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YOUR spending money?

I've noticed that a lot of women don't budget spending money for themselves. We often hear of DH's spending money but that you don't budget your own (I'm not saying this is always the case, but it seems like a frequent arrangement).

We do the same thing. DH has $20/wk to spend (often he chooses to spend it on family-friendly things like maybe getting a pizza one night or stuff we need or sometimes just on a lunch one day or a few coffees through the week). I don't give myself any set-aside spending money. I find that shopping for the family and the act of getting little planned-purchases is often satisfying of my need to shop. I do treat myself with budget left-overs and will sometimes get un-budgetted items just because they're needed at the moment and were forgotten about at budget-writing time. I actually like it this way because I feel that with my financial habits I'd feel ownership over that money, blow it, but then still go over budget or still spend the extras instead of limiting any extra spending to that set amount.

I don't know if that paragraph is clear. I guess I'm just curious if you budget in your own spending money or not? If you do so successfully, do you have any strategies or a mind-set that makes that work? If you don't budget spending money, do you honestly spend nothing on yourself? Do you keep it sacredly yours or does it often get put towards the greater good? ...like this winter I had $200 saved so I could skate (finally, I'd been waiting for years to get back into it), then oh we're renovating the kitchen! all of a sudden skating seems frivolous since there's this communal need now.

I'm thinking maybe next budget cycle I'll try budgetting my own spending money and realise that it needs to last a month and mean that there's NO other extra spending. It might make me more accountable for the little purchases I make and keep them in check. I'm starting to get a little loose with the budget this past month and need to get things tighter and back on track. I'm starting to feel deserving of un-budgetted "stuff".

Sorry, that was a little rambly. In a nut-shell: what are your thoughts on budgetting your own spending money?
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I do budget my own blow money. Its uses vary - chai tea, an iBook, etc.
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