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Arkansas area?

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Hi! Dh and I have been looking at possible areas to move to and Arkansas (Ozark area) is one of the possibilities. I was wondering if there is anyone here that can tell me more about the area. Looking for something quiet and secluded. Also need homeschool info too. Thanks.
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I'm in North Central Arkansas in a little town called Mtn. Home.

I would recommend Yellville if you are looking for something kind of nature and hippie-ish. They are near the buffalo river so there are lots of opportunities for hiking and floating the rivier.

If you want something a bit more urban, the Fayetteville area is great (and where I wish I was!). It is really beautiful over there.
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I hope it's okay if I piggyback on this thread since I was about to post something similar.
I am getting ready to move to Arkansas over the summer to attend UofA and need to figure out where to live, how to meet people, etc.
I am a single mama and pretty broke but have two school aged kids, one of whom will be in elementary and one in middle school. I would love to live somewhere rural but am afraid the schools would be sort of lackluster.
Does anyone have Fayettevill area insight? And would anyone be interested in meeting up this summer with a crunchy nerdy family who is new in town?
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I know a lot about Fayetteville. If interested, PM me and tell me what you want to know and I'll answer what I can. I don't check back in this forum often enough to keep up with replies so PMing works better.
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I am going to PM you to! I will be "stay-cationing" in your area!
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Hey there potential Arkie mamma's.

I moved to north arkansas over 10 years ago and LOVE it here. I live east of Fayetteville in the mtns. Please feel free to PM if you have any questions. I too don't check in that often anymore (my how life takes off with a little one around) BUT I love this area and would gladly answer any questions you might have.

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The ozarks can be nice, but depending on how you want to raise your family I felt I should point out that some towns in the Ozarks can be pretty racist, Harrison comes to mind. So be careful where you choose if that bothers you.
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I'm also in the Fayetteville area! And I, like many others said, rarely check this area anymore so PM if you have any questions! Welcome to AR!
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I'm just checking back in after a few months and wonder if you're still considering this area or are you here?

peace, Katie
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