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Our children are only really close to my parents. My parents are fairly young, and have been a huge part of our children's lives. They are called Nana and Papa.

My husbands parents, his mother and stepfather (remarried after his dad died) are grandma and grandpa..and they are sort of this detached/selfish couple of people who don't put any time/effort into knowing the kids. So, for me, the "grandma and grandpa" name conveys a role they play because they "have to"...not that they really love it.
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my mom is nana, my dad is gramps, mil is grandma, fil is papa.

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DH's parents are Nana and Papa...names put in place long before my kids came around by their older cousins.
On my side, my kids are the only grandkids, so my oldest seemed to dictate the names. They call my mother "Ma" although every once in a while DS1 will say "Grammy" and my father has a few names. When DS1 was a baby we called him "Boom-Boom" because he has this very deep voice that calmed my son. As DS1 got older, he changed it to "Boom-Pa". My daughter calls him "Boompie" and DS2 calls him "Boom-poo"
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Personally, I don't think there's anything at all wrong with Grandma and Granpa, but oddly enough, I never had any by that name, neither did DH, and neither does DD. Well, actually, DD has one Grandpa, but she struggles with saying it, so it comes out all sorts of ways. Here's what we have:

Nonna and Poppa
LuLu and Grandpa (Grandpa's name still evolving)

I had a Granny and a Grandmother (total opposites, I know!) and a Papa and a PawPaw. Those latter two always got mixed up in my mind, and I'd have to stop and think.

The only thing I'm opposed to is having the same names on both sides of the family. When DD tries to say "Grandpa" it sounds like "Poppa" so they keep wanting to make it that, but I'm putting my foot down. She already has one Poppa.
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We have all sorts of names in my family. My Mom's parents are Grandmom and Grandpop (Grandma and Grandpa for short). My Dad's parents were MomMom and PopPop. When my parents became grandparents, they became Grammie and PapPap. While the distinction is there... it's still confusing that my Dad is PapPap and his dad was PopPop. My husband has 2 sets of Grandma and Grandpa. When you refer to them you use their last name. So, when his parents became grandparents they became Grandma (first name) and Grandpa (first name). Our son also calls his paternal great-grandparents by Grandma and Grandpa with their first names. It is really confusing! lol We are trying to drop the first names when he is with them or talking to them, but at 7, he is too used to it. With baby #2 on the way, we thought it would be better to try and stop the boys from using their grandparents first names, but I'm not so sure how easy that will be.
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My mom is Nana or Nanny.
My dad is Grand-dad.
MIL and step-FIL are Grandma and Opa (he's German)
FIL and step-MIL are Grand-dad and L (her own name)
My grandparents are Lala and Papa.
DH's grandparents are supposed to be 'great-grand-dad' and 'great-granny' but DD has taken to calling them by their own names as they're a lot shorter and easier to say!
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Nana, and her mother was Nanamom
Grammy and Granddad
GrandmaGreat (great grandmother)

Cece and Poppy

I love LaMa~ that is adorable
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