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I stay home and the newb goes with me to work functions and stuff, but this weekend I have an event that I can't take him so I pumped four times this week to provide four bottles for my husband to give Griffin.

There has been no rhyme or reason as to when I'm pumping, but I *only* do it when he's latched on and make my letdown happen...I'm lazy like that.

Easy session had 4 ounces on the other breast. That took about 6-7 minutes with a PIS. I'm pleased with this since I only am doing this for occassional needs.

FWIW, I'm a milk mama. With my daughter I pumped and donated my extra for a year. This kid I posted on milkshare to donate, but nobody wants it...I'm on a thyroid med and that is probably why.
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I have one of those bicycle horn style pumps, 5 bucks at the pahrmacy type ones.

I would a proper electric one, but I don't really have the $$ that they tend to cost here (electronics of all kinds are extortionate here!). I am hoping I can get my SIL to bring me a good one when she comes to visit from the UK.

I always used hand pumps with ds...Chicco made one that I loved.
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