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Hi, I am a mother of 4, 1 boy and 3 girls. 2 girls are hearing impaired.
The last, the baby, is the reason I have decided to sign up for this forum. Maybe I can get some help. Today she had to go through a series to blood tests and had to bounce from dr to dr. She has a condition called "failure to thrive." For some reason, the doctors dont understand why, she is not growing like a normal baby. She is 3 months old and only weighs 1 lb heavier then her birth weight.
I came here to see if I can get some support, help, and ideas on how I can help my baby grow. She has been fed 4 oz every 2 hours, GoodStart formula. I did start out breast feeding her but since she wasnt gaining weight, the doctor told me it might be my milk so for me to change to formula. I did but it didn't work, she still didn't gain the weight she is supposed to be gaining.

does any1 have any ideas i can try?
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You will probably get more answers to your questions in Special Needs Parenting.


You might also want to check out the Health and Healing forum and the Breastfeeding forums.

Welcome to MDC and I hope you find lots of support here and some answers to your questions.
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Hello and welcome to MDC!

Judging from your user name, we seem to have something in common!
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You've definitely come to the right place! I'm sure you will find lots of great advice and support here! Let me also suggest the Spirituality forum (towards the bottom of the list of forums). Sometimes when doctors don't have the answers, this is a great place to turn for comfort and support, regardless of your religion/belief system. You might even try the subforum "Ask an Intuitive." She's suprisingly good and she might come up with something that hasn't been considered yet. Good luck!
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Welcome to Mothering!
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome and best of luck...maybe a second opinion?
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