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Any easter gifts BESIDES food/easter eggs?

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I'm thinking of getting my dc a game of some sort, but am open to other ideas, anyone getting their child anything else? (instead of OR aswell as chocolate gifts?)
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Jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, puzzles, headbands, and kites.
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Last year we did springtime baskets--chalk, bubbles, little garden shovels, watering cans, and sunglasses. I haven't decided yet about this year, but probably more outdoorsy stuff.
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the spring baskets! We try to add things that can be used through the season. For instance, the girls picked out beach buckets (w shovels) at the dollar store for their 'baskets' this year. We also bought fake flowers and stickers, they decorated their buckets w stickers and I hot glued the flowers where they wanted.
They look great! Best part is, they are excited to take their pretty buckets to the beach! (made 4 buckets, including bucket, for only $15.00!)
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We try and limit the candy, too. This year, each of their baskets (which we reuse from year to year) will have:

-felted wool egg w/ a mama made root child inside
-felted wool egg w/ an Ostheimer wooden animal inside (got these from a co-op for a great price)
-felted wool egg w/ a mama made flower child (this is up in the air b/c of time constrictions)
-mama made bonnets for the 2 girls, flannel lounge pants for the boys
-new toothbrush
-mama knitted lamb marionette (pattern in current Living Crafts mag)
-plastic gardening set from WalMart (rake, shovel, hoe)

In years past they've gotten other small handmade toys, spring or Easter themed books, craft/ art supplies.
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I have for my kids:

sidewalk chalk
pencil set (pencils, erasers, sharpener)
hair clips for dd/baseball cap for ds
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bike helmet
summer hats
thomas train
matchbox cars
splashers balls for the pool
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We're going to FL in a couple of weeks, so the Easter Bunny is bringing beach toys and towels, sunscreen, travel toys (we are driving) and stuff like that. The bunny always brings more toys than candy here. Last year, it was a writing/drawing desk for my oldest with all kinds of art stuff, and one big toy (don't remember what) for the younger with lots of little fun toys.

Also, bubbles are a huge hit around here. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk... lots of great things.

How about a kit where they could plant some seeds for the summer? Last year, we got one that was tomato seeds and ds1 loved it all summer long.
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The Easter Bunny has always been stingy with the candy here. We used to do outside toys (bubbles, chalk, beach toys), and as they got older we did things like magazines, packs of Lip Smackers, I-tunes cards, etc. Usually I add new flip-flops or sandals and a fresh, Springy colored t-shirt.

When I was a kid, my grandparents sent us money for Easter. Mom spent it on new underwear or sheets for our beds.
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Wow it sounds like Christmas in your homes! Last year I got dd a game and a bag of candy/chocolate. I like the idea of a gardening set, some seeds with a long pot to plant different kinds and a little shovel and watering can. Maybe I'll get that instead of a game this year, with a bag of candy/chocolate ofcourse.
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Summer stuff, the Easter bunny brings new sandels, towels, and normally swimsuits but I don't think we are going to do the suits this year since they all have several already.
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fishing pole (although DS found it hiding in DH's truck so he got that early)
cymbals for the instrument box
a little stuffed chick that chirps when you squeeze it
I think there may be something else I'm forgetting

(and candy- we don't skimp in the candy department!)
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We spend a lot of time at the pool, so I usually stock the kids spring baskets with swim gear.

Bathing suits
Swim goggles
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I'm getting my 15 y.o. dd some crazy socks.

Not sure what to get for the 11 y.o. ds. Silly putty, a magnifying glass or something.

I did myself a favor and didn't get big Easter baskets for the kids. (They use the same ones year after year and I store them in the garage with the seasonal stuff.)

One gift each, a handful of jelly beans and a yummy chocolate bunny.
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I bought two inexpensive sand toy wagons (little plastic wagons filled with sand toys) to use instead of baskets we would just throw away. They were $12 each but I was going to buy about $20 worth of sand toys anyway, so that worked out, plus now the toys can be toted/stored in the wagons. Then I got a tea set for dd and dump truck for ds...each from Green Toys. I did not get any stuffed toys this year since we just purged a ton of them. We just bought a bunch of art supplies incl. sidewalk chalk or I would have done that.
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DS asked for a new lego set $50 so he is getting that and some candy. I also got him new swim goggles - they have a 3 pack of speedo goggles at Costco for $15- I may get him a book set he's been asking for.
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Well our "hire the contractor to fix the railing on the back porch project" turned into an "Oh no, look at that, half the porch is rotten and now we're rebuilding with composite project" so yeah. . . the Easter Bunny is cutting costs this year, LOL. My two oldest are getting educational type games and the baby is getting a board book. They'll also get some candy of course. I've been trying to cut back on Easter the last few years anyway. Total cost is about $10/kid. We're religious here and I'd rather our family focus on the Christian meaning of Easter and not so much on the commercial aspect (same with Christmas).
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Originally Posted by samy23 View Post
Wow it sounds like Christmas in your homes!
All told, I think I'm spending less then $15/child. The felted wool eggs are being made of wool I have on hand from doll making and slipper felting, the root children are being made from a scrap of flannel I have from a costume I made for DS and leftover wool, all the fabric and yarn for knit items I have on hand from various other projects. I bought the wooden animals before Christmas during a co-op buy, so I saved 30% on those, the gardening sets are $3/ each at our local WalMart and their toothbrushes would have been needed anyway.

I try more than anything to make do w/ supplies I have already before I buy them things. These year's items were chosen BECAUSE i have the supplies on hand and didn't have to buy any.
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I put temporary tattoos or stickers in my eggs, a few will have chocolate or jelly beans, and my mil sends each of the kids a small chocolate bunny.
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We usually put a small favorite toy in the basket. This year DD is getting a Zhu Zhu pet in her basket and DS1 is getting a Thomas the Train. We don't know what DS2 is going to get yet. We then give a little bit of candy but that is about all. Other people had time tested suggestions of sidewalk chalk, bubbles, playdough, etc. Those are always popular and relatively inexpensive.
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