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Confession time - how many slings/carriers do you own? - Page 2

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1 Moby
1 Hotsling
1 Babyhawk
1 Woven

Not too bad
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O hai Brittney!
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1 friend made RS
1 WAHM made RS in osnaburg fabric (really supportive)
1 Moby stretchy wrap
1 Didymos woven wrap
1 friend made gauzy wrap
1 friend made mei tai
1 BabyHawk mei tai
1 BabyHawk Oh Snap SSC

I use the Oh Snap most of the time now bc my youngest is 18 months and 30 lbs. I wear him on my front when nursing/sleeping and on my back all other times.

(It is pretty addictive isn't it?)
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too many. i can justify it right now though, as i am a babywearing educator and consultant. i need a variety of carriers in my teaching stash. here's what i have right now...

5 wraps (3 woven, 1 stretchy, and 1 stretchy wrap hybrid)
5 pouches (they are all different sizes, 1 is out on loan w/cousin)
4 ring slings (1 out on loan w/cousin)
2 mei tais
2 soft structured carriers

so 20 carriers total. this doesn't include our business demo carriers which i have access to as well, which includes 6 different carriers.
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2 ring sling
1 pouch sling
2 wraps
1 ergo
2 Chunei

My search ended with the chunei's which are my favourite.
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Right now or ever?
Right now I own an Ergo and a New Native. I pretty much only use the Ergo nowadays. I have a Babyhawk Mei Tai, a Moby and TWO hotslings out on loan to friends. And I had a zolo ring sling, which I gave away last year in the holiday helper. Oh, and there's a hand-me-down Baby Bjorn and some kind of crazy hybrid stroller/frame baby carrier getting dusty in my garage. And I lost my first New Native.
So that's only 10. That's very reasonable. Right? And I'm very proud of myself for passing on good-quality carriers to friends who are using them. Spreading the babywearing gospel, that's me.
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She's only 4 months old. *gulp*
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At the moment I own 5 carriers. 2 RS (both DIY, 1 cotton 1 silk) 2 wraps (both woven 1 DIY cotton gauze 1 Ellaroo found @ the consignment store) and a Beco. The Beco and the Ellaroo get the most use these days.

I've loved then given away. 1 DIY gauze wrap, a stretchy wrap, a DIY MT and a DIY pouch.

I really want an Earthy Rainbow shorty.

ETA I forgot my African Kanga. So that's 6 carriers I own right now.
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I have a RS, a Moby and a 1/2 buckle tai. I'm seriously considering an Onbu, and a woven wrap though.
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I have:

1 Sleepy Wrap (love it)
1 Ergo (love it as well!!)
1 Baby Hawk (super cute)
1 Baby Bjorn (hate it) lol
1 Ring sling (that I haven't been able to use with this baby b/c I cant find it!! haha)
I also had another ring sling, but sold it a couple of years ago....

My favorites are def. my Sleepy Wrap and my Ergo!!
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At this moment I have a moby and a beco. Before this DD, I had 2 wraps, MT, and an ergo.
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2 a Chinese baby carrier and a mei tai..
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I have:

1 Moby
1 Babyhawk
1 Beco
1 ring sling
6 woven wraps

I plan on making (and have materials for):
2 mei tais
2 ssc a la Beco 4 gen (one for me and one for DH)
1 podegai

Eventually, one day, a 100% dupioni silk ring sling copying Sakura Bloom's French Vanilla, except with a SBP shoulder.

I plan on buying:
probably 4 more wraps over the next year
another SSC

And I love having a big stash! I love sharing the babywearing love. I am the carrier library for all my friends and I enjoy helping them find a carrier style they love. I like supporting this industry. I use them many times a day, every day, and I have more babies to come.
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I just remembered I have a Korean podegi as well....
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I am almost ashamed to admit this...

But probably around 53.

I have 12 MTs, 16 wraps, 8 SSCs, 1 Pod, 8 ring slings, 2 pouches, and the rest are out on loan to friends.

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Oh man...

1 ring sling
1 pouch
1 Babyhawk
1 water mei tai
1 Moby
1 DIY gauze wrap
1 Ergo
4 woven wraps, with another on the way

So 11/12...not as bad as I thought!
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for my own record-

1 Ergo
1 mei tei
1 Moby
1 homemade by someone else ring sling
1 wrap made (actually just cut) by me
1 Gypasy Mama water wrap
1 Michiko baby Obi (SO easy)

Yikes 7 and today I just looked at another SSC that I really want.
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For those of you with quite a few slings, how do you store them all?

I bought a moby off of craigslist today (which brings me to THREE slings!) and it came with a nice little cloth bag, but my Chinese carrier did not and it is kind of big..
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I have a chest of drawers for mine, and a hanging shelf dealy for the ones I use the most.
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Originally Posted by almadianna View Post
I am almost ashamed to admit this...

But probably around 53.

I have 12 MTs, 16 wraps, 8 SSCs, 1 Pod, 8 ring slings, 2 pouches, and the rest are out on loan to friends.

I'm an amateur.

1 bjorn (a gift)
1 ring sling (might need to try it again...)
1 ergo (the bestest ever)

DD (13 mos) is not really in to being worn--it makes her feel confined, I think. So I have no excuse to buy any more. Maybe for a new LO some time in the future...
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