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The neighbors just had a son and named him Rocket... but, only call him Rocky. Which cracks me up because he looks much more like a "Rocket" than a "Rocky".

Edited to add... his oldest cousin is named "Indian". (not kidding) He's named after a motorcycle... I thought that was just mean. He only answers to Indy though. He's nine, and he hates being named after a motorcycle.... and the motorcycle is older than he is, so he resents that his parents liked that bike THAT much.
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My kids' names are very normal (Chase Aaron, Anna Kate, Gavin Christopher), but my best friend has different names for her boys:

Britton Kaine
Damien "Sage"
Nathan Azer
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I only have girls, their names are Ainsley, Bethany, and Gabriella.

But, some of the names I like for boys are: Desmond, Declan, Faraday, Adrian, Julian, Luca, John, Broderick, Seamus, Shea, Dorian, Simon, August, Jude
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My son is Declan Mac.Millan. MacMillan being a family name.

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I have two boys - Silas and Eben (rhymes with Evan)
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My sons are Axel, Felix and Yann. DD is Elsa.

names that could go with Leiken are:
Loic (with trema over the i, pronounced low-eek)
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My son's names are Eli and Emmett. If we have another boy in the future, I am thinking Ian or Mateo.
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My boys have common names, but I have a friend with seven children, 5 of them are boys:


They are all family names. Chesterton is after GK, though. And goes by "Cheddar"
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My sons have classic names, but I always loved Milo, Jed, Luca and Ford. Maybe not unusual enough though?
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Originally Posted by *Eva* View Post
Mine are Van and Ian and according to my husband the next one is going to be named Ema (pronounced like Emma) if it's a girl and Axl if it's a boy. We've got a thing for 3 letter names can ya tell? LOL.
My 5 y.o. son's name was going to be Evander, nickname Van, but it ended up being Ivo (you pronounce it like Ee-vo) for family reasons. He is somewhat vehicle obsessed, and when I told him recently about the Evander/Van thing he just looked at me wide-eyed and said, "My name could have been VAN?! Oh, man!" He was disappointed he missed out on having a "truck name". LOL

BTW, I love the three letter names too.
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My oldest son's name is Cullen. Not totally unusual, but we have only ever met one other Cullen IRL.

The other two boys are Andrew and William, so definately not unusual.
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I mentioned my son's name but I thought I would mention my hubby, Sky and brothers Solomon and Caiser and sister NovaRosa
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My DS's name is Xavian. We liked the name Xavier for a really long time, but it seems pretty popular around here, so we didnt want to use it. DH got the idea to change the ending to -an- instead and we both loved it immediately. Most of the time we shorten it and call him Xavi though.

I love DS's name so much, it really suits him. Its annoying sometimes though, because everyone wants me to repeat it, or spell it, or they pronounce it 'EX-avian' instead of 'Zay-vien', but I think thats pretty common for X-names.
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My kids names are all pretty "normal" (see my signature) when I was last pregnant I loved the name Isildur (from LOTR) but my husband didn't.

I also liked Ishmael, Holden, Horatio, Orion, Massimo and Lucien.
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My son is Darius (hence the user name . . .I'm not so original! )

I also liked:
Oskar (or Oscar)
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Originally Posted by Red Pajama View Post
I know a friend who has a son named Severin
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DS1 has a classic name, DS2 is named Mazen. The "a" sound is like the "a" in jazz, not the "a" in maze. It's an old Arabic name, probably refers to the clouds that bring rain to the desert.
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Well, DD's name isn't at all original (mostly because DH got to name her..) but I get the naming of this LO. It will be called Colm if a boy and Saoirse if a girl (both fairly common names in Ireland, but pretty unusual elsewhere.)

Other boys' names I like:
Oisin (Ush-een)
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Our son is Sebastian Felix. It's not super unusual but it's not super common either. We love it but wish we'd saved Felix for our next (potential) son.
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Our kids are Freya (dd) and Kian (ds) the correct gaelic spelling is Cian but dh didn't like it, my sister has 4 boys, Andrew Peter David, Iain Douglas Martin, Duncan Frederick Munro and Euan William Keith - good old scottish names!
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