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Well, had my u/s today and there was a beating heart, so so far so good. My due date is Nov 2.

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I'm so sorry

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Me too! I have just started using these boards, so hopefully I won't forget where they are. I am due Nov/Dec- I don't like to pinpoint it too much seeing as babies tend to come when they are ready- rarely is there an expiration date! We are having an unnassisted homebirth- any other UCer's out there?

Well, this pregnancy is my fourth but the first 3 were miscarriages. I recently talked to a friend who is an ND and she said it sounds like my miscarriages could have been caused by a combo of hypoglycemia and hyperthyroid. I was supposed to be taking my waking temp to check for thyroid issues, but it kept rising... and so I'm pregnant! I don't think those temps will help diagnostically now. I need to check in with her again and see if we can figure out thyroid issues some other way and get to treating all of this. AAAAHHHH!

Has anyone else here had a miscarriage, or multiple mc's? Anyone else fighting blood sugar or thyroid problems for a healthy pregnancy?

I look forward to getting to know all of you ladies- I'm praying for a keeper!

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Hey, my due date is Nov 8 too, at least according to my pregnancy calender. DD was almost 10 days late, so it could also be the 18th! Either way, happy pregnancies to all of us.

Anyone else feel a little more relaxed this time around (if you already have 1 or more kids)? Maybe because it's not so novel this time around. I feel like I'm not stressing or pouring over every single book. I'm kind of enjoying it more, so far anyway. We'll see. I'm only a few weeks along (5, I think), so there's a long time to go!
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I'm so sorry Amy s! I'm wishing you peace with this, and hoping that you're pg again soon if that's what you want.

Congratulations to everyone just joining!

Okay, can we talk symptoms? I know that it's really early (not even 5weeks yet), but I barfed this morning. I didn't barf with ds until 7-8weeks, and it caught me totally off guard. I have a serious headcold, and am skeptical that it's really from pgcy, but from that. Had to POAS again this morning, just to believe that I'm really still (that was of course before I barfed). My boobs aren't sore, though, so I'm thinking that it's because it's my second that that's why? A little tingly, like letdown when nursing, but not sore or bigger/darker at all. I'm also feeling a little burning on my right side, but it's not constant, or sharp enough for me to think ectopic. I think I read somewhere last pgcy that it's from the ovary that released the egg that fertilized? Can anyone validate that for me? Cause it's irking me, and I can't find the reference again. And I'm so tired. But that could also be due to ds being sick, as well as myself.
Phew, got all that out Hope everyone is well!

ETA: WooHoo Susie for seeing the heartbeat! That's so cool! baby, !

Delighted Mama, I guess from the above, that you could say that no I'm not much more relaxed this time. I had a m/c before ds, and really don't like the first trimester because it seems so filled with uncertainty. I'm trying to stay positive though, and am glad to see that you're enjoying yourself. Hoping that I can find myself doing the same really soon!
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NAK- sorry!

I'm sorry Amy Take care of yourself!

Delighted Mama, I am waaaay more relaxed this time. I think I feel much more confident in my body's ability to carry a child after my completely unevehntful 1st preg. I'm not doing much reading about preg signs and symptoms, etc, but more about herbs and nutrition. I love "Wise Woman Herbal for the CHildbearing Year"! Everyone should check it out.
As for symptoms, my boobs are really sore, which makes nursing extra fun. We're having to shorten feedings- hard for someone who would gladly keep a boobie in her mouth 24/7 Other than that, nothing. I had one day of morning sickness. This is the joyful calm before the storm of puking and sleeping! At least then I can stop taking pregnancy tests to make sure I'm still pregnant :

Who else has symptoms? Wishing ypu all health for you and your babes!
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Originally posted by BabyOsMommy
I'm also feeling a little burning on my right side, but it's not constant, or sharp enough for me to think ectopic. I think I read somewhere last pgcy that it's from the ovary that released the egg that fertilized? Can anyone validate that for me?
We just found out we are pg with #2 after having a mc in July. Think eda around 11/15. I am trying to take it one day at a time- am much more skeptical and hesitant this time around. Can't wait to have some real symptoms although with ds it wasn't that bad. I have had a few nights with that kind of pain as well- on my left side. Same thing- not constant or sharp. Does anyone have any input? Hope to get to know you all over the next months.
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I had that kind of side pain too. Of course, I automatically thought of ectopic preg, but I don't have the other symptoms and it stopped after a day.

I also noticed that when I had a bowel movement, the twinges stopped. I wonder if it is related?

With my last pregnancy, I had the same thing. Just some twinges on my right side. It turned out that it was a small cyst that develped within a few weeks of conceiving. The Dr. said that it is very common with pregnancy and that it would go away after birth, which it did. Other than twinging sometimes during the first trimester, it never grew or bothered me during the rest of the pregnancy. It dissolved naturally after birth. The Dr. said that it sometimes forms from the onset of so many hormones during fertilization. That's the only thing that I can think of.

If anyone has any other info, I'd like to hear it too!

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I had a dull but fairly constant achy kind of pain that lasted about a week and a half. I was completely convinced that I was getting my period, because it felt like I was about to start cramping like I do on the first day of my period (for about two hours). When I finally realized that this was the real deal (I was pregnant!) I was concerned about the pain, also thinking it was an ectopic pregnancy. I hadn't paid attention as to whether the pain was favoring one side. Anyway, it finally went away.

I was pretty surprised by the pain I was feeling, because I never heard anyone talk about it, nor is it listed as a "sign" of pregnancy anywhere. I also kind of enjoyed it, to be honest, because it was a reminder of my condition!
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hi preggers!

i'm, like many of you, still getting used to the idea. due november 16 after a miscarriage last...hm...november 17! weird. so, about 4 weeks.

symptoms: a very faint occasional wave of nausea, different from last time, more throaty or something (last time i never threw up). boobs not sore at all--i keep checking, heh. last time they were quite sore by now. peeing in the night is still my most dependable symptom. looking forward to more.

yay annette on the barfing!

sticky wishes to you all,

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Well, I talked to two few friends of mine- one who has gone through preeclampsia and an ectopic pregancy, and they both said that the feeling on the side can be little cysts on the ovaries but they usually go away on their own and cause no problems with pregnancy. One friend did have a cyst that burst (that's actually how she found out she was pregnant) and even then she was fine- so for anyone wondering, the nagging feeling near your ovary seems to be normal.
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We are expecting our 5th child November 14!

peace, Helen
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Me, me, me! Due early November with baby #3. I am still getting over the shock as I've only had one period since baby #2. It's going to be one crazy house!

Symptoms: I get these major waves of exhaustion throughout the day, and today I had my first "I'm gonna hurl" episode. I didn't but it really sucked.

Anyone wanna guess genders? I get the strangest sense that this is a boy.
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Congrats indiegirl, Helen, and Jennifer (and anyone else new I missed!)!! I feel like I'm having a boy, too. From the moment I knew I was pregnant with dd, I KNEW she was a girl. Never even bothered picking out a boy name. I'm not so sure with this one. I seem to have strange naming habits... both times a name had just "found" me and I go with it. 6 wks preg and I have my girl and boy names ready. Hey, thats one less thing to worry about, right? Guess I might want to inform dh, who "hasn't started thinking about names yet" :LOL
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I just got the double lines on wednesday, giving me a due date of the 18th. We had been trying for four months and it was our last chance before taking a break for a few months, so it was good timing on the little things behalf!
I live in Australia and have a little girl, Kaia, who is 26 months old. She's a lovely sweet little girl who would love being a big sister (she spends hours reading to her teddies ) except for that little fact of having to share your mummy! She even cries and gets jealous when the dog sits on my lap We're doomed! Or maybe she'll come around. More likely we're doomed :LOL

I love the idea of a november baby. I don't really know why, but it seems so right.

I'm not sure if I'm having symptoms yet (only day 31) or just imagining it. I think my breasts might be a tiny bit tender. We're still bfing 3-4 times a day usually and that doesn't hurt at all. Unless things change I'm happy to tandem if that's what she wants. My other symptom is that I'm over emotional. I keep getting all teary at happy or sad things. I got teary at the end of Nemo today despite having seen it 53 billion times before. It's funny how paranoid you can get as a pregnant woman, I was sitting here before thinking what if this emotionalness is actually pmt and it means I'm going to have a misscarriage.
I had bad ms for 24 weeks with Kaia so I'm hoping to avoid that this time!

That's enough for now, I'm writing a novel I look foward to sharing my pregnancy with you guys
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I'm due Nov. 10th, according to my calculations which means the babe could be born in Oct. since I have been between 18-8 days early in the past. Or who knows, could be late this time too This is our third and we're really, really excited about it. This was a very planned pregnancy. My youngest ds was a surprise and while that was fun it freaked me out a little too since the kids were so close in age. I'm a bit relieved to think that ds #2 will be nearly 3 by the time this little one arrives

We just told the kids last night and now I wish we had gotton it on video. They were adorable! Ds 1 said, "already? There's a baby in your tummy?" with this huge smile on his face. I think he said already because he has been asking for one and was surprised we gratified his wish so quickly. We wanted one anyway, but I do think his asking sealed the deal for daddy. My two yr old said, "baby in the tummy? baby, baby." and lifted up my shirt and asked "where's the baby?" :LOL Priceless
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aw, kari, that's adorable!

lucretia, i'm with you on the feeling really emotional side of things. whew. i think i've cried every day for a week.

i'm still pretty concerned about whether this one will stick. last time i read probably hundreds of birth stories during the first three months and got really into imagining the birth. this time i keep picturing a bowl, or a seed pod: sealed, safe.

to answer the question, though: we're planning a homebirth, possibly in water, with a midwife. how about you guys?

oh, also: is anyone else experiencing really violent allergies right now? it got suddenly really warm here, and i'm sneezing like CRAZY. trying to address it with zinc spray and simpler's sinus oil, but sheesh. i know pregnancy can do strange things to one's immune system, so i wonder if anyone else is experiencing this!

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4w 5 days along

Well I don't think it is possible for anyone to know yet if they are due in December. I just found out a few days ago and am due Nov 15th.....yea!
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I had my progesterone checked as well as HCG and my HCG was good; my progesterone was very low. It was with Zoe as well. I am torn about taking supplements as the studies I've read don't seem to show whether or not they really help.

I'm going in for an u/s on Monday to check for a heartbeat. If we see one and all looks good, I am thinking that I won't do the supplements and maybe just keep getting my levels checked.

We'll see.
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This is going to be long.............

Congratulations to all who are just finding out!

So this last week has been hard. At the beginning of the week, DS still had a sinus infection and 104 degree fever from Thursday. Then a 2week long headcold I'd been fighting turned into a sinus infection, ear infection and pinkeye. Doctor convinced me to take antibiotics because I'd been dealing for so long, and I was pretty sick. They are working very well, and I had two pharmacists confirm their safety. I know it's not ideal, and I'm torn about it right now.

With all this, out went our plans of keeping this pgcy under wraps until at least week 10. I told my parents because they kept suggesting cold remedies to take, and I had to tell work. Which is bothering me. I've m/c'd once before. But my boss was giving me a hard time about missing time (6days in 3weeks between myself and my son), and denied a Leave of Absence for me. So I told his boss (who I know has had a m/c with his wife also and I told our HR director). I will just feel so fraudulent if something goes wrong, but I felt like I didn't have a choice. My boss's boss was very understanding at least, and said to take whatever I need. I've worked with him for 3years, and we know each other's work ethic pretty well, he knows that I would be there if I could. It won't become common knowledge to my reps until I'm ready (which will be when I don't have a choice... "btw, I'm not just getting fatter...."). My boss won't know until I'm good and ready to tell him, as he's not been understanding and I don't need it, kwim?

So I have just been telling myself through all of this illness that the m/c rate is 15-30% in the first trimester, which means that there's a 70-85% chance that this little bean will be okay. Flip it around and it doesn't sound so bad. It just feels so hard to believe when I'm so sick. And I'm having a hard time sorting out what's pg related symptoms (which I like for reassurance) and what's sickness related. I figured out that I'm barfing up the prenatals. Especially when breakfast is peanut butter and jam. So now I know to avoid that. That's the only time I'm really nauseous.

Anyhow, sorry so long and crazy, but I had to get this out. I hope that everyone else is well and getting excited.

Indiegirl: baby . Sounds like you are making informed choices, which is important.

Jennifer, it's great to see you over here with me! So glad our faint lines progressed!

Kari, that's very cute. DS is only 16months, and still thinks of himself as a baby, so I don't think he'd get it yet. By November he will a little better.

Lucretia, I'm also SO emotional. I can't communicate about any of this without crying. So you're in good company.

I need to go make dinner now...... hope to hear from everyone and how you're doing.
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