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Inexpensive party favors for 5th bday party

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Would love to hear some of your frugal ideas for favors for my 5 yr old's "princess" bday party. She's having it at her dance school (dance class and cake) so I can't do a craft to take home type thing. I do not like the junk normally in favor bags and would love to give something that I do not have to put in those plastic favor bags. Or, is all the fun for kids actually opening the bag to see what's in it? Thanks!
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I just had a party for my DS' 5th.

We got at the local dollar store:

A pack of 12 plastic frogs (could be cute along the lines of the Princess and the Frog, eh?

a pack of dinosaurs

A sampler pack of mini Play-Do

A stack of coloring books (4 for a dollar) and cheap-o crayons

A bunch of stickers

Glow in the dark flowers and butterflies.

I got two mini generic magnadoodles

A giant bubble wand and bubbles

Most were for prizes and then the rest of the little things I chucked into the prerequisite pinyata.

You could also get those feather topped pencils like magic wands (or make star wands with shish kebab sticks and cardboard cut out stars covered in foil to give out), and plastic tiaras (you could make these before hand with foil cardboard and plastic gems or shiny paper) for all the guests mardi gras beads, Ring Pops, stuff like that?

It was really fun.

ETA, the Pinyata eliminates the need for making the party bags, because each kid gets a wee paper bag to collect their loot in (or they can use party hats), and then they can use that to carry any extra prizes, too.
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What about a book?

If you order 12 $4 books from Amazon that qualify for the 4 for 3 deal, you would end up spending $3 per book (including shipping) - so $36 for 12 books. I find that all those little items can quickly add up to more than that per goody bag.

You could get something like one of the Golden Books such as Cinderella:


This is what I did for my DD's castle party, but I bought "Good Night, Good Knight" since we had boys and girls and I wanted something gender-neutral.
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A hula hoop and a small bag of candy?
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How about giving CDs of dance music-- you could burn them at home, and maybe give them something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Designed-2B-Sw...828717&sr=8-11
or this: http://www.amazon.com/Designed-2B-Sw...828900&sr=8-11

Another idea: buy a bunch of flowers, and send each girl home with one. I'm sure they'd love it, and it probably wouldn't be too expensive if you went with carnations.
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One of my favorite favors that my DD received from a party was a puzzle, wrapped like a gift. I think the mom bought a bunch in bulk either from Target or Wal*Mart or on-line, then wrapped them up so the children couldn't see what they were getting (or complain or grab the one they wanted!) My DD didn't open it until she got home. At first I thought she took one of the birthday girl's gifts until I realized what it was!

I just thought it was a clever favor, without all the plastic doo-hickeys she usually was bringing home.

Best, momma!
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My daughter turned 5 in December. I pretty much got all the favors at Michael's Arts and Crafts. They included, a string your own wooden necklace kit ($1 ea), color your own mini wooden picture frame ($1 ea), a princess tattoo (bought a pack for $1 and split them up), Origami animal page w/ instructions (bought a pack of 12 for $3 and split them up, I did have to xerox the instructions), and a couple of chocolate coins. I wrapped them up in crepe paper to make favor balls like this...


I think unwrapping the balls made a few favors go a long way. Everybody likes surprises! Overall pretty inexpensive too.
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We burned cds with dance music for all the kids.
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DD went to a dance party and the mother gave out Angelina Ballerina DVDs. She put each in a cellophane bag with that fancy shredded paper.
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For dd's 5th b-day each kid got a container of playdough and a cute animal cookie cutter (to use w/the playdough).
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I 2nd the CD idea, a lot of our friends do this and it is always a big hit. For dd's 3rd birthday, we put together jars of cookie mix and added little cookie cutters and that was the loot bag. (Homemade in a mason jar along with the recipe). Everyone seemed to really like that too...
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We had a princess party for my DD's 4th birthday. We had a treasure hunt with picture clues to the next clue, with inexpensive rings, bangle bracelets, and beaded necklaces in the treasure box. The girls each decorated their own cupcake and princess crown. The goody bag had a few pieces of chocolate and stickers that look like little colored jewel stones.
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Isn't burning cds a copyright violation though?
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Dover little activity books:

(just a small sampling.)

If you even a little bit crafty, you could make tutus with tulle and ribbon.

How about tiaras?
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Princess? We couldn't escape it either. lol
So many good ideas.
Originally Posted by sadiesmom View Post
I pretty much got all the favors at Michael's Arts and Crafts. They included,
a string your own wooden necklace kit ($1 ea),
color your own mini wooden picture frame ($1 ea)
We also got these (only from ACMoore), plus they have a foam princess lacing craft ($1).

You might also find some inexpensive princess themed stuff here:

Wishing your big girl a Happy Birthday.
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play dough and balloons here.
Last year we had a book for early readers and balloons.
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