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Confession time - how many slings/carriers do you own?

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I clearly have invested way too much money into babywearing. And yet, here I am browsing the Beco page, seriously considering one.

Of course, this is over three years and two children. How was I to know who would like what and when? How was I to know that, when I put my DS (37lb) in the mei tai when it arrived, that he would suddenly rediscover babywearing after not being worn for 1.5 years?

So I have 2 pouches, 1 ring sling, 1 moby, and 1 mei tai. I think I also have one of those snuglis or similar that someone gave us (but we used once, I think).
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I have done pretty well for myself considering how big of a baby wearing advocate I am. I try to make most of my carriers since I don't like to buy what I can make. I have made a Mei Tai, Onbuhimo (my favorite) and ring slings. I have bought an Ergo and I was given a wrap. I am expecting again and I plan on making a moby, k'tan and purchasing a woven wrap. So I think I am doing pretty well. My issues aren't with the online stores with the carriers, its with the fabric store to make the carriers.
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um. a lot

6 woven wraps, 1 stretchy wrap, 2 MT, 3 ring slings, 1 pouch sling, 3 SSC... I think that's it
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1 MT
1 Ergo
2 DIY SSC (giving 1 to a friend this week)
2 RS
1 Wrap
and then a bunch of fabric and blankets that I've done torso carries with.
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3 Ring Slings
1 Kozy
1 Ergo on the way
1 big piece of stretch fabric that I use as a wrap
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1 Ergo
1 Babyhawk mei tai
1 Oopa ring sling
2 Hotslings
1 Ellaroo wrap
1 Baby Bjorn

So seven! And I'd get more if it weren't so ridiculous.
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2 ring slings (I made them both)
1 stretchy wrap (I made as well)
1 structured backpack carrier (shower gift)
1 ergo (big splurge!)
And I just recently purchased material to make a woven wrap
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1 Ergo
2 pouches
1 Moby

I would have more but I am running out of room and love what I already have!
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1 Ergo (but it's really DH's!)
1 Mei Tai
2 pouch slings

I am very satisfied with my current carrier situation.
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Six: a Moby, a pouch sling, a mei tai, a ring sling, an Ergo and a woven wrap. The first three don't get used as much with my guy tipping the scale at 25 lbs. The RS and Ergo get the most use. I do wish the Ergo was a bit more interesting (I like Beco fabrics but not design).
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Only 3 right now,
BH mei tai
Maya ring sling

After the tax return comes I'm going to get a couple structured carriers, probably a BH Oh Snap for DH, and maybe one for me, or an Olives and Applesauce or a Calyx. I can't wait!
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A sling (that I recently sold), a moby wrap, and an ergo. I'd LOVE to by a few more...but dh keeps me grounded in the reality that this is plenty....
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I know! I am always browsing, too!

Baby Bjorn (ugh!)
Baby Bjorn Synergy (double ugh!)
2 hot slings (different prints)
Ergo (yay!)
Moby wrap

I'm seriously considering getting either a boba or babyhawk, even though 16 mo DD loves walking everywhere now....
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We started out with a Moby...
moved into a Maya ring sling...
are now in an Ellaroo mei tai.

Also have a hotsling, but am not a fan.

So 4, total. I've been drooling over a babyhawk lately, though...
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1 new native pouch
1 baby bojrn active
1 sleepy baby wrap
1 wrapsody woven wrap
1 Beco butterly
1 maya wrap

want still:
a scootababy, maybe a Boba 2G or a babyhawk oh snap, and some kind of water ring sling for those days when the peanut wants up all the time and i need a shower desperately.

hehe I'm an addict
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Originally Posted by Carhootel View Post
um. a lot

6 woven wraps, 1 stretchy wrap, 2 MT, 3 ring slings, 1 pouch sling, 3 SSC... I think that's it
Wow, I think you win the prize!
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1 Moby (that I don't use anymore)
1 Pikkolo
1 Ergo Sport
1 SBP'd Maya ring sling
1 Comfy Joey linen ring sling
2 Comfy Joey reversible pouches (one is too small and I've never worn it, though.)
1 SBP'd solarveil being delivered soon!

Wow. I have 8! I need to FSOT that CJ pouch!
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Hmm.. I'm in a bit of a churning phase right now, just sold a couple.. I have 6 wraps here (5 Didys and a Zara), one OTW (Nati Butterflies) and am sitting on a small mountain of paypal looking for something really special. So 7, maybe I'll have 8 soon. Not too bad. I'd have more but I work FT and am wrapping a toddler, too many more and they'd never get used.
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1 moby
1 bamboo ring sling
1 ergo
1 native pouch
1 short wrap

i love baby wearing! i'm thinking of buying another for a few weddings that i have this year.
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1 Mama-Made ring sling
1 Older style, unpadded Maya Wrap ring sling
1 New style, lightly padded Maya Wrap ring sling
1 Baby-So-Smart skinny silk ring sling
1 Babyhawk Mei Tai
1 Moby (Though I just recently gave that away)
1 Woven- a 4.7 Nati in Green Stripes (Though, I really want to send it away to be be made into a MT hybrid and buy a shorter woven)
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