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Yaz or Yasmine.

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Anyone taking it? I know there is alot of controversy arround it right now, but I am wondering if anyone is still taking it with no issues. Thanks!
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I was prescribed Yaz (last March) for birth control because it was a lower dose of hormones. I still ended up horribly depressed and went off of it less than a month later.
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SO you had issues with deperession while being on other BC before?
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i took it in the past; oddly it did seem to help with my mood swings, depression, etc. Other bc pills had increased/aggravated those symptoms.

i took yaz, and had odd random bleeding, then took the yasmine which did not cause that, whatever the difference may have been. (?)

however, at this point in my life, i really regret ever having taken hormonal bc. i feel as though the fibroids i have are the result of years of hormonal birth control. not a good thing.
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I took it years ago and I had terrible migraines ALL the time and depression. I worked in RE and actually read up on it and it's potassium issues and after discussing it with my physiology professor, decided to go off of it. The issues cleared up within weeks!
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i took yasmine a while back and had horrible dizziness and almost fainted. was on other bcps before that w/ no issue. no noticalbe mood changes but i was only on it for 3m. my colleague took it recently and had depressed mood.
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I am moving this to Family Planning.
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I took Yasmine for a while and I didn't like it at all. I had taken Allesse for a couple of years beforehand with no problem, and my doctor switched me to Yasmine. Within a few months I had a few health problems (complicated ones that took a couple of specialists to even figure out) and when I went off of the Yasmine they gradually went away.
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Originally Posted by Barbie64g View Post
SO you had issues with deperession while being on other BC before?
Yes, I had previously tried the patch, the nuva-ring, and one other form of the pill (before my daughter). I had been using alternate methods of birth control since my daughter was born and decided to try again...

The doctor was insistent that I should be fine on it, I had asked for other birth control suggestions (I'm currently using the FAM method) because of the hormones. She insisted that Yaz was low hormone and I would be fine.. It was less than a month later and I was turning into a mess again, rather than "wait" it out I went right off of it.
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I took Yaz for about two or three years with no problems at all.
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I have been taking Yasmine for 3-4 years now. No issues with depression but I do suspect that it's supressing my libido some. I suppose that's fairly common with hormonal BC though.
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OK, so just wanted to check back in. I am on my second period after starting yaz, and I gotta tell ya, I really like it. I know of all the controversy with the potassium levels increasing. But I had a very long discussion with my OB, and she seemed confident in having me try it.

I LOVE IT. I have not gained any weight, no depression or mood swings (That werent already there, ) and my skin looks BEAUTIFUL! The periods so far are very light and short, and did I mention my skin is beautiful? I know thats an awful reason to be happy, but if you know me, you know I was having some pretty awful skin issues a while back. Now I brealy have to wear makeup, except for the giant (hereditary) circles under my eyes.

ETA, they have a coupon deal online that makes the monthly cost only 20, as opposed to 70!!!!
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The first 2 years that I took it, I had no problems at all. I switched from a pill that elevated the hormones gradually throughout the pack (which I hated). It was better for me because the release was steady. It is just now, in this past year (the 3rd year of taking it) giving me tough mood swings and making me feel unhappy. I am going to switch because of that. The blood clot thing is also not the best haha, you should talk to your doctor about that though!

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I have been taking Yaz for 6 months with no issues at all... love it!

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