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Dysgraphia:Writing Eight Exercises?

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Just wondering if anyone has tried the writing eight exercises for dysgraphia?

Do the Writing Eight exercise with the child. Do the whole alphabet each day — monitor closely for best results. Continue this for the entire year. The Writing Eight exercise (as described in the Brain Integration Therapy Manual) transfers the process of writing from the left (thinking) hemisphere, to the right (automatic) hemisphere, making the writing process much easier. It also eliminates reversals in writing. Be consistent with this and you will see spectacular results in the ease of writing. Do as much of this exercise that you can in a 15 minute time spot. If that isn’t the whole alphabet each day, then continue where you left off the day before. After a while the whole alphabet will be able to be completed in 15 minutes.
i googled around about this technique and it seems pretty straightforward to actually carry out. It seems like the time commitment of everyday for one year is pretty extreme though, so i'm wondering if anyone has tried this and had success?
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I saw your post looking for info about dysgraphia- just wanted to say that I think the idea of working on writing for 15 mintues a day makes a lot of sense to me. I have been working on writing for about that amount of time each day with my homeschooled 7 year old, but that is the only writing she does each day, I can let her do the rest of her work orally. I think for a younger child, less time might be better, or 3 times a day of 5 minutes working on it.... I don't know. I think its best to take into account your own child's temperment.

Anyway, thanks for the link.
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My middle schooler practices 5 minutes a day. It's concentrated, but I have to say, very effective. Longer than that becomes very tiring.
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so, we tried out the writing 8 excercise, but not every day and not for 15 minutes. it was really really stressful for ds so he's not doing it anymore. it provoked a lot of anxiety.

i've got a book in my hands right now called "brain gym" that gives some more kinesthetic excercises for the same idea as the writing 8. i really like their excercise that involves drawing 'lazy 8's' in the air using the arm and head like an elephant trunk. Ds did a couple of their shoulder excercises when he got locked up with math the other day, and it really really helped him.

Anyways, brain gym seems like a better fit for us. It's a lot less rigid, less dogmatic, more whole body movements, etc

We're really looking strongly towards other alternatives for written output. It would be really nice for ds be able to handwrite, but with technology, there are so many other options. (typing, speech to text programs, dictation, etc...).

karne~~that's what our OT suggested too. she said that longer than a few minutes a day is just too long for ds.
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I'm a little familiar w/Brain Gym. I know dd did some of the exercises w/her OT. How old is your kiddo? I also wanted to say that maturation has played a big role in my child's abilities, as well as self awareness. I know that seems crazy when the issue is essentially physical, but that's my experience.

You are so right to be looking toward adaptive technologies. We always look toward the big goal-"written" communication and expression-in the best, and most effective way possible.
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