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Help me trouble shoot: at-home IVI's with KD

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So we have just gotten another BFN after our 3rd cycle of fresh sperm from our KD, and one cycle (the first) with frozen swimmers from the cyrobank.

I am trying to figure out if there is something I should be doing differently to increase the likelihood of our success. I do realize it's normal not to have gotten pregnant yet. The only thing that gives me pause is that I've been pregnant 4 times in the past (only one of those babes stuck - we then discovered DH has a chromosome abnormality), but it leads me to believe that I WAS fertile. Am I still?

So - here's what we've been doing, can anyone help me see if there is something I am missing?

I use a monitor, digital opks, and temp. I don't have great CM - I don't get the heaping amounts of EWCM I used to when I was a bit younger.

We insem. on the evening I get my positive OPK and then the next two nights as well. KD "deposits" in a jelly jar, I get home to insem. within 30 minutes, we use a medicine syringe, I keep my hips elevated for an hour (first 30 on my back, then 10, 10, 10 on each side and stomach.

We know KD is fertile because he and his wife have two easily conceived, healthy children. I have been tested for everything under the sun (in the past, during my recurrent miscarriages) and they could not find anything wrong with me. I am significantly overweight, but working hard on that and successfully losing weight right now with smaller portions and exercise. We eat a very clean diet, no caffeine, very little meat.

Thoughts? How long should I continue this way? We've been TTC #2 for going on 2 1/2 years and so my patience is waning. Somehow I thought using a KD we would get pregnant quickly. hahaah, silly me Of course I feel EXCEPTIONALLY lucky that we have found a KD, and that he and is sweet wife are so on board to help us for the long term.

Thanks in advance for any input - or just how many cycles it took to conceive!

- Sarah
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i think you should get another fertility work up done, especially due to the changes you have noticed in your EWCM.
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i agree with giggle... in the meantime (if you are going to insem before tests are done) maybe try preseed? http://www.preseed.com/ i also have scant EWCM, i've used preseed to suppliment. i have not had sucess as of yet but after having my fertility work-up and having a glucose tolerance test. i had a [vaginal] bacterial infection that was likely lurking for several months (this can effect CM and kill sperm). i also found out that i am insulin resistant, likely because i am overweight. now they have put me on metformin. i have heard of all sorts of luck after starting the metformin... my RE says insulin resistance can really hinder conception. good luck to you!
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I would get the swimmers checked before anything else.

Then if that checks out, you could start getting worked up, but honestly, it's a little early, considering you've already had a good work up. How recently?

You might want to try all the usual EWCM tricks:
- Drink white grapefruit juice your entire cycle, 1 glass/day
- Drink green tea, lots of it, like 1 quart a day, for a few days leading up to O
- Eat lots of baby carrots around O
- Take 1 capsule 3x/day, evening primrose oil from CD 1 to O.

I say give it three more months before you start freaking out, but do get the swimmers checked NOW because it's such an easy and cheap test. Mine was $60 at our local hospital for my KD.
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Thanks all for your input.

FTMPapa, I will add those dietary changes in. I think improving my CM will go a long way, and I know as I decrease my weight things will improve - ovulation CD seems to be coming to a more normal time as I get fitter. I wonder if I may have borderline PCOS, I have not been tested for that since I have not had any annovulatory cycles. I had the testing done last year. Karyotyping, CD3 levels, sonohysterogram, etc. and all looked good. The OB said I have a beautiful uterus

I took evening primrose oil both orally and vaginally during the end of my pregnancy with DD to encourage cervical softening, what does it do for my CM?

Does it sound like we are insemming correctly at least? And I will look into getting KD's swimmers tested. Thanks!
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Sorry to hear of your frustration. Just wanted to offer some support and wanted to put out there that it took us 7 tries (one chemical) w/ a known donor and the process you described, with three to four insems before and sometimes day of O before we were successful (no known fertility issues).

Sometimes you just have to hang tight for a big. I second Papa's suggestions to increase EWCM (I used as well, except the primrose oil, and added a Mucinex starting a few days before expected O). Also drink TONS of water, if you're not already.

I also used an Instead cup after lying w/ my hips elevated for awhile, to keep everything up there for up to 12 hours.

Good luck!
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hey there! just a quick thought...how much are you limiting your portions? sometimes caloric restriction can have a negative effect on fertility. but, i think that's only in extreme cases.

also, you might want to get your va-jay-jay checked out as the source of the low EWCM. i had a symptom-less BV infection before our BFP. once i got that cleared up my EWCM came back.

good luck!
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Try drinking a cup or two of alfalfa infusion daily to help both with health and fertility. (Pour one cup of boiling water for every TBsp of herb into a jar; put lid on, and let sit four hours before drinking; refrigerate any unused portions for up to a week.)

Also, try having KD to your house, or you insem at KD's house since the prime time to insem is within 2 mins of ejaculation.
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My first thought was, is it possible to insem sooner after getting "the goods"?

Also, a good orgasm right after insem'ing is always a good thing!!
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