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Infant Sedative used in 1970s? Thorazine?

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Im trying to do some research into possible long term effects of a sedative given to my sister as an infant. As the family lore goes, she wouldnt sleep for days until the Dr. gave her a Rx for a sedative - she slept for 2 days straight. Mom says it may have been Thor...something.

Anyone know?

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Hmmm, 1970s...
chloral hydrate (this is my guess)
one of the benzodiazepines (Valium, etc.)

More than anything, it bothers me that a doctor, even back then, would prescribe something like that for an infant. I can sort of see giving a little one a small dose of benadryl or something less potent if things are really bad, but not a prescription sedative. Yikes. Hope you and your family get it all figured out!
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My friend was given Phenobarbital, I think it was 1976. It's kinda a family joke now. Whenever he messes something up he says, "Thanks a lot mom! If you hadn't given me Phenobarbital I never would have done that."
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Sorry about my above post. I think MDC April Fooled me!
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My younger sister was given something as a toddler for similar things (they used it when we went anywhere or she stayed up all night the story goes). The med. would knock her out. She was born in 1976 so maybe this was not uncommon then. I don't know. Do you think you see impacts today?
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gah! No clue, but seems so crazy!
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I was given lots of phenobarbital as a baby I cried constantly and wouldn't sleep...my mom repeatedly took me to the dr who insisted I was fine....they gave me that to shut me up and knock me out. When I was 9 mos old, mom took me to a different doctor who saw that I had raging ear infections and was close to going deaf....they got it treated, put tubes in...no more insane screaming/no sleep.

I wonder what all those drugs did to me...if anything. Hmmm.
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