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Grandparent names?

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This is kind of weird but I really REALLY don't want my parents or my partners parents to go by grandma and granddad. I don't think they will mind AT ALL (in fact i've already been told so..) but I can't think of many neat suggestions for grandparent names. I had a grandma and granddad as well as a nanny and papaw. Any other grandparent names you use or heard used?
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I had a Mammaw (mam-maw) and Pappaw and a Nanny & Granddaddy. My parents go by Gran and Griz by their choice. And I think I'm going to have my kids call DH's parents Nana and Pop-pop.

Nonni is another cute grandmother name and I have a grown girlfriend who has always called her grandmother "G-maw".
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My kids call my mom and stepdad Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa George. My oldest calls his dad's parents Grandma Angie and Grandpa Peter. They call my MIL G-mama (which I think is stupid, but whatev) and my FIL Granddaddy.

I had a Grandmother, Granddaddy, Grandpa, and Nana.

I think I want to be called Grams when I get there.
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We have:
My mom- mimi
her boyfriend/partner whatever he is haha- papa
my dad- tiny grampie (i have no idea why he started calling him that)
my dad's fiancee- grammy laurie
my MIL - nana
my FIL - grampie or tough grampie (again no idea how he came up with that lol)
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There are so many options out there! Just google grandparent names and you'll have tons to choose from!
One of my favorites is Omi, which I think is German. There's Nana, Gram, MeMe, MorMor, Farmor (mother's mother and father's mother) Grammoon...
Papa, Gramps, MorFar, Farfar, Opi...
So many choices it's fun to think about all the options!
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My parents go by nana and papa. My in laws are granma and grandpa, but ds cant figure out how to say that so he calls them mama and papa. He calls me mama too, but changes the way he says it when referring to grandma. He makes his voice go all rough to say it. My mom and dad also thought about going by nonna and poppi.
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My parents are Grandma and Grandpa.

DH's parents are nai nai (paternal grandmother in Chinese - pronounced [nye nye]) and ye ye (paternal grandfather in Chinese - pronounced [yeh yeh])
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My parents are Nana and Papa. MIL and FIL are Grandma and Grandpa.
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ddc-crashing to say that my niece calls my parents gma and gpa - it sounds like 'jeema' and 'jeepa'

and since my moms middle name is 'jo' she goes by 'gma jo'
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Visiting from September's DDC...

I read a book a long time ago by Robert Fulghum. He tells a story about a lady who didn't want to be grandma, so she picked "Delilah." Her husband couldn't very well be Grandpa after she was Delilah, so he became "Fritz" (which couldn't be further from his true name).

So, Fritz and Delilah they were.

You can pick anything...
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I like unique names, where the person's first name is mixed with a "gramma" or "grandpa" or something. Such as, my mom's name was Jan, which we mixed with "Grammy" and came up with "Jammy". She was involved in designing her own grandma name, which made it very personal. It also helped not having to say two words, i.e. "Grandma Jan" when talking about mom's mom, versus "Grandma Deloris" for dad's mom. Just one word got across who we were talking about. (Of course, not all names lend themselves to this hybrid method as well as others - you may have to get creative to do it.)
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Visiting from the May DDC!

My 2yo calls his grandparents Grandma, Grandpa, and Nana (he only has close contact with the three).

I love some of the cute ideas I've seen here, too!
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We've got a Grammy & Poppa (which I hated since I always called my Dad Papa and struggled with thinking it was a bit creepy calling my FIL Poppa as his grandfather name... but it wasn't my choice). My parent's are Oga & Kique (Kee-kay), their choices and loosely derived from the cultures where they grew up.... and then mushed up through the mouths of babes I called my grandparents Grandmama & Grandpapa and Opa & Nana. DH had Grandma & Grandpa for both sides, using the last name to clarify which Grandma they were talking about.

I agree with you that Grandma and Grandpa are kinda boring... and if you're the first and no one cares, have fun naming them! But, in our families, we were not the first and each set had strong opinions about their names so we had no say in the matter. And that was ok, cause after all, it's not my name
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Great source for Grandparent Names

I had the exact same problem and ended up writing a book of Grandparent Names to try to alleviate the naming stress for others :-) If you're still in need of inspiration, my book is called You Can Call Me Hoppa! The Grandparents' Guide to Choosing a Name that Fits. We now have a PawPaw, Gramma, Gramme and Hoppa! Good luck!
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We don't talk to dh's parents but mine are Poo-pah and Nawny. These are evolved from Boom-pa (my aunt read a book with that as the grandfather's name) and Nonnie but the way he used to say it was Naw-Naw so we changed the spelling.

Its funny bc whatever you choose will evolve into something else. I mean heck, my poor dad is "Poop" sometimes for short. And then we all laugh when we realize what we just called him.
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We called my parents "grandma" and "grandpa" and DD renamed them "grammie" and "papa" So, grammie and papa it is

DH's parents are Portuguese, so they go by va-voh and va-voo.

Are your or your partner's parents from any particular culture? Most have different names you can use.
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I grew up with all grandmas and grandpas, which I didn't think anything of then, but it's confusing to me now for my kids; my grandma _ is their great grandma_, ect. DH has a grams and papa. Oh, my maternal great gandfather went by granddad, which I thought odd at the time, because I never knew anything other than grandpa. He said he was never called father or pa, just dad, so he wasn't going to be called grandfather or grandpa, just granddad.
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My kids have Nanny and Papa, GG and Papa, Maw-Maw and Grampa and Papa and Jama (jam-maw...grandma+Janet)

Honestly, Cain just kind of named them by himself once he started speaking.
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My parents are still deciding, but the current favourites are Nan-Jan (her name is Jan) and Oz-pop (because they live in Australia).
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My young, hip mom didn't want to be called grandma or anything else traditional. She picked LaMa- she likes llamas, her name is LAura, and combine with Ma.
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