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Bleeding at 18 weeks

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Hey Mammas...On Thursday I had sex but with no penetration and I did orgasm...I woke up the next morning to find out that I had some blood on a towel...No cramping and just brown mucous the following day and nothing else. I even had sex again to see if it brought it on but with no penetration and I got nothing...The last time I had bleeding it was at 8 weeks...I go to the doctor in a week, but i just wanted your suggestions as to what you may think it was
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Suka, I had a couple of instances of this in both pregnancies, with penetration, both times in the same position, and from what I could figure out, from MDC and talking to my midwife, is that the bleeding was due to to my cervix being more vascular during pregnancy. Also, when this happened before, my midwife told me that as long as it didn't last long, and there was no cramping & it was not heavy like a period, it should be OK.

Hope this makes you feel a little better, just go with your gut on something like this. If you feel like you need to be checked out, get checked out.
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Sex has made me bleed since 12 weeks. It's finally to the point (20 weeks) where it isn't bright red afterwards, but I've had brown spotting without spotting for 2 months now. It'll taper off and it feels safe to have sex again, and it gets worse. I'd contact your doctor if it hasn't happened before just to be on the safe side.
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The puzzling thing is that you're talking about sex without penetration, which presumably would not include direct irritation of the cervix. I would definitely mention this to your provider at your appointment, but certainly a small amount of brown (not fresh) spotting and no other symptoms don't seem overly alarming on their own.
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Thanks everyone for your input...Yes@blacksheep, I was puzzled as well because there was no penetration this was my first time having sex while being preg... But I will definitely bring it up to her this tuesday. I have not bled since, I still feel the baby moving about and I have no other symptoms...But thanks mammas!
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