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Period after laparoscopy

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I had my lap on March 8, CD 11. I normally o CD17, but I didn't bother charting this month because I knew that I wasn't going to be having much sex because of the procedure.

Now I'm noticing that I'm a couple of days late. I'm kinda ready for my new cycle to start. How late was your period after lap surgery?
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Sorry I'm probably not much if any help, but I couldn't let your post go totally unanswered.

I had an exploratory lap about 5 years ago (they didn't find endo like they thought). We'd been planning to have it done but hadn't set a date. Then one cycle I was on day 1 (my worst day) and my cramps were so bad the doctor told me to just go in and spend the night in the hospital so they could give me pain meds (though the demerol actually made everything hurt more!) and he'd do the surgery the next morning.

So since mine was cycle day 1, and my cycles have always been irregular, I don't remember that cycle being any longer than any others.

I don't know if you had anything done besides them looking around, but if you did that would probably be harder on your system, and I can imagine the stress could postpone your next cycle by a few days.

In any case I really help the surgery is helpful for you and that you're feeling better soon, and able to have a baby soon!
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I was told my laparoscopy would probably interfere with my ovulation, meaning it could push it back, or my period could come early. In my case, I think I just didn't ovulate, or I ovulated right away because my period came early. I can imagine the procedure causing ovulation to be late, though, which would delay your period. If you're worried about it, I say call your doctor because that never hurts, but this is probably normal. I hope you're healing well, and that the procedure helps!
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There were some adhesions on my ovary, but nothing besides that. The RE corrected the adhesions and wrapped my ovary in Interceed.

I did finally get my period, on CD 37, so a week late. And it HURTS, but I'm glad I started so I can start Femara tomorrow.
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I got AF 2 days early, one week after my lap and removal of tubes. Scared the crap out of me because I really thought that AF would be late....thought I was going to be making a trip to the ER but eventually I figured it out. My AF was really no different but I have noticed that i got EWCM on day 10 and I rarely get that, and it is usually closer to my normal O of Day 17
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