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Ideas to jazz up this dress

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Im looking for ideas on how to jazz up my wedding dress. I loved it on hanger and I like how it looks on me it just seems a bit more...plain...than I expected. But i was aiming for simple and "neat" not a lot of flair....

I would like to add color somehow but sparingly and tastefully. The color I have to work with is dark red ( something DP is wearing) Ive thought so far about maybe a ribbon around the waist and then doing the same with the girls eyelet dresses? SIL suggested dying the bottom tiers by capilary action but I'd have to hunt down a similar material to practice on first...what do you think? Any other ideas?

Heres a pic
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How about some bows attached along the neckline like this-


You could even use a soft print that would pick up the white of the dress yet add some color. A red and white polka dot might look cute, too.
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Where did you get the dress? It's beautiful.
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Originally Posted by lyterae View Post
Where did you get the dress? It's beautiful.
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yes, that's a beautiful dress
I love it just like it is and i dont think i would do anything to it. the only thing i can think that might look nice would be a bit of embroidery or possibly a few silver sequins....i have a white cotton dress that is kinda similar in the way its made that is from india and it has some white braid like trim embroidered on and some mirrored sequins that dress it up a bit; i could see that treatment on this dress, but i do not think it needs it.
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What about a red rose corsage-type thing, pinned onto the dress at the neck or hip or wherever you like, and a red necklace? That way you wouldn't actually be doing anything to the dress, but your overall look would be more fancy. Are your flowers red? What about a big swatch of dark red satin hanging from the bouquet, either looped up to a bracelet round your wrist or just hanging to the floor? Or red ribbons/flowers in your hair? Or red ribbons looped around your upper arm somehow?

The skirt looks slightly transparent - you could wear a red satin sheath underneath and it would show through a little. Or a white petticoat trimmed with a red ruffle, that would peep out when you walked. Or you could make a dark red shrug/shawl/bolero to wear over the top.
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