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To answer the QOTD, I handle finances. Entirely by default; if I didn't do it, it wouldn't get done (hey! Kind of like the cooking, grocery shopping, laundry...but I digress...).

Anyway, I went over my food budget for the week. Partly because the co-op I belong to sucked me in again with it's lovely fresh produce. I stuck to a list at the store and everything and still when about $40-50 over. Eek! On the upside, we had dinner at my parents' last night and it's was SO nice to have a break from cooking. I love that we rarely eat out, but I feel like I'm constantly in the kitchen.

So, now I'm at:

2 -
3 -
4 -
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Who handles the finances in your family?

We both do. I developed the budget, DH put together the spreadsheet to track it. Whoever is available to update it, does. Lately, that's been me b/c DH is working really long hours and isn't home much.

How did you decide who was going to do it?

When we were first married, I did ALL the finances and after a few years of it, got burnt out. DH took over then, and over the last 1-2 yrs, we've been doing it jointly. I naturally enjoy working w/ numbers more, so it just fit that I would do the finances. But now we enjoy doing it together.
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Who handles the finances in your family?
The finances are equally shared. DH pays the bills but we have a shared spreadsheet for keeping track of all money that comes in and we both decide how money is applied to each of our budget areas.

How did you decide who was going to do it?
It took us a while to figure out what worked best for us. We each have different things we do well finacially. I like having a say in the budget but I dont want to be in charge of the bills. My husband is better at doing the bills online and getting them in ontime. I am good at keeping the groceries and other budget areas within budget so I do that.
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post
Never too late to join! Welcome!

Tell us more about this website and challenge.
Crunchy Chicken's website is dedicate to "crunchianity" as she puts it. She writes about green living, and such that have to do with it as pertains to her family life.

The Buy Nothing Challenge is usually done in August but I decided to do my own. The rules are buy nothing that is not necessary - that is food, kids' clothes (if needed), and medicines, etc are allowed. But say...that soda, or coffee you always get, not allowed. Also there is no eating out.
And if you HAVE to buy something not allowed (like clothes, etc), you must buy them second hand.

anyways. here's the link to last year's challenge:
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1 $20 lunch with my sister ~ this was planned however not necessary

3/20 No Spend Days
Frivolous Spending: $20
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Who handles the finances in your family?

I do. The only exception is when we make a larger purchase. When we need to buy something big or want to work on the house we are both involved in what we buy and how much we spend.

How did you decide who was going to do it?

I work for a bank so it just sort of ended up being me because I constantly monitor the accounts. I don't really love it and have made some mistakes in the past but I am a control freak and dh doesn't really want to do it so I just keep on doing it. Having said that he is more involved than he used to be.
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QOTD: i handle them. dh was doing the books for his dad when we got married and just didn't want to do the stuff at home. now 19 years later, i still do it. which works, because he has no interest and i would freak out if i had no idea what was going on.

greenmom4: lol. me too!

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Monthly Goals:
- rebuild Emergency Fund (had to dip into partially in March)
- get Debt Snowball Rolling again
- as many NO Spend days as possible

No Spend:
Planned Spend:
Unplanned Spend:

4/4: got Starbucks during the roadtrip for Easter yesterday
4/6: [organic food box delivery day]
4/15: [Tax Day and Pay Day]

~Question of the Day~

Who handles the finances in your family?
As Dave Ramsey would say, I'm the "money nerd" in our family ... but we have sit-down meetings often where we both review the budget and talk about money together. But the day to day stuff is me.

How did you decide who was going to do it?
Well, at first no one was doing it Then I was the one who first got into following Dave Ramsey and so it was me to took control and initially sat down and made the this first written statement of our debt and our income/output and drew up the first budget.
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Me, me, me!!! I need to do this this month, especially. We are in trouble financially, and I need to make this fun......
I'm Jenny and I want to spend as little as possible this month. I want to eat out of the pantry and only spend $50/week on groceries (like milk, juice, some veggies at the market) for 2 weeks, and then $100/week on groceries for 2 weeks (doesn't matter which weeks are which, as long as 2 are 50 and 2 are 100). I want to not run the heat or the air, I want to not spend any extraneous monies. The only 'going out' money is allowed to be tomorrow night, my hubby and I are going out with his brother who is in from LA and we can only spend $35. I will print out my MIL some new photos of the grandkids for her birthday (21st) so around $10 for that. We were planning a weekend trip at the end of the month, but we will not do that unless we've already come up with the amount of money we need to fix our problems ($2,000 --- trying to sell some stuff) and then we will only do it if we can do it on the way cheap---say around $200.
So, starting today!!!!
No spend:
Planned spend, within budget:
Overspent, or spent when shouldn't:
MADE money:
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QOTD:: DH. I'm terrible with money
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We handle our finances together, I do keep track of the bill paying, etc...DH just has me keep him in communication with what is going on. He knows that we currently have ZERO extra for the next few months. We have always been like this, it just works well for us. All our financial decisions and expenditures are decided together, especially now due to the bleakness of the economy
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Who handles the finances in your family?
I do - he isn't as good with numbers and doesn't have the interest (read: obsession) with it I do

How did you decide who was going to do it?
It just naturally flowed. When we got together I had budgets and spending plans already set up for me, and he wasn't tracking his money at all, so it just followed that I took over the money stuff.
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Who you are:
Kate, WOHM to 2 boys and DH my super SAHP. We are spenders not very good savers. Impulse buying and fast food are our weaknesses.

= No Spend
= Budgeted Spending
= unplanned spending
= unplanned emergency spending
= days biked to work


2- $114.00 goodwill for clothes for boys. lunch out
3 - $20 new pass for the local dump
4 - $20 for easter goodies
5 -

Eat out (dinner or lunch):1/2
Groceries: $000/$500
Extra for CC: 0/$200
No Spend days: 2/20
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Who handles the finances in your family?
DH, but I have lots of input and we chat about what we're doing, including when we've paid the bills. We have a lot of items via electronic bill pay and I have access to all the usernames & passwords to go in a check if I ever need to.

How did you decide who was going to do it?
It was a long discussion after me freaking out about DH's spending habits and not being able to see the big picture of where all the $$ was going. DH felt he was not being given enough responsibilities in running the house, and so this was an area we both agreed upon. Ever since then (4 years ago) we've been running smoothly. I handle the taxes though - because I like doing them.
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Wallet = BACK in the filing cabinet.

01.. sos
02.. sos
03.. $14 snacks out with my daughter, Latte from starbucks
04.. sos
05.. sos

Goals for April

1. 4/30 Stay Out of Stores (sos)
2. 4/20 No Spend Days
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no spend/ budgeted spending
unnecessary/ unbudgeted spending
hung laundry to dry

Goals for April
no spend days 5/20
eating out 0/3
hung laundry to dry 1/10

2. ordered our homeschool curriculum for next year. I'm putting this here preemptively to encourage me to NOT SPEND when I go out later
3. $50 bread, eggs for dying, and the last of the Easter baskets things at WalMart
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Please write an introductory message when you decide to join our thread. We would like to know:

a. Who you are

I am Eileen, solo mom to 4 kids, well 1 adult (19 year old dd) and 3 kids!

b. Where you are going (your financial goals) and

My goal is to get my totally out of control spending in check. I have just blown through my entire tax return in like 2 months. I am fed up and disgusted with myself.

c. How you plan to get there

STOP all unnecessary spending, learn how to budget (never done that before) and stick to the budget.

my key is:

= no spend
= needed spend
= stupid spend

I honestly don't know what I have spent since the begining of the month so I am just going to start with today

4/5- spent $22 at grocery store, just on staples, no extras
4/7- another $8 at the grocery store
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$0 Frivolously spent
5/20 No-spend days
5/30 Not buying clothes for my kids days
3/10 Loads of laundry hung out to dry
$7.85/$500.00 Groceries
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A) Im Aura. Im 24 and mother to DD who is 11 months, stepmon to DSS who is a 4 1/2 boy. Im a stay-at-home-mom

B) Pay off debt, save enough money so we can fix our car and move to a place with cheaper rent. Have enough money to get DD a bday present and celebrate a very small, very simple bday party.

C) Sell everything we dont need here/ebay. I just applied for food stamps because we really dont make enough money and it seems we might start receiving them which is going to help a lot if we can use the money we spend on food to pay bills. Not eat out, no ordering pizza (DP hates that one) except 1 or 2 a month. No buying things that arent necessary. Spend less money on groceries. Im new to this area of the forums and I feel like I've already learned so much from reading. So Ill keep using your tips and learn how to budget efficiently

Today I spent 40.83/$400 on groceries for the week. No frivolous buys.
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Jenny you are the master of no spend. Way to go, Mama!
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