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High BP

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Ugh. Went to the doctor today and bp is wayyyyy up. Top numbers were at about 170 and bottom was about 95-100 for all the readings. She sent me home with a bp monitor and I have to go back and see her in a week. If its still up then, she is putting me on meds. I don't want to go through this all again. I did this last pg only without the meds and it wasn't this bad.
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i'm sorry, Mama.
fingers crossed for lower readings next week.
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Thanks Megan. I just checked it after eating a big hunk of salmon, drinking a lot of water and taking a 30 min epsom salt bath and it was 131/73. Not as great as I want it but MUCH better.
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Sorry to hear that! Mine are creeping up to high as well.
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Jade, I am so sorry you are dealing with this same thing.

I checked it before I went to bed and this morning and both readings were 110's/low 70's
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I can imagine how scary that would be, Jaclyn. I'm so glad to hear that it is going down.
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Thanks so much.

I have been taking them fairly frequently and it seems that the first reading I do is a bit above normal but then if I do it again right after it is completely normal and then when I switch arms it is completely normal. I think I just have a fear of the machine itself!
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