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Thanks everyone - that is what I needed. I read the mercola article - that is scary. And it will be good evidence to bring to my DH about why we should stop (because he has a diet coke habit too). And I will definitely try the different suggestions for quitting -- the excedrin idea is great. I definitely don't want to start drinking more coffee to make up for lost diet coke! And ice teas sound good, too.

Done. No more diet coke.
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I love the feeling of fizz and carbonation! Have you tried Izze to replace that feeling? I mean, if that's what you are really craving, then might as well provide something during the toughest time!


Here's an article that describes your body the 1st hour after drinking a can of soda.
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I read this article, an experiment performed by a private citizen, and it freaked me out about aspartame for life!

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oh gosh, i relate! my vice/addiction/love was diet orange soda. i LOVED that stuff! i've been off caffeine for almost 2 months now though & i feel great. a healthy alternative is water kefir. it is called nature's soda, and it's carbonated and yummy! super easy to make! i drink that everyday now.
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Originally Posted by LemonPie View Post
Because it's not Diet Pepsi

Okay, sorry. . . couldn't resist.
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Okay, so my dh has pleaded with me and somewhat convinced me to give up my diet soda addiction. I am a little reluctant because I don't see any alternative that I am even remotely interested in.

He suggests tea, but growing up in the northern part of IL, I didn't see a lot of tea drinkers and personally don't like the stuff. Of course, I didn't like diet soda when I was addicted to regular soda, but started drinking it to lose weight.

So my question is, if I switch to tea, is there a 0 cal, easy to make/buy alternative that doesn't have anything else bad in it? I don't want to get drinking something else and realize that it too is bad for me.

Also, has anyone had any luck with carbonated water? Is there a kind that actually has a GOOD flavor? I think I would miss the carbonation too.
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this is a good thread for me as I recently gave up Coke Zero for Lent and then fell right back off the wagon after Easter. For me it's primarily the caffeine...so it is easily replaceable with tea or coffee...
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Originally Posted by berry987 View Post
I am a very healthy eater. No processed foods, very few grains, mostly meat, vegetables, eggs, some dairy. All organic. The one exception, and I know it's a big one, is I still drink diet coke. I'm down to one 12 oz. can a day, which is much better than my past habit (at one point in college I drank 12 each day )

I know they are bad for me, I know I shouldn't drink them, but I've been drinking diet coke since I was 10 (yes, again, I know that is awful) and it is a very deeply set habit.

So, please just post the awful things you know about diet coke. I think I am ready to kick this one last can a day out of my life.
Can't stand diet coke so can't really help although i was for a while drinking loads of regular coke.
Not sure about where you are but i know here anyway you can get organic cola.
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Muppet, you could take the plunge and switch to water.

It only takes about a week to start enjoying it and craving the taste.
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I read somewhere that Aspartame turns into formaldehyde when heated. So if your diet coke can was left in a hot car and you refrigerated later you would be ingesting neurotoxins. Well that's what they assume with the guys that served in the Gulf War... I read this online though so not sure how true it is.
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