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November/December 2004 Mamas?

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Anyone out there yet? I always find out super early. I'm expecting our sixth child. We're very happy. I'm hopeful that I will avoid severe morning sickness this time. Any pointers?
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Congratulations hun!!!

Here's to a happy healthy pregnancy. (ginger ale for you, lol) You are SO Blessed.

PS: I love to find out early too. For one, the earlier you know the better, for two, there is only 1 midwifery practice in my region so their spots fill up quickly. With my last two pg I call and booked my 12 week appt. as soon as the test turned positive!


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: I am hoping to have a December baby. That would be the ultimate Christmas present.
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Hi! I'm expecting my second in early Nov. Tried to start this thread last week, but it was too early, I guess! There was one other mama who responded. Hopefully there will be more of us soon!
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Hi congrats to all!!
I'm due early Nov. I guess. I'm almost hesitant to post as I feel no symptoms whatsoever. I hope that is not a bad sign. I have had a pos. blood and urine test and I go for an u/s on Mon. to see if there's a heartbeat. Then I guess I'll start on my blood thinners. I am worried because I have had 5 m/c in the past. In fact this is a surprise pregnancy for us as we have always had to use fertility to get pregnant. After 11 yrs, wow is all I can say.

Anyway, I hope I can stick around and join yall's group.

bye, susie
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I just found out today!!! This will be our 8th child!!!!

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Count me in!!!

Wahoo!!! I am so incredibly excited! We are expecting our first baby on November 4th! Actually, it is my first and my dh's third (he has two wonderful boys from a previous marriage).

My folks will be first time grandparents, and we just sent them a book on "The ABC's of Grandparenting" as our way of announcing our pregnancy to them. They should get it today, and we are bouncing off the walls waiting for their call.

We got lucky in our second month of trying, although the planning period has been about a year long. This is so much fun! But the waiting is the hardest part.... 8 months to go...

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May I join you?

I am finally here after 2 1/2 years of infertility treatments. It took in vitro to get me on this thread. Still very early in pg - just got my + blood yesterday. Go in tomorrow to make sure hcg is still rising. I'm praying for a sticky babe!

EDD: Nov 8.

Hope to spend the next 8 months here with ALL of you!

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Originally posted by Attached_Mom_to_7
I just found out today!!! This will be our 8th child!!!!

Wow! How did your husband take it? My dh is really freaked out about having 6 kids. I'm a bit upset about his reaction.
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Originally posted by kelly

I'm praying for a sticky babe!

EDD: Nov 8.

Hope to spend the next 8 months here with ALL of you!

Congrats! I'll be praying for you too!
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How did he react? Well, he's pretty reserved in his thoughts not much of a talker, but, I think he's happy(and has stated so)

I think he wanted to wait a few more years(but I just could'nt, kwim??

He;s feeling pretty ok though, maybe more concerned about getting "it" tonight:

I think everything wil be cool though

once you dh gets over the initial "shock" they usualy need a bit more time sometimes!

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Hey, count me in! I was the other mama who joined Mabelmama's thread. I was bummed because there weren't more people, but I guess it was too soon. Anyway, just got a a coupel of days ago. It is still so soon, but we were trying and I had a feeling that we may have succeeded, so I couldn't wait to get the test and see for sure. This is going to be our 2nd. Our dd just turned 2. According to my calculations, this baby should be due beginning of November. Woo-hoo, a little Scorpio!

Congrats to all of you!!!

Hope we'll all get to be friends over the next 9 months!!

-mama to a my little energetic bobka
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I figured out that my due date would be November 20. I already have one November 11 birthday and one November 27 birthday. This would be smack in the middle but I'm usually late so who knows!

I've decided that I'm going with a homebirth. Dh is against it but I feel really strongly about having one. I think I should get to choose. I had five really bad hospital experiences. I'm not up for that again.
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I would absolutely love to homebirth!!!!

Will will check out our resourses I'm sure dh will be kinda afraind cause of not being in a hospital setting(in case of an emergancy)

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Wow! There's lots of November mommies to be.

Congrats to everyone!

Kelly, wishing you a sticky pregnancy. We had to do fertility to get pregnant every time except this one. I have a 8 yr. dd and 3 yr. twin ds.

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OK, so here's my question. I took two pregnancy tests on two seperate mornings last week. Both came back unmistakingly positive. This morning I took one just to see and it came back negative. : I know I'm VERY early in the pregnancy and I truly do feel pregnant but now I'm starting to think the positives were wrong. Anyone have that experience?
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Me Too

Got a yesterday. It was faint but there. I'm due on 11/12. So that makes me 4weeks, I guess.

I'm kinda shocked, even though we'd been trying for 4 cycles. I really had myself convinced that I wasn't. POAS this morning, and the line is still faint, but it was a different kind of test. Anyone else feel compelled to POAS everytime you go pee? I really want a darker line because I only got faint lines with a m/c in the past... ah, I forgot how nerve wracking the first trimester really is...

Anyhow, this is baby#2 for us, very planned, and very anticipated. Ds was born 11/18/02, and people are going to laugh (and then curse silently due to 2 bdays and Christmas in a month of eachother) when they find out (after week 13, but I don't care!)

Ekblad7 - I don't know what to tell you. Try FMU with a different test... hopefully that will give you the you're expecting... wishing and hoping for you!!!

to all of us November Mommies to be!!! Let's hope for a healthy and happy 9mw!!!
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I'm here My EDD is November 8th but since DS was 16 days late I have told everyone in my family that I am due December 1st (I've had enough of those late pregnancy daily phonecalls for a lifetime LOL!!)

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BabyOsMommy: We share the same due date too cool!!!

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Congrats everyone!

Add me to the 11/12 edd list, lol!

We've been trying for 8 months for #2 (after #1 came as a surprise). I POAS 2x over the weekend, got two faint lines, but a line is a line, right. AF was just due on Friday, so it is still early, so I'm trying to not worry about the faintness.

Sticky vibes for everyone.
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Count me out. I started spotting yesterday and went in for blood tests today. I can say with almost 99%certainty that I either was never pregnant or am not any more. Anyway, congrats to you all!
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