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DS will get some chocolate, a few books, some trains (he's obsessed with the thomas trains), some sand toys, a pack of little airplanes and a little egg head thing (the head grows grass). We'll also hide eggs (hopefully outside!) with hershey's kisses, m&m's and some little plastic bugs/frogs in them (for his sandbox).
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Got 11 y.o. ds a cap bomb. When I was little my neighbor guy friend had one of these and I was jealous.
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Our DD gets one food item in her basket - this year it's a pack of Reese's Pieces shaped like a carrot. The rest is all toys - roller skates, markers & coloring pad for them, and bouncy balls shaped like Easter eggs.
We do an Easter egg hunt, and the eggs are filled with quarters, more bouncy balls (she's obsessed), and some tiny milk chocolate eggs.
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I need to check the secret hiding spot to see what is left. I buy all of DD's gifts on Black Friday and then dole them out for Christmas, her birthday (late March), and Easter. They are all gone by then since she is getting older and her tastes change more rapidly. (She just turned 9.)

We're going on our first "real" family vacation next week to a tropical destination....

I have a puzzle to break up into pieces for the eggs (it's a big one to do in the evenings in the condo on vacation; the box will go in the basket to fill it up); swimsuit; 4-pack of panties; and a gold cross necklace with special note from grandma (long story, but it is not a gift from grandma and it is perfect for Easter). I will pick up some jelly beans and robins eggs and one more gift item. We've been going through her clothes and toys picking out appropriate items for our vacation. Offhand, I don't think she needs anything, so it may be something bulky and cheap she can use later on. Her basket is in her bedroom year-round; it holds her very small collection of stuffed animals. She lines the animals up on her dresser and puts the basket downstairs for the Easter Bunny....
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$5 gift cards to the local bookstore are really fun for the kids. Comic books are fun too.

ETA: origami paper is nice for older kids as well.
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We dye hardboiled eggs the day before, then hunt for them on Easter. He might get a chocolate bunny (he requested one this year) or a kinder egg. That's it!
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I am putting seeds and new gardening gloves and little shovels in my kids easter baskets this year. Also a new pair of sunglasses and a bottle of sparkly colored sunscreen. We have spent this week getting an area ready to plant so I think they'll be excited.
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We always try to put something in their basket that is for spring/summer. So crocs one year, swiss army knives (for camping)...

This year they are getting LED flashlights (for camping) and those "super bounce" balls.
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wow your easter bunnies are generous!

my kids are getting an easter egg hunt. They'll be hunting for little felted eggs filled with bits of worthy stuff, like seeds and bulbs and finger puppet bunnies (pattern on purlsoho) and also a few chocolates. We have 15 eggs between 3 kids...think I spent about £5 total (about $7, I think) on bits and pieces for the 3 eggs?

ETA: oh yes we do the dyed eggs thing too

tbh though my kids are at a steiner/waldorf kindergarten-they tend to be a bit eastered out by the actual day ;-)
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My kids are getting books and beach towels.
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We have several books, a pair of shoes for softball season coming up...
zuzu pets, and soon there will also be sidewalk chalk in there plus bubbles.
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For the baby he's getting in his basket a beach towel instead of the fake "grass" and then two books (Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and Where the Wild Things Are).

The toddler is getting a beach towel in a different color than the baby, 3 coloring books, a box of crayons, a box of markers and a large hershey's plastic egg with m&ms and a chocolate bunny in it.

Hubby insisted ds1 have chocolate, and I wanted useful gifts. I was originally going to do fabric containers instead of baskets, but after realizing how much I spent today on their Easter gifts I decided their baskets from their first Easter's would do just fine. It sounds like the toddler is getting more than the baby, but the cost was approx the same.
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This year we have:

Sidewalk chalk - egg shaped
Seeds for wheat grass
A little pot with soil to grow it in
Little eggs which have flowers you can grow out of them
Some bunny ears

We will have an egg hunt and there will be some candy, fruit snacks and I'm thinking of beads for a braclet for each of them.

I think I might add some garden gloves and sunglasses for each though... depends what I can find on the cheap.
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I usually do one or two pieces of candy (not whole bags!) and other stuff. This year between me and my mom I think it is getting to be like Christmas. But neither of us spent very much.

In his basket:

-first his basket is a bucket he'll use for outdoor play.
-new markers*
-new dry erase markers*
-package of construction paper*
-story of Easter book*
-Curious George Easter book
-this catch the bunny in the basket game
-chocolate bunny
-jelly beans

***the thing is, he's needed new markers, dry erase markers and construction paper for a few weeks and I just finally remembered to buy some when I was getting his Easter basket so I went ahead and included them. We've also been talking about what Easter really means so that book was also something I was planning on getting. Everything else (besides the bucket) is from Grandma.
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I do chocolate covered rasins, some jelly bellies and a quality dark chocolate bunny for candy. The rasins and jelly beans are inside the eggs for the easter egg hunt. I save the baskets, grass and eggs from year to year and reuse them. Also in the girls baskets this year will be matching bathing suits, metal sand toy, Zhu Zhu pet, spring socks, a book and unders.
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Wow! Great ideas for baskets

I don't do Easter baskets, but Grandma does and this year the bunny is bringing them a Little Tykes playhouse. (To be fair, it's been sitting in the garage waiting for nice weather. The bunny will leave a trail of eggs for them to find it!)
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Mine are getting a new sunday afternoons hat.
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my NON food/candy items....

a kite with a kitty cat on it
bubbles that smell like grape jelly
moon sand three pack sampler thing (ds is obsessed)
play-doh shaped like eggs
purple cobra matchbox car
2 pairs of sunglasses (needs them anyway)
bunny ears (photo op for mama)
max and ruby book about eggs
green tee to use as grass

when you have an only it is hard not to go overboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont even want me to list my candy!!
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We do individualized baskets for each kid. DS is into Star Wars, so I got him a DVD, a SW book, and SW monopoly. DD1 is into Dora so she has a DVD, a Dora book, and a dora board game. DD2 got some wooden toys. The Easter Bunny is also bringing the kids plasma cars, a dome climber, and some kid-sized gardening supplies (we just moved to a new house 2 weeks ago, and they don't have any outdoor stuff here yet... We would have gotten them for the kids anyhow, but we figured it'd be a nice easter surprise).

The kids are gf/cf/ef/nf and refined sugar free (allergies & behavior issues), so I found them some organic jelly beans and made them chocolate lollipops & chocolate covered marshmellow chicks (made homemade marshmellows too...uh, that was a trip. : ). I'm excited that they'll finally get to have chocolate covered marshmellow chicks...I *love* the regular versions of these, and they don't make allergen free ones. I don't mind them getting a bit of candy at easter because other than easter, christmas, and halloween, we don't do candy. I just had to make a lot of it so they weren't stuck with nasty tasting allergen free stuff.
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A $20.00 (or denomination of choice) bill folded into an origami rabbit . . . the Easter Munny!
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