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Johannes blissful Homebirth

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On the night of the 24th we celebrated my mums birthday with a Chinese at my house with the rest of the family. During our meal I felt irregular but relatively strong contractions but I didn’t want to get my hopes up having had Braxton hicks for days without anything happening. After everyone left and we went to bed I couldn’t sleep out of excitement and hope that this WAS it… so at 4 i the morning I got up, and just in time too as mike (my partner) was literally just walking out the door to go fishing! I said I think he might be better off staying at home! He said: “Oh, why, is it starting?” to which I actually replied: “Well, I don’t know, I’ve been having irregular contractions all night … I think so…” I hadn’t let on, even to him, until then. And in a way I couldn’t believe it myself for a while either… He went back to bed to keep William settled while I came downstairs and laboured alone for a few hours, mainly bouncing on my birthing ball, with some candles and soft lighting, kind of meditating and using hypnobirthing techniques to meet each contraction. I played relaxing music throughout which really helped too. My surges were still about 5 minutes apart and lasting between 30 seconds to a minute so I wasn’t expecting this baby to be born soon, especially as they didn’t feel painful really, owing to me being so relaxed! At 8 or so I asked Mike if he could start setting up the birthing pool while I got in the bath to relax a bit. I took my moonstone and moss agate crystals with me to help me move on and give me strength. I also used lavender to help me relax. At about 9.30 we rang the midwives who came an hour later. I didn’t feel like I needed them there yet to be honest and would have been happy to let them take their time and said there's no rush, but I think they were as excited as I was about being at the birth, especially Wendy who had been with me throughout my pregnancy and was so glad as I had gone into labour between her having a few days off and going o holiday for two weeks the next day! I had pretty much lost all sense of time by this point, I was just concentrating on my birthing - or like someone else put it I was “being” birthing. The contractions I was having felt so different this time round, and so GOOD - after they peaked and I felt the head move down they were almost ecstatic, sensual and I voiced out long "aaah" vocals - only quietly but it felt good and every contraction ended in Goosebumps running up and down my back and making me well up with joy and bliss at how after months of worrying I was getting my homebirth I so longed for. The midwife, when she was in the room with me could hardly tell when I was having a contraction, she said I just looked so peaceful and serene I was still bouncing on my ball and holding on to my didymos wrap which I had tied from a hook (which usually holds our hammock) from the ceiling. This was JUST what I needed and so desperately wanted with Williams birth too. William was playing and "fishing" in the pool (he told me he caught quite a few big fish!! lol) which was all set up and ready to go and after a while I felt it would be better for him to go and spend some time with my sister and his oma (grandma) so they came to pick him up at about lunchtime. I had originally said I wanted him at the birth but we decided - after Mike felt a little uncomfortable about it, that we would decide at the time. I knew it would be a while before the birth so I thought its only fair for William to go have some fun, rather than being asked to be quiet and being stopped from trying to drown himself in the pool (after finding him sat on top of the edge, almost falling in! lol) I found myself getting a little annoyed with him for being so full of beans that morning as I just wanted to be able to relax. He probably wasn’t that active but it may just have seemed that way to me as the day before I found myself getting very irritated by him for no reason - another sign I didn’t want to put too much hope on, that I was about to go into labour!!! I also had a feeling that he would want to join me in the pool which would have been fun for him but not for me… I felt like I kept slipping out of my bubble whenever he laughed, or did something and couldn’t concentrate properly. After he left I decided to get into the pool which was nice, as I could move freely. Mike got in with me too for a while but it soon turned out not to be a good idea as the midwives didn’t know where the pump and hose etc were to adjust the temperature of the pool (it was just a little too warm and I was starting to get too warm) so mike got out again and although I thought I would miss him I was fine being in the pool on my own. It was only after the birth that I could truly appreciate how much Mike worked at keeping everything calm ad tranquil, keeping candles and aromatherapy oils lit and music playing, adjusting the temperature of the room and the pool, keeping the fire going and every now and again reading out those wonderful affirmations to me which so helped I keeping me focused and reminded me of the wonderful process that was happening inside me. I remember him sitting by the side of the pool, just holding my hands and telling me how unbelievably strong I was and that he couldn’t believe how well I was doing. I felt so full of love I just brought his face to mine and kissed him during those moments. It felt so good to be in control and not scared about the birthing. Contractions started building up and coming faster and sometimes rolled into each other at 5 o clock or so but I was still just aaahing through them, everyone thought it wouldn’t be long... I still wasn’t really feeling any pain as such and still didn’t believe it was going to be any time soon - judging by how I felt with William towards the end… but things seemed to slow down. I know now I was in transition and went into a zone, I just went really quiet and felt sooo calm as contractions came faster ad lasted longer and longer. I didn’t make a sound, just breathing through them and I’m not surprised the MW and Mike thought things had stopped altogether! I had put down that I wished to avoid internal exams in my birthing plan. Wendy gently reminded me that the option was still there if I wanted to know more or I could check myself, and after asking her she told me what I could feel for myself. I checked myself and I didn’t feel what I expected, as my waters still hadn’t released there wasn’t a hard head to be felt but something oddly squishy which was of course the sack and some water cushioning the head! Mike asked me and I just said I don’t know as I really didn’t, and part of me was thinking “have I dilated at all???” With the next surge though I felt a strange pop and more pressure immediately afterwards. When Mike and I checked the water there was some pinkish slime - my mucous plug - that had just come away, that was the pop. At this point, about 5pm the MW Wendy and Alison were getting ready to go home - very reluctantly - but because they all thought it would take a while they didn’t stay. It was only 1 ½ hours after they left and the two on call midwives came, that my baby was born. I felt so sorry for them that they didn’t witness the birth after spending all day with me… The next few surges got a LOT more intense very quickly and the pressure was building up ever more with each wave. I said that “I think I’ll try some gas and air now” - Mainly to help me focus on my breathing. From this point on I felt myself losing control… and in a way I was, as a conscious being. Instead I can only describe what was pure animal instinct and power taking over my body… or rather I was being what nature intended women to be during birthing: strong, instinctual, not led by rational thought but just by my overwhelming abilities and in built urges, my goddess power that was given to me to birth naturally and without problems, like generations of women before me. I remember bearing down and thinking I’m going to meet my baby soon! Between surges I rested and leant against the pool just with my eyes closed, ready to meet the next wave, no fear or tension there like I had with William, I already knew I could do it this time. I remember asking Mike to put pressure on my back - this was more to ground me than anything else… I also remember, as the head was crowning, asking Mike to give me the mirror and to get the camera to capture the moment for ever J I put my hand on my bulging perineum and felt the head inch out with every surge, my waters released as the head crowned and just one contraction after the head was out the body came out and the midwife said “catch your baby!” so I did. Before I lifted him up I twisted his body a bit to unwind the umbilical cord from his neck - somehow I just knew he would be born with it round his neck! The last few weeks it felt like I had a merry - go - round in my belly lol. I lifted him out the pool and leant back, exhausted but so happy to meet my baby at last. http://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site...rigin=facebook
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What a beautiful birth story! I love your video too, so moving.

Oh, and judging by your son's name, are you Dutch perhaps?
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thankyou! I'm half austrian, living in UK now
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Simply beautiful. Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon!
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beautiful mama what a amazing job!
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