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Anyone else EN twins?

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Just wondering if there are any other moms out there who are EN their twins? I was thinking of contacting my local LLL to see if any other moms around here are. My boys are 17 months. Seems funny to me to join at this stage.
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My twins are 27 months and avid nursers. Since I found out that I am pregnant we have been cutting back some and they are mostly handling it well. It has been a challenging 2 years but the benefits have been well worth it as I am sure you know!
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I'm nursing my 23 mo. old twin girls. They are no where near slowing down...although sometimes I wish they would just a bit!! This has been my greatest achievement because I had such a hard time nursing in the beginning, and I almost gave up. I'm so glad that I didn't! It's worth every minute of it!
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Thanks guys for responding to my post. I am starting to get a little bit of flack for EN from family and friends. My husband frequently asks me how much longer I'm going to bf. He hasn't really said anything to me but I can tell he's trying to hint around that he wants me to wean.

Has this been a problem for any of you?
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cami2u2, so sorry to hear you're getting the evil eye from your dh. You need all the support you can get right now! I see from your signature that you have an older child -- how long did she nurse? Is is just with the twins he's a little uncomfortable?

Mothering Multiples is a good book, but in this case I'd recommend Mothering your Nursing Toddler. Definitely have him read it, too.

I have a 5 yo who nursed til age 3, and now have year old twins. Everyone by now pretty much "gets it" that I am letting the babies lead the way. I will nurse them as long as they need me, and it's been my experience (and in the MYNT book) that mothering a toddler (let alone two!) is much, much easier with nursing. DD had no tantrums, no "terrible twos", she was just her usual sweet self, and I believe not forcing her away from her "snuggles" was a big part of that.

Strength to you!

Also, there was a thread on here about great "comebacks". (Obviously not for your dh, but others. Some were very polite, and funny, too) Anyone know the way?
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Thanks for that info smilesmomma. I will have to get that book. I will also look for that thread. Mh dd was initially weaned at 13 months per convincing from my dh that it was time to wean. Then at 14 months she fell out the back door at the babysitters house and suffered a skull fracture and nursing was the only way to console her for a while. I weaned her again at 15 months.
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one of my twins weaned at 11 months but one is still going strong at almost 21 months
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OMG! How terrifying for you, and for her! I trust she's all better now.

Yes, that book is fantastic. When I was wavering, and didn't know if I was doing the right thing (I felt right, she felt right, but other people thought I was "trying to keep her a baby". Now of course I know, she WAS a baby, LOL!) that book was the best. It's a whole book of encouragement and how much easier for you and for your child (and for Larry! ) parenting a toddler is when they're nursing. It was really an "aha" moment. It sounds like he gets a little uncomfortable about this age; it *is* kind of uncomfortable sometimes, because our society is so closed to nursing past 3 months. Your LLL can loan it to you, too (but you might want one of your own ).

You probably know all this, but sometimes men are a little better with the logic of it than the feeling of it: the average age of weaning worldwide is 4.2 years, which with our society bringing it down so much, means worldwide, people are nursing much much longer. Katherine Dettwyler has some awesome articles on the anthropology of it, too, like that our closest relative (the chimp) nurses about 6-7 years, and that weaning seems biologically tied to overall development. Somewhere someone mentions tooth eruption, but embarrassingly enough, even though I'm a dentist, I can't remember if it's the eruption of permanent teeth or the final eruption of baby molars .

The mamas on here in particular have tons of great resources to fill Larry in on the science behind it all. That's what got my dh to "go along"; after we were into it, he saw how easy it made things and has become BF's biggest proponent. It's cool to see him talking about nursing with other men, soon-to-be-dads and dads of soon-to-be-toddlers. Tell me if I should arrange a lunch !

Good luck to you!

P.S. As for the thread, it's gone in the changeover. Hopefully someone will read this and remember the link!
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Why do some men seem to think this is their decision? (sorry, just had to say that)

My ds's are still going strong at 16 months-and with ds#2 currently sick with a stomach virus, I'm really glad we still are!
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