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Do you think it is possible...

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For my body to suddenly be different?

I just had baby number 10. For every pregnancy, including #10 AF has returned within 8wks pp. And from that point on, it has been regular on either a 28 day or 31 day cycle (that does change after each baby but remains constant once it begins).

So, after having two cycles now (on a 28 day cycle) and the WO being three months old today, could I suddenly supress my cycles and just not have them for a while?

I am now five days late. I had all the symptoms of AF coming last week, but she never showed.

Two weeks ago my b/p went skyrocket again (which it did at implantation of my WO), two weeks ago my wrist began to ache (which it did at implantation of my LO), two weeks ago I had a tiny bit of mucusy spotting, for the last two weeks I have been extreemly tired, and the last two days I have been a tad nauseous.

However, three-four weeks ago I did attempt to go off my b/p meds, and for the last two weeks I have been building shelves (lots of powertools and hammering) and doing daily "plagues" with my children. So I can explain away everything I have been experiencing except the lack of AF.

And before I jump to conclusions, I have to remind myself that DH and I DTD - ONLY ONE TIME - three weeks ago. So the likelyhood of me being pg, this soon, while EBF and tandum nursing, is very slim; though not impossible.

So, my question is, is it likely that tandum nursing has altered my cycles and they just suddenly became surpressed because of that? (Something that has not happened in my previous 9 pp periods.)

Just wishing I knew what was going on. It is unlike me to be unsure of what is happening to me. FTR, I did POAS this AM and got a BFN, but it is possible that it might just not register yet.
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Yes it's possible to be suddenly different. It didn't take 10 babies for me--just two. Lack of AF can be accounted for by stress or strenous activity--home improvements. You have several children plus hubby living at home with you and you are past the part of sleeping when baby sleeps (if you ever had that).

I've done two marathons and AF went nuts when the exercise got heavy. I think your activity level on a normal day is more than I did then.
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It is good to know. I am not really ready to be pg again, though it would not ruin my life or anything (I do just love babies and children!). I would just prefer to actually get my b/p under control before that happens.

The thing about stress and all that is just that I have not been stressed. I have not been worried, or stressed, or anxious, or even overly busy (and I get just about as much sleep as I have for the last fifteen years; not much, but my "usual"). And believe me, if the accident and subsequent care and death of my Gabbie did not alter my cycle a single day (and that just has to be the most stressful time of my life), I can't see what in my life at this time could cause it.

However, the only different thing I can think of is the fact that I am tandum nursing. That is something I have never done. (And it is going great!)

Also, I can't tell you how much I would appreciate a break from AF. THAT is something I have never had!

I guess mostly I am just wondering. It seems so strange for me to spend twenty years and eleven pregnancies without a break from AF and with cycles extreemly regular (so regular that I can usually mark it on the calander in advance) to suddenly be a week late with no explanation. I am just not used to her being so irresponsible and secretive!

But, I do hope it is just stress or exertion, or even the nursing of two. If not, I may end up with new LO come Nov. (I already have two daughters and a DH with a birthday then).

Oh, well. Time will surely tell one way or another.
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I tandem nursed my first two, and both times AF returned at 15.5 months. I am hoping to get at least that long with this one too! So for me, tandem nursing did not change my cycles at all, but maybe since your youngest 2 are closer in age (my first two are 2.75 years apart), that could make a difference? Keep us updated, whatever happens!
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have you factored in age? I don't know how old you are, but it is certainly a factor. I fully expect that things are a little different for my body this time than all the way back at pg #1, just because after 5 kids I am that much older. 30 ain't 20, right? That being said, tandem nursing could just be what does it for you, and if it is, then more power to you! I am totally freaked that I will get AF earlier than usual this time; normally i get AF around 9-11 months pp, but I am so worried I will get af before the 6 month mark, and I am just not confident in my charting abilities since I have never had an extended period of charting.
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I am almost 40, so age may play a part. But, I would think that it would be a gradual change, not a sudden one. I could be totally wrong, though.

I am almost hoping that it is the tandum nursing that has supressed my cycle. It would be really cool for me to actually have an AF break without actually being pg. But, I am psyching myself out to be pg again. I figure, better to be prepared for a BFP and then get a BFN then to keep thinking BFN and get a BFP. I am not sure why, but that is how I am feeling right now.

It would be very different for me to get pg so soon, even though I am fertile by this time each pgcy. And to have two babies in one year, well, at least it would not throw off my even year trend! Just thinking about having TWO new babies this next Christmas is enough to make one's head spin; especially when we are not talking twins.

I am so anxious to POAS, but dread the BFN. Because I have been known to get a BFN for up to eight wks pg. Therefore, the BFN always leaves me feeling like it is a false neg and I am still left unsure of if I really am pg or not. At least with a BFP I know it is a sure thing.

I think if AF does not show by Monday I will go have some blood drawn so I can know one way or another.
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Keep us updated!
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Don't you experience other symptoms first when you are perimenopausal? My sisters have both been through it and both of them experienced erratic periods several years into symptoms, not at the beginning.

I understand your angst.

I'm late, too. I need to get a test today.
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I have heard that there are many symptoms perimenopausal. And since I have not experienced them and had regular periods up till six weeks ago, I don't think that is it (but who knows? ).

I did test today, but got a BFN. However, it is getting more and more uncomfortable for me to nurse right now and I am getting more and more nauseous by the day. So, if I am not pg, I am sure getting all the wrong symptoms to convince me of it.

I think I am going to test again on Friday if I have not started by then. Like I said, I have been known to test neg even when pg for several weeks. I feel like I am going to go crazy not knowing. Like, if I am getting an AF break due to tandum nursing, I feel like I am missing out on the "fun" of the break because I am so worried about being pg. Yet, if I am pg, I need to know because I have b/p issues when I am that are a major concern.

Oh well! Just a few more days until I test again. I won't bother going to the doc until I am at least 8 wks (if I have not started by then) since they can not confirm a pgcy by a physical exame until that time. (But, that is only two weeks away, anyways.)
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Can't they confirm with a blood test sooner?
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Well, they could, but my OB does not have a lab in office so it makes getting the results delayed a week, and my family doc does not like to do OB/GYN work (though they would if I asked them to). But, since if I am pg I know the exact coneption date (no need for dating u/s) and I will have to be monitored very closely (so prenatals would have to start at 8 wks anyways) it seems like an extra trip when I can wait (no matter how hard it is) two more weeks. So, as much as it kills me, I will just have to wait. Who knows, if I am not pg, perhaps AF will show up in that time.
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I'm going to the clinic to have a test done today.

I hope you get the results you want. My dh is a little panicky right now.

I'm considering this a lesson in obedience. We were fully convicted to have a reversal and convicted re: the use of birth control (for us) and yet we went against that conviction and I got a diaghram after the baby was born. Well, we have sex one time, using bc for the first time in five years and here I am.

If I am pregnant I have learned my lesson. If I am not ... I have still learned my lesson!
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I hope you both get the results you want. Good Luck!
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Negative, but I'll still test again (and again) until AF arrives!
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Any updates? I hope things are going well.
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Well, I POAS again today and it was still a BFN. So, I am guessing I am not pg, but, just to be sure I am going to have some blood work done. No sense in me wondering for a few more weeks when I can know for sure in 24 hours.

I am torn between being relieved and sad. As if I needed another baby so soon. But, I do love babies so much. And, I really like the idea of them being so very close in age (makes for potentially very close relationship growning up).

Anyways, I am going under the assumption that I am just actually getting a break from AF due to nursing two.
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Hope you get some answers soon.
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Well, had my blood drawn today. So, I will know tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed for the answer I am wanting (even though I really don't know the answer I want).
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Haha, I know what you mean about being relieved/sad at the same time! My dh might have a nervous breakdown if I was pregnant again!

Good luck to you!
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Blood work came back neg. So, unless it is possible to have a false neg on blood, I am not pg. Now I just need to figure out why I have been so queazy lately and generally feeling like I am pg. I guess it could be hormones. But really strange for me when I am not pg. (I am sitting her right now trying to keep down some chocolate milk I just drank.)

I am so conflicted! My b/p has been so wonky these last few weeks, just like it was in my last pgcy, especially in early pgcy. And nothing I seem to do will help it. Just one more thing to try and figure out!

I was beginning to look forward to having another little one come Nov/Dec! But, I guess it is best to wait for a while. All in due time.
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