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Baby Photos thread

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Here is my little guy that is no longer so little He started laughing yesterday and it was adorable! He has also perfected reaching for things and smiling. Love it!
Sitting on the couch
Smiling in the bouncy seat
Hey baby boy
kicking those legs
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These are about a week old (so he's about 7 weeks in these), but the most recent ones I have on my computer.

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Awwww! So sweet!

a couple days old her pink cupcake hat

3 weeks (She is a month now)
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Who doesn't love a good baby brag thread
Here is my chunker! 14 lbs at 6 weeks old

1.5 weeks old
5 weeks old
6 weeks
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All the babies are so precious!

Here's mine at about six and a half weeks:

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Sunrise, your pictures made me a little wistful for baby girl things! Such a cute hat (top) and shirt (bottom)!

We have such gorgeous babies! It's so fun to see the product of all our months of waiting. I love your babies!

Here's mine at one month: you lookin' at me?
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Gone are the days of "The Blue Steel" and "Owening"

Here's my little dude at 10 and 11 weeks. He's coming up on 15 pounds. He had really bad cradle cap and mommy did a little treatment that left him bald on top. No more cradle cap though. Oh well it's hair and it grows.

happy in his carseat which is WEIRD

with daddy

In his cool baseball shirt
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I put these on the chat thread but I thought I'd share here too. These are a couple of weeks old. He's getting bigger

In the sling:

Enjoying being bare:

Early smiles:

Grumpy boy!:
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Here's Elsa - these pictures were taken b/w 1-3 weeks old. She is 24 days old today.

In the hat I made

Little Sister

Wearing glasses
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Originally Posted by Nicole730 View Post
I LOVE picture with her wearing the glasses!! Too cute!
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This thread is making me realize how many pictures we DON'T have of Felix! So hard with #2 (and my child's entire 2nd month being consumed by his Daddy's recovery from surgery). Here is Felix at a little over 2 weeks:


And then 10 weeks (he is now 12 weeks)


I need to get more of him smiling. He coos and smiles all morning! It's just that colic he has for hours every night.
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All of the babies are SOOO CUTE! What a happy thread!

Julianna is 14 weeks actual, 6 weeks when adjusted for prematurity.
Pics of Jujuka!
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Super cute babies everyone! Love the pictures.
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Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
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Ze is 6.5 weeks now. I think these are from a week ago.

Love this face

In the moby. Love those cheeks!
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