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A good nice OB/GYN in Austin

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Okay, so I have found out that I am more than likely going to have to switch Ob/GYNs within the next week and I have no idea where to look. I love, love, LOVE my doctor back in DFW, but due to Medicaid Aetna not transferring from Tarrant county to Travis county, I have to switch. I am okay with this, since it's been getting time consuming and a little expensive to travel back and forth all the time. The only bad thing is that I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and will start going for my bi-weekly exams and checkups. I also have to find a perinatal specialist as well. But I'm hoping that whatever OB/GYN I end up going to will be able to recommend a specialist.

So....I was wondering if you ladies could help me at all. The only down-side is that whatever doctor it is, they will have to take Medicaid. I am not picky on whether it's a male or female doctor. I just want someone who is friendly, open minded, and understanding to what I want. My doctor back home was/ is all of these things. He delivered both of my girls, so he understands how my pregnancies go.

Also, if anyone could recommend a wonderful pediatrician, I would be so ever grateful.

Oh ya, on the pediatrician, I would prefer someone who is open minded as well. We are planning (as of this moment) to not vaccinate our baby. And we are planning on doing the whole attachment parenting/ babywearing, so open minded is a must.
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Check out obgynnorth.com. I was very happy with them (no specific doctor-you rotate each appt so you actually know the person delivering your baby). Best of luck.
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Same! I love obgyn North. It's Dr Sebastyen's practice and very friendly to the "natural" minded. They are a midwife/ob practice and the only one in Austin with midwives that can deliver in a hospital. I'm 25 weeks preg and very happy there. There is an ongoing thread about vax friendly docs here. do a search to find it. It's apparently not easy to find one. I'm looking as well, as I'm planning to not vax.

Good luck!
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I meant to put this on the original post, but forgot.

As far as the OB/GYN, I am totally open and insist on having an epidural. And more than likely I will be induced as well, as I was with both of my girls. Not b/c of my doctor wanted me to (in fact, he wanted me to wait until I went naturally), but b/c I had been in active labor with both of them for over a month and wasn't dialating. When it happened again with Valerie, he finally explained it to me as even though I might be doing everything correctly, my body wasn't cooperating. Meaning, instead of pushing the baby down, the baby was actually being pushed up. Kind of weird. No real explanation to it either. So we had already planned on being induced with Merrick. Plus, once I am in labor, I go really fast (like six hours and four hours), so my doctor thinks that this labor will only be something like two hours.
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you might check out dr. mikael love.

I believe that obgyn north does not take medicaid, thought they are talking about it.
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They take medicaid. I go there and I am very happy at 38 weeks. No issues!
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Originally Posted by teachermom View Post
you might check out dr. mikael love.

I believe that obgyn north does not take medicaid, thought they are talking about it.
ditto to this.

i heard that dr. seb takes 1 medicaid a month
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they (obgyn north ) take 5 medicaid patients a month, but are booked full on medicaid patients as far as nine months in advance. my foster daughter goes to dr. shieffer (spelling?) who delivers at north austin. she seems nice to me.
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Dr. Stephanie McNelis at Austin Diagnostic Clinic North is wonderful. She is so supportive of whatever you want to do. I had her for my first birth which was a c-section (breech) and second. She pushed so hard for me to have the VBAC that I wanted (it was sucessful) and then when I wanted a natural birth for the 3rd pregnancy she was 100% supportive even when I decided to go to the birthing center at the end of the pregnancy. Oh, and I had medicaid for 2 of my pregnancies when I saw her.

As for pediatricians, here is a reply that I just posted to another thread...
We love, love, love South Oaks Family Family Medicine (next to Seton Southwest Hospital). Dr. Cox is amazing. The wholes staff there is great (doctors, nurses, P.A., N.P.). We no longer vaccinate at all. Dr. Steigler did give me her opinion about our 12 month old needing his DTP, but she didn't push it when I told her that I appreciated her sharing her opinion with her and then moved on. Dr. Cox is so respectful of a parent's right to choose if they will vaccinate or not. Even if you choose to vaccinate he will tell you which shots he thinks are unnecessary. They never push meds unless they think it's really necessary.
We used Dr. Woods at ADC South (she takes Medicaid) until we started researching vaccines and she did not take well to us questioning her medical authority.
Did I mention that we love Dr Cox and his practice? I also love the fact that since they are a family practice the whole family can see them. Oh, another added bonus is that since they are family practice the waiting room is not full of sick kids. I felt like every time my kids went to the pediatrician before for a well child visit they would get sick a few days later. They take Chip but not Medicaid.
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I have a friend who went through Dr. Uribe at Seton Central is natural birth friendly. I only know from her say, they did hypnobirthing and he was WAY supportive, candles, low lights, etc. Dr. Polan is good, Dr. Love, Dr. Sebastyen.

As far as Pediatricians go, I see Kangos Pediatrics up North (620-183 area). We are no-vax, they are also supportive of HB and the MW doing the first few weeks of well checking, but they do say they will do it also. Our son was on Hempmilk from 8 mo on, and they were unsure at first, then supportive when we talked about it, so I'd say they are pretty open minded.

It sounds like the prodromal labor you have (and this is obviously unsolicited advice) may be due to a funky positioned baby? You know, not on the cervix fully, so it doesn't stimulate effective contractions, or dilating contractions. Maybe look into chiropractic care? I use Health first chiropractic with Dr. Bradley Holden, it helps open the pelvis as much as possible prenatally so the baby can move into the best position. Not only posterior vs anterior, but asynclitism too. Just a thought.
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Ditto on the OBGYN North fans. Love the practice, their attitudes and open-minds. Also very professional and knowledgeable.

GL Mama.
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I just moved to Austin and had heard wonderful things about Dr. Sebestyen, but found out that practice stopped accepting Medicaid patients two months ago. OBGYN North did, however, refer me to another practice (who I found out some friends had delivered through and loved!), Renaissance Women's Group. I'm seeing Dr. Montalvo and EVERY single person I've come into contact with through that practice has been amazing! Good luck!

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