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My Zion has 2 teeth. She sometimes wakes once a night, sometimes doesn't. She's so smiley and laughs at everything. She loves her Sophie the Giraffe teether and her favorite thing s to watch her almost-3-yr old brother.
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hi mamas!! i have a few minutes while my DH has our Magnolia, so i thought would chime in here! we have been doing really well! we are so glad that spring is here, and we can get outside. Magnolia is doing so good. she is 16lbs and will be 5 months tomorrow! she is rolling over, pushing up, scooting back and forth, about to crawl!! it is so cool to watch. she had nighttime colic for the first 3 1/2 months, and we are all so glad to be done with that. now its on to teething, lol. she has had a few nights in a row where she wakes up screaming and can't be consoled. it has only happened at night. my friend gave us some chamomille homeopathy medicine and since we have been giving it to her she hasn't had that happen. i don't think we will give it to her tonight and see what happens. we actually took her to the ped. b/c we thought she might have an ear infection, but she checked out all good and they said they thought it was early teething, no teeth yet though.

other than that everything is so good. i love her SO much and just think the world of her. we love babywearing too. i have a didymos wrap, ergo, moby, and a pouch sling. i use them all and love it. my faves are the didymos and the ergo. the moby was so great at first but we have now graduated to the didy and i am in love with wrapping.

oh and i was reading this thread earlier and someone was talking about their baby shaking? my girl does that. it is usually when she is nursing down or wakingup. my ped said it is normal. you can google infant shudder syndrome. it is freaky. my daughter has had no vaccinations and i don't think she will due to this. it is related to their immature nervous system, which is nothing i plan to further disprupt with injections of foreign chemicals.

so glad you started this thread! i miss popping in our DDC everyday and seeing how everyone is doing. much love to you and your little ones!

~Lauren and Magnolia
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Hi mamas! another 11/09 mama! I posted a lot and love the FB group but so happy to see a thread up on MDC

Glenn is a wonderful baby!!! I love being a Mommy to a baby again Joey is a wonderful big brother he loves "his baby" so so so much it is so sweet! And to think I was worried about him!!! Glenn is working on his first tooth he is sleeping good at night I am re reading the no cry sleep solution because he wants to always be up against me! he LOVES his exersaucer more than anything else!! Nursing is wonderful he is a champ we only had a few issues right in the begining but they were solved asap! we pan on another baby in 5 years when Glenn will be in Kindergarden that is the age gap we have right now and we LOVE it! we will still be young then to we'll only be 31 so if we wanted a fourth it will work Dh has been amazing I am so so so lucky he is a wonderful father! My cats I was worried about them well they think Glenn is a wonderful addition I love being a mom of 2! I don't find it easier but I don't find it harder just different I am more of a worrier this time
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I get the "You're still breastfeeding?!" too. Umm, yes, why is that so shocking? Beyond the benefits, I'm just honestly too cheap for formula. It seems kinda silly to spend money on formula when I have no issues with making enough milk for the little guy. I don't know how long I can keep up the pumping with work but I've been doing it 7 weeks now and I really think I'm commited for a year. I won't beat myself up if I have to quit a little sooner though. I did have someone tell me I was inspiring for being a working, breastfeeding, cloth diapering mom though.

I honestly feel a bit traumitized from LO's birth. He was posterior, had trouble descending, my cervix got stuck on one side of his head, and had shoulder dystocia, and I lost a lot of blood afterwards and he had some breathing difficulties as well. There were just some scary moments there. I keep telling myself that it was just circumstance and the next child wouldn't necessarily be born the same way but it just makes me a little skiddish.
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magnolia wren crawled today! she covered 5 feet in 20 seconds! i am in for it now, lol. or at least the dogs are!

i didn't mention in my pp that sleep is not good with us. she is an all night nurser, every hour or two. thank goodness i am used to it, b/c its tough!! i love it and wouldn't trade it for the world! more later

always! lol!
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Today Glenn did his first belly laugh!!! we were playing peek a boo and he did a true real laugh he was always just smiles with a coo and now ohh my I was in heaven hearing it!!!!!
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My LO will be 5 months tomorrow, April 2nd - How time has flown by. He is so cute and so, so good. I keep telling DH that if we are fortunate enough to have another LO it can NEVER compare to this one - we are spoiled.

In terms of having a VBAC, I am definatley up for the challenge. As a matter of fact, I would still try for a homebirth. My midwife said she is up for the challenge if I were to become preggers and a candidate for a home birth.

You gals are making me jealous with your LO's turning - mine isn't. However, I do think he's gearing up because he constantly does those belly crunches someone mentioned above. He does sit unassisted for a few moments and places his hands in front of him so he doesn't fall forward. however, rolling is a different story. LOL

Still no teeth here, but the teething wakes him up at night.

I too am planning on continuing to pump at work 'till the year is up. I know I will get slack for doing it, but I plan to continue unless I become preggers and I have to stop. With prior MC's, I'm not sure if breastfeeding/pumping would be an issue.

Love hearing all the updates. Keep them coming!!
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XavisMom For EC we did get a potty online, the book we are reading recommended this one:


Btw, what's a wool soaker? And as far as your BFing situation, I've heard stuff like that too, it's like where do they come up with this stuff - do you ever read any books people?! My family doesn't agree with how we do things either and I've told them I have several books I can recommend that explain why we do what we do but they just don't want to take the time to understand us. So really there's nothing more I can do but just do what I think is right and just let all the comments roll off me.

Sally That's not good that you're more of a worrier this time - I already worry a lot and I want to have like 4 or 5, I hope it doesn't get worse with each one or else I'm in trouble

aerobrandi I had a very difficult birth as well with some scary moments, my MW told me though to have just one of the things that happened to me is a rarity but to have all of them again is near impossible. She reassured me that the next time would be different and I believe her. My Mom was in labor with me for 48 hours and then with my sister she went into labor in the morning and had her by dinnertime. With DS I was in labor 36 hours (I personally believe the HB cut down the hours of my labor) so I really think the next one will be shorter.

Lauren I can't believe your LO crawled!! That's amazing! I am right there with you with the nursing every 1-2 hours at night, most of the time he has a 3 hour block mixed in there but not always. It stinks b/c it can be so different, one night he wakes every 1-2 hours to eat another night he sleeps 5 hours right off the bat and I wake myself up wondering if he's alright

So I had an out-of-town friend come over last night, who is still single and no where near having a baby and I think I talked her ear off about Luke, LOL. I've been so busy I haven't had much time to talk to anyone so it all just came out and unfortunately for her she was the nearest target. Oh well ,she was a good sport about it and can I help it that DS is just so cute and fun to talk about?! He has officially found his thumb as well! And it is SO cute! I pretty much did it out of the womb my Mom says until the age of 5 when she bribed me to stop, I got a kitten out of the deal! Hopefully we won't have to do that for DS but I wouldn't mind getting a dog either

So as far as changing posts for April I'm going to change it to April Showers for Nov. '09 Babes with a raining icon. I'll try to keep a different icon each month so our forum isn't hard to spot. So find the continuation over at that new page!
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