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Wow!! We're 5 up!!!

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From the bottom!!! There is now a December DDC! How crazy is it that we are already half way through our pregnancies!?

Just wanted to say that I am enjoying everyone's company, photos, support and stories. I wish you all the best in the second half of your pregnancies and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing all of your new babes!

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lol, it took me the longest time to figure out what we were "5 up" from. Going on too little sleep. YAY! I'm the END of August, so not quite there, but getting close!
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My last pregnancy seemed to go by so slowly in the beginning. It took forever to get to 'the good stuff'. Like past the morning sickness, feeling kicks, looking pregnant, ultrasounds, gender determination, picking names. This pregnancy I've now done all of these things and it seems like I just got a BFP yesterday!!!
In a way it's a good thing, but I just keep telling DP that we'd better hurry and start getting prepared because we'll be holding a baby in NO TIME!!!
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I'm at the end of August too, but still close to the halfway point. It really is flying by this time around. It's totally different when you have a little one to keep up with, lol.
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I noticed that today too and could hardly believe my eyes. This pregnancy is going by scarily fast.
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