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Hey, all, just want to say hello.

I'm not offically ttc, because we're having a little difficulty right now. I am 44, and I had ds when I was 42 (he's two in April). I had a mc last April.

I've been having regular periods right along, starting in June after the mc, had a regular one in Dec., and then nothing since. I just finished a 12 day course of Prometrium to try and bring on my period, and then I guess we'll see.

We won't do anything extra to have another. When we married, I had 4 kids and DH had 4, and now we have ds together. The next youngest child at home is going on 11, though, and it would be nice to have a closer sibling, I think. My first child was an only for 10 years, and it just seemed better to to have brothers and sisters around.

So anyway, just saying hello!
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cd 4

Hi Vickie, Welcome! Glad to meet you. Thank you for joining us. Please excuse my ignorance about this but what is Prometrium?

Kerlowyn, I'm sweating out that wait with you. Do you have any symptoms? I envy your ability to wait to test. I'm going to try to wait to test next time, too, although patience is this arena has not been my longsuit.

Polka, I wasn't able to open that link. I'll try to find it on the board.

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try this one - oops

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Prometrium is a progesterone. It's supposed to mimic the progesterone that your body makes after ovulation. Supposedly, after I quit taking it, my body will just jump start and my period will start.
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Just wanted to chime in that I'm 41 (42 in April) and have/had been TTC #2 for a while. Am now 7 weeks PG with an IVF baby. There is a possibility of 2 siblings since there were 3 egg sacs at my U/S but only one with a heartbeat. I go back in on 28th to see if there was any progression and make sure everything is OK. This is our last try so I am trying to be "cautiously optimistic"

Keep your fingers crossed for me and my prayers to all you!!
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CD 11

Welcome to Hollybearsmom and Mothersong!!

So good to have you on board. And congrats to you Holly bear!

Kerlowyn, I am hoping for you!
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Vicki, that's interesting. I hope it works for you. Does you doctor think you're just having annovulatory cycles or what is the reason for skipping periods? Is it a part of perimenopause? We're ttc#2 and I'm already planning for #3. I'm encouraged that you were able to conceive ds at 42. I'll probably be at least 43 when we ttc#3, if we're able to conceive #2 soon.

Hollybearsmom, all is can say is WOW! That's fantastic. Keep us posted. I love to hear success stories! Hopefully we'll all be joining you on the pregnancy boards soon

Polka, that chart is confusing. I'm at a loss. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

Velveteen, getting close to O!!!

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Hollybearsmom and Mothersong!!

dabunnytoo, no symptoms, but I usually don't get any till after I have pg a few weeks. When are you going to test, when is AF due?

Does anyone else here not chart?
I see all these temps and charts and days...I only charted when I was trying NOT to get pg! :LOL

Anyone else just wingin' it???
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cd 9

Kerlowyn, Any news??????


Velveteen, you lucky duck on vacation. I hope you come back with great news for us.

Vicki, has AF shown up yet?

Hollybearsmom, still waiting to know how many babies? Let us know.

Mom4tot, what cycle day are you? I think we're pretty close, right?

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Hi, all,
AF did indeed show up, and it is just as bad as it sounds like it might be after 3 months.

I bought a thermometer and started temping. First time ever for me, but I figure if nothing else it'll help me know what's going on. Got DH all enthused, though.
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cd 34 7 dpo ?

ugh ! who knows with me.
hard to tell since I'm b/fing.
waiting for AF or baby?

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cd 8 today.

I hope to notice some other signs of ovulation this month besides ewcm. I will do another opk too.

Thanks for thinking of me! (us!)
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fingers crossed

AF is two days late! I'm feeling hopeful cause I'm pretty regular. I'll keep you posted!
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cd 35- 8 dpo ?

fingers crossed for ya napless !!!!!!
do-DO-do do Do do do - the jepardy music play !!

Well, I'm in waiting..
I always get really hungry right before AF so thats not an indicator:

temps are staying up for me but I'm not getting too excited.
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cd 10

Woo Hoo, Ladies!!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to some BFPs!!!!!!!!!

Let us know!!!!!!!!!!

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TTC over 40

I just joined this forum today. I'am 44 years old and trying to conceive after I hade a tubal reversal in Feb. of this year. Having the tubal 7 years ago was the worsed thing I have ever done. It practically ruined my chances of ever conceiving again.Especially at my age. I had no support at the time, and was talked into it by a Dr. I need someone to talk to that might understand some of what I'am going through.I would like to make some new friends with someone that is liked minded.
Hope to hear back from someone soon!
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Let me be the first to shower you with MDC baby dust!!
You will certainly find support in a few places here on the boards.

Well, AF seems to be a few days late. However, I have been getting slight twinges of cramps, but no spotting yet like I usually have before AF arrives. I'm trying not to get to excited. I don't know when I will test, probably not for a few days more. :

The rest of you waiting, any news!
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cd 12

Cindy, Welcome to the forum. I'm so, so sorry for your difficulty. Jeepers, that must be hard. My niece who is 22 and pregnant with #2 wants to have a tubaligation. I keep trying to talk her out of it, telling her that reversal is not a sure thing and even though she doesn't want more now, who knows when she's my age. When I was 25 I wanted a tubaligation and my OB talked me out of it. I'm so glad he did. I would hate myself right now if I had done that. Not only do you have to deal with regular fertility issues at this age but then the added burden of the reversal. I have no knowledge in this area at all but I would think that IVF would be an option, right? You may find some better information on the infertility boards

Kerlowyn, how can you stand not to test? I don't have that much willpower but good for you for waiting. I always test early and then am disappointed but of course so far I've been disappointed later, too. How many days past are you? Let us know ASAP!

I should O tomorrow and then begin the dreaded 2ww.

Anyone else in the 2ww or ready to test?

Napless? Polka?

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cd 2

af reared her ugly-a$$ head later last nite !

oh well, we are moving in 1 mon so I'm not that frantic.

when I got pg w/ DS (7 mos), I wasn't charting. I took a 4 mon break from charting & we're were deciding to go w/fert. treatments or not.

So there's hope for us.

Welcome Cindy
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Re: cd 12

Originally posted by dabunnytoo

Kerlowyn, how can you stand not to test? I don't have that much willpower but good for you for waiting. I always test early and then am disappointed but of course so far I've been disappointed later, too. How many days past are you? Let us know ASAP!
You really want to know?? I'm too lazy to go to the store to buy the test!!! :LOL I'm not kidding, I really dislike shopping :

But what you said about disappointment rings true too. The longer I wait, the more sure I will be, one way or the other. I think for me I would rather AF show up then actually see a BFN, KWIM???

Anyhow, I am now 4 days past due
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