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Anyone live in Norwell, MA?

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Can you tell me a bit about Norwell?

South Shore Charter Public School? Admissions?


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We lived there until 8 years ago. I taught in Marshfield. Norwell was sooo safe then. A lovely town with really good schools. We sold our teeny tiny cape for wayyyy more than it was worth because so many folks want to live in Norwell for the schools, but can't afford the big expensive houses. I am sure folks who live there now will chime in. I also didn't have kids back then, so I had a different perspective.
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My impression is that it is pretty similar to Hingham, but the houses tend to be bigger, but seperated from each other. There are not as many sidewalks/walkable places or a central areas that Hingham has.
We looked with our broker about a year ago and that is really the only reason I have that impression from what she showed us. If we had gone around more I would ask more about it. Again, if felt like for the same amount of money we would end up with a smaller house in Hingam in a more congested area, probably with a smaller yard - but w/in walking distance of many parks, a few shops, and library/school, with lots of sidewalks and trees all around. So for Norwell we'd end up driving around to places but would hopefully have a nice big backyard.
Anyways, I'm not sure if that impression is correct or not. This is one of the areas we might be looking into (if we can sell our lovely house in Plymouth), too.

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