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Our sons are:

Silas Rafael
Cortez Archer

Other names we considered:

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Mine are named after trees~

Alder Ian
Banyan Alastaire
Cedar Ailsa
Durian Egan
Elm Albion

I love the name Durmast too which is a type of oak. Alas we have moved past "D"

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Our DD is named Arden Matea. The other names we considered were Ellery, Rhiannon and Rayyan.

The boy names we considered/liked were:
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My DS is named Spencer Elliott and our DD will be named Vivian Judith.
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I haven't looked at this thread since I posted. LOVED that website. Too funny!

Originally Posted by MammaG

We made up for that with DS#3. He's Peregrine. We call him Perry, Pip and Pippin, but also Peregrine too. We love it. Most other people love it.
was it like Lord of the rings on purpose? because I had never heard that name anywhere else. Not that that's a bad thing
Peregrine is an English name that seems to have completely failed to arrive on US shores since the 1600s! The first child born to the Mayflower group once they arrived (while still docked in Provincetown Harbour) was called Peregrine White. He grew to a ripe old age and had a successful life in the New World. Our LO was born on Thanksgiving weekend. Seemed appropriate. The name also comes from the Latin peregrinus, meaning traveller, same root as pilgrim (I assume this is how Peregrine White came by his name).

We have an English friend named Peregrine, too (I'm a half-and-half, came to the US in my teens). It also shows up in my mother's family tree back in the 1200s.

However, DH still thinks it's a LOTR thing
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My kids have pretty "normal" Gaelic names, but three of my brothers have unusual names:


I've seen a few Lochlans/Lachlans on MDC, the only other place I've ever seen/heard of that name. My brother loves it, and is expecting his first child late summer and is looking for another very unusual first name for her.

I've seen some Keirans or Keirnans (Kieran/Kiernan) but never another Keir. He likes it, but always tells people that it means "The Dark One" in this "doom and gloom" sort of way. (interestingly, he IS dark...darker skinned than the rest of us, black hair when the rest of us have strawberry blonde hair...weird huh?)

Chayton is an American Indian name meaning "Falcon". He also really likes his name, although it is often confused with Clayton.
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My DS1 is Theodore Jackson
My DS2 is Thomas Keane
My DD is Gracie Olivia
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Originally Posted by SeekingSerenity View Post
I stayed up until 2 am reading this website. I laughed until I cried at some of those things!!!
Tell me about it! I love to pass that link along.
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Tristram = what the name Tristan use to be spelled and pronounced like long long ago

We haven't used it yet but I keep pushing dh for the name Archimedes, I would call him Arc for short.

(not Mazzie, but Mazzy like the band Mazzy Star, its pronounced different)

We also have some different middle names one with the middle name Breeze and the other with the middle name Rain.

Oh and we have been thinking of using the middle name Ember if we have another little girl.
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Originally Posted by rajahkat View Post
Mine are named after trees~

Alder Ian
Banyan Alastaire
Cedar Ailsa
Durian Egan
Elm Albion

I love the name Durmast too which is a type of oak. Alas we have moved past "D"

Lovely! We're considering tree names for our imminent arrival, too. I know both a Cedar and a Banyan and they are both delightful boys.
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DD1 is Hikari after my Japanese greatgrandma, DD2 is Mika just becuase we liked it And my DS is Taichi, just like DH, FIL, his father, etc...

All the names are of Japanese origin, we thought of non Japanese names too, but they didnt quite fit with the surname.
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Ds is Colton Paul. Not too original, but not terribly common (I hope). But we like it! (Paul is after my father).
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My kids' names are gender neutral, didn't plan it that way, that's just what we liked.

DD is Adrienne
DS is Lane Roallan
DD2 is Rylin

I like a little more unique names.
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my dd ~ magnolia wren talullah ruth

i love the names timber, cypress, sol, dupree, canyon, blythe, and nova for a son!
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We have a boy in the neighborhood named, Sailor, and I love it!
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I know I am bringing up a really old thread here but I loved some of these names!! Wish I had seen it while I was pregant.

My kids have half weird and half norm names.

We Adopted Landan so we didnt pick his name. but his middle name is Lowell which we did pick. after my grandfather. Not super common anymore.

Then the twins are River Jordan and Toccoa Gabriel. I have never seen toccoa before in a persons name but its the name of a really lovely waterfall here. The name means "beautiful" in Cherokee. His middle name meaning messenger of God.

The other names on our list were

Breck or Brecken (Bc we used to live in breckenridge lol)
Checker (same name as a friend son)

and then for girls we had
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DS is Rowan Hendrix... I love it. We have tons of other girl names in mind, but it's the only boy name I really liked :P
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My boys are:
Luka Keamogetswe (latin and sesotho meaning light and welcome)
Tiisetsto Kai (sesotho and hawaiin meaning perseverance and ocean)

other options were:
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My 2 DD's are Kasey Noel and Reagan Caroline. Boy names are so hard!
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