoping with every cell in my body that the next test will show a rise in TSH as an indication that my body is getting back to normal now that I am further into the pregnancy and the HG is much improved. I'm waiting for an appointment with an endocrinologist to find out more.

Has your doctor said that this is likely for you too? Have they mentioned "transient hyperthyroid" as a possibility? I've read about this during pregnancy but have no idea what the likelihood is (as opposed to hyperthyroidism that lasts longer than early pregnancy and thus is much more of a concern).

I'm pretty freaked out by all this and would love to know what info you've managed to find out.
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Hi JessieBird! I just noticed you are from Quebec...I'm from Quebec too (Montreal) but now live in California.
Sorry about your low TSH. Mine wasn't nearly as low as yours. It was 0.364 but my doctor had me do a T4 and the results were within normal. I have now transferred all my care to a midwife so I never discussed my low TSH numbers with the doctor but my mw didn't seem concerned at all.

I researched online what could cause low TSH and I found out that severe morning sickness with vomiting is one of the cause so if you say you had HG, than that could very well be the cause of your hyperthiroidism. AFM, I had really bad morning sickness and was throwing up almost everyday but it wasn't bad enough to be hospitalized for it.

I think if you are now doing better and eating well, your next numbers might be back to normal so try not to worry too much.

Good luck,
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