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"Writing Into Motherhood:" MDC Writing Class

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We are excited to announce that MDC will host a free weekly online writing class "Writing Into Motherhood" from April 5th through April 30, 2010:

Join Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Artistic Director of Project Life Stories and creator of monologue shows such as Mothering: The Monologues (which featured Peggy O'Mara) and Birth: The Monologues, in a four week online writing workshop. Write your mothering or birth story in celebration of Mother's Day!

The "Writing Into Motherhood" class will feature writing exercises on provocative topics and guidance in editing your piece down to "what you most essentially want to say." Your story will be a gift to your yourself and your children.

Stories will be posted at Mothering.com the week of Mother's Day 2010.

Weekly conference calls with Tanya--TUESDAYS 7:30pm MDT to review weekly writing topics and exercises. Call-in information will be available after registration.

Register by Friday, April 2nd

Limit: 30 participants

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the creator of the "Mythic Monologue Method." She has facilitated people across the country in writing and performing their personal stories onstage. She facilitated Mothering: The Monologues, Birth: The Monologues and The Soul of Mothering in Santa Fe. Currently, she is partnering with Mothering Magazine in training facilitators to participate in creating Mothering Monologue Events in their own communities for future Mother's Days.

Tanya is considered one of the foremost experts in solo performance and has produced, directed and facilitated over one hundred monologue productions in the last ten years. She has been featured in 'O' Magazine, Rosie, Spirituality and Health and on the CBS Early Show. She is the co-editor of the book "The Cancer Monologue Project" (MacAdam Cage, 2002.)
Registration for Tanya's "Writing Into Mothering" class is open to the first thirty MDC members who post to this thread to reserve their spots. Participation in the class will be limited to registered participants only. Before posting to this thread to sign up, please make sure that you will be able to actively participate for the duration of the workshop (April 5th-30th). We will take the first thirty responses to enroll on a first-come/first-served basis. Once the class has reached thirty participants, this thread will be closed to new posts. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks so much!
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Me, please!
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Me three! And thank you.
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Sign me up, please!
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Oooh...I'm in.
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Me, please
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I'm in.

I was just working on a journal entry of 10 things I want to do and writing was on my list. Good timing.
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Talk about timing!! Count me in please.
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count me in please
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I would love to!!!

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Count me in--I am trying to restart my writing career and would love to participate!
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Sign me up!
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Sign me up!
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I would also love to join in!
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I'd love to give this a try as well I just want to make sure I'm clear on how it works though... Tuesdays at 7:30 is the only "time" commitment aside from doing our writing on our own?... that would work

Someone let me know if I'm misunderstanding


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I would love to join as well. How cool!

ETA ... this is 9:30pm eastern time, right??
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Sign me up, please
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oohhh me! YAY cool.
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Actually, I just remembered I will be unavailable the 3rd week in April so I'd better give up my spot to someone else.
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