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Moby or K'tan?

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Which do you prefer and why? I can do both but is it really necessary? I know that the K'tan can be used longer but I really like our Onbu for when baby is older so I doubt if I would use it that much. I am thinking the K'tan will be quicker in terms of in and out but the Moby is a wrap and I really like the idea of wraps. So whats your two cents on the matter? Oh baby is due later July so its gonna be hot, hot, hot!
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I am kind of in the same spot. I am due in August and trying to decide between these two baby carriers too. I like the moby because I feel it will be more versatile, however, the baby k'tan just looks easier. And for me, easier might mean husband wearing it some too. haha. I read about it here, http://www.allreviews.com/baby-carri...t-good-causes/ and I think the design has a lower learning curve. I would love to hear what other momma's think on it.
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I haven't used either of these carriers, but my suggestion is that you contact a manufacturer who sells a large variety of slings/carriers (including these two) to get their opinion.

Usually, they can pretty solidly offer you a list of pros/cons about the products they carry, listen to your specific needs, and recommend what will be a good fit for you.
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i love my K'tan. it was easy for me to figure out. my wrap was too confusing! lol. just to much fabric for me to work with. the ktan does all the same stuff, but took away my whole wrapping problem. i love it.
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One difference is that, because the Moby ties at your waist, you can transfer some of the baby's weight to your hips. I haven't used the K'tan, but it looks like the weight is all in your shoulders. So even though the Moby can be difficult to learn to wrap, having the weight in your hips can be worth it (it is for me).
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I am so glad that this is not (as I assumed for a moment there), about which name to choose for your baby.

Carry on.
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Thanks for all the input ladies. I think I am just going to make both so I will have my own opinion if the question ever comes up again. I have also heard that learning to wrap with a stretchy wrap is the way to go so there is an added benefit.

Originally Posted by zinemama View Post
I am so glad that this is not (as I assumed for a moment there), about which name to choose for your baby.
Oh no, we have chosen Didymos for this one! We already named DS Moby and DD K'tan.
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The Moby is really nice for when they're new and so small, but it would be brutally hot outside in the summer, at least where I live (in the South). If you planned on using it only inside with A/C it would be great.

I've never used a Baby K'tan, but they look cool and have the benefit of less fabric.

I think if you're looking at wraps, I'd be tempted to make or buy a gauze wrap for the hot weather.
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the k'tan comes with a sash to tie around you and baby at your waist, so it does help take some of the strain off the shoulders (similar to the moby i think).

making your own!?.... oooh, would like to know how that works out! make sure you make that sash piece with your k'tan too. it's very helpful for certain positions.
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I'd look at the Gypsy Mama wraps. Or a thinner wrap.

I think between the two you mentioned, I'd go with a Moby. More versatile and much easier to get a closer fit IMO. However, it's not exactly lightweight. I'd look at a thinner woven or different non-stretchy wrap for summer and longevity.
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