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*UPDATE* need hebrew names for boy or girl!!

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I had a boy!! I ended up naming him Seon Sage.

it is pronounced like tzion, but I thought spelling with Seon would a) let me name after my hubby's grandparents and b) might be easier for people to pronounce (don't know if option b) actually will work out!). So I keep explaining telling that people that Seon is the ancient name for israel and jerusalem. it is thought to come from the hebrew word for signpost, landmark, which is related to the word for desert, wilderness.

And Sage is for all past midwives. He is named after Shifra, one of the midwives who saved Moses in the passover story. Sage was the name of my midwife's business before she changed business names because her and another midwife went into business. (See so I am not naming after anyone alive!).

Okay so evidently I am pregnant! 38 weeks to be exact and I don't have any names! I need Hebrew names for both boy and girl (we don't know gender) that begin with either "b" or "s". And to top it off, I need two of each because I give two first names (though the second name doesn't need to start with a "b" or "s") For example my daughter's name is LeahHadas.

The name I like for a girl so far is Seona (Tziona). But I need more!!
Thanks for helping a mama out!
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I love the name Benjamin. I have heard it pronounced ben ha meen.
It's late and my brain isn't firing properly right now. If I think of more, I'll be back.
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We like Baruch. Though we spelled it differently for our child.

A girls name that I've always loved is Hadassah.
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I love the name tziona. (or seona.)
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If you like Tziona for a girl, how about Bentzion for a boy. And you could make that into a double name, if you want, like Ben Tzion.
I also like Binyamin (and easily pronounced/recognized in English, too)
For girls I like Bracha and Sara.
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For boys I like Boaz (strength), Samson (sun), and Shai (gift)

For girls, you could always do something like Binyamina or another feminine form of a masculine B name.

Simone, Simona, Sophie (Tzofi), and I knew a girl named Sigal, I that name

B'shaa tovah!
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I'm partial to Sara for a girl...as it's my own DD's name.
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Girls' names beginning with "B":

Binah (wisdom)
Behira (light, clear, wisdom)
Beruriya (pure)
Bira (fortified capital)

Boys' names beginning with "B":

Barak (lightning)
Binyamin/Benjamin (right hand son)
Ben-Ami (son of my people)

Girls' names beginning with "S":

Sigal/Sigalit (violet)
Shalhevet (flame)
Shoshana (lily)
Sivana (3rd month of the year)
Shlomit/Shulamit (peaceful)
Shani (scarlet)
Saada (support)
Shaked (almond)
Sheva (oath)
Shifra (good, beautiful)
Shira (song)

Boys' names beginning with "S":

Simcha (joy)
Shai (gift)
Shaked (almond)
Shmuel (listened to G-d)
Shamir (dill or flint)
Shalom (peace)
Saad (support)
Sagiv (strong, tall)
Segev (exalted, glory)
Shachar/Shahar (morning)
Shalev (peaseful)
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