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Early Labor??? How do I know...

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I had a c/s with my son, and now I am 38 wks and hoping for a successful VBAC! I started Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy (OMT) a couple weeks ago for natural induction. Last night I started feeling like I would if I were on my period (cramping in lower "crotch" area, pressure, heaviness etc.). I felt some braxton hicks as well, but since last night and into today "period feeling". I'm not bleeding or anything. No water breaking. No mucos plus or anything else.

Soooooooooooooo my question: Is this early labor?? What should I expect look for to progress?? I was induced before my due date with my c/s and drugged up SO much on pit/epidural that I have absolutely NO idea what early labor is like or anything at all. It's like being pregnant for the first time all over again. I go in for another round of OMT in a few days so we'll see if that helps if I haven't gone into labor already!
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I'm not sure if what your experiencing is early labor or not. I've been feeling the same way for about a week now though myself. Crampy pre period like feelings and lots of contractions but they never pick up or get regular or stronger. Although I have 3 children I have not ever gone into labor on my own so I feel like a first time mom too. Good luck, I hope it was early labor for you!
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It sounds like it could be signs of your body getting ready for sure, but since changes like that can draw on for quite awhile I would say just try not to think about it too much and stay active. good luck!
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Im in the same situation. Im 37 weeks and had cramping all night and pressure and braxton hicks contractions. This morning NOTHING!
Im trying for a vba2 and my ob doesnt want this baby to get much bigger.
Im trying to just go about my day and stay as busy as my huge self can be, but its hard.

I am like a labor question lunatic with everyone I know. Some people tell me it started gradually over a few days to a week and others say it happened out of the blue with pretty strong contractions. From what I understand there is no way to know until it really starts and then there is no way you cant know.
This is atleast what Im telling myself. Probably no reassurance here since Ive had 2 kids and never a real labor - only a pitocen induced nightmare.
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