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Queer Conceptions April 2010

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Lets make those babies!

Waiting to O :

* j_on_planet
* sarahcecile
* AmyPDX
* Miss Scarlet
* Newbian Mama
* AmandaMom
* escher12
* Tigerlily1
* giggleblue & DP

Marinating :

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW :

* MaxK
* LibraryLady (testing Friday, April 23rd)
* seraf (probably waiting until the 1st of May in absence of AF)
* burg (testing Tuesday, April 27th)
* lauren726
* korey
* chiquitayy (trying to hold out until Wed, April 28th to test)
* AmandaHope (testing Tuesday, April 27th)

Waiting for AF :

* Coco & DP
* wehrli

Waiting to Cycle:

* kkearney1982

Working on IVF :

* Shadow22 with DP's eggs

Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready :

* Astro & DP Fozziebear
* katherinerose
* SPCD & Dp
* bttrflygypsy
* Hoping2bMoms
* Beastie - Trying again in June
* Joyseattle
* Cejae (gettin' ready for IVF in the spring!)
* 2HappyMamas (IVF w/ DW's eggs) in July
* Milletpuff (taking a break until the late spring)
* MujerMamaMismo – TTC #2 in May
* painefaria

:2010 Graduates!

April BFPs

[Your name here with a little luck!]

* mtnlisa - 12-9-10
* kimlyn - 12-12-10

February BFPs

* Mistral - 10-17-10
* Quasar + smartycat - 10-26-10
* Monarchgrrl - 10-31-10
* erthe_mama & DP - 11-04-10

January BFPs

* lyndzies - 10-4-10
* FtMpapa 10-10-10

:2009 Graduates!

December BFPs

* osker
* megan sacha
* mkpgoddess

November BFPs October BFPs

* JJNoho
* Mommies 2 Be
* megincl & ktcl

September BFPs

* elismum1908
* KSDoulaMama
* pleasantlyfurious

August BFPs

* chicagoml
* wishin'&hopin'

July BFPs

* hbog
* kimlyn32

May BFPs

* indigoscot's dp

April BFPs

* Kelmendi
* whoabethy
* carmen

March BFPs

* scalpel
* katwomyn4

February BFP

* deny_zoo29

January BFP

* jodybird511

:2008 Graduates!

December BFPs

* DM630
* raene
* wazzmum

October BFPs

* JennM1021
* lexbeach's DP

September BFP

* Ellie74

August BFPs

* heart-n-bones
* Love My Family

July BFPs

* giggleblue
* pranava
* MamaCaveBear
* quasar (and DP smartycat)

June BFPs

* starling&diesel
* PiGirl
* Erica12009

April BFPs

* tigermiep
* MujerMamaMismo
* tiggerkong22
* simcon
* 2happymamas

March BFPs

* JenInMpls
* mahrens77

January BFP

* cookie70

:2007 Graduates!

December BFP

* Scalpel

November BFPs

* mamimapster
* AngelaM
* solejean
* lmh222
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please post all updates in bold.

if you want me to add your chart, post your link and i'll add it. also, if you want me to post your test date, let me know.


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6 dpo

chiquitayy, sorry that AF arrived... i moved you to waiting to O, is that ok? you didn't say...

max, happy to hear you are relaxed!! happy inseming this weekend!!! G/L!

painefaria, stay away AF, stay away!!!!!

AHope, enjoy your liitle "break"!!

library, glad to hear the u/s went well... hope the femara treats you well.

seraf, i moved you! yay for waiting to O!!

giggle, did you have to trigger? good luck with your insems... hope timing goes well and you catch that egg!!

afm, feeling pretty relaxed... still not obsessing... temps still up, and i usually have a 6dpo dip, but not today! probably the progesterone, though...
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Good morning ladies~ no exciting news from me. Took my little yellow pill last night and hoped for the best. Good luck and good thoughts to everyone. The days can seem so slow when you're waiting for good news...
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Hi Everyone,

Happy April! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of BFPs this month.

Wehrli--Hooray for temps staying up. And hooray for staying relaxed!

Chiquitayy--I'm sorry AF arrived. 1/5/11 sounds like a great time to have a baby--new year, new baby--what a good combination!

MaxK--It's neat that your acupuncturist used a moxa stick. I've never had that, but it sounds nice. Good luck with the inseminations this weekend!

Painefaria--Your chart still looks great today. I'm hoping for good news for you soon!

AmandaHope--I hope your break is great--it sounds like a smart way to start off the cycle.

LibraryLady--I love the bad names you came up with--I think that Xerxes or Euphronsiba would be great names to tell people if you didn't want to reveal your real choice before the babe was born. Before my little sister was born, my parents told all the extended family that she was going to be named something totally absurd--the first name is a country's capital and the middle name is a vegetable. Some of the grandparents were actively concerned!

Seraf--Good luck with your wait to O!

Giggleblue--Good luck with your inseminations today and tomorrow!

AFU: 4dpo. I feel like I'm not obsessing too much, but I did spend some time this morning looking up information on exactly how many days past O I could use the Early Result test...
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everyone. I've been following you all although I haven't posted anything in awhile. I've got my for everyone, we need some luck around here we haven't had any BFPs for a while.

AFM: No inseminations for me this month, so I know in the TTC thread there's a section for waiting for AF, but we don't have that, so I'll just stay in waiting to O.

wehrli here's a link to my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2a974e
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I got my go-ahead today, my ticker is ticking as it should. I should get to inseminate the week of tax-day.

And at the concert, I even commented on being old. We stood in line an hour, waited an hour for the first band, 1.5 hours of opening bands and 1.5 hours of T & S. And in my case, another hour and a half to drive home. Long night, sore feet. They said the one in Cleveland was really strange cuz it was sit down seating and no alcohol. We were in Columbus, I stood right next to security so I got to see big guys jump out and eject folks. Saw a couple of those. I am hoping all that baby-dyke energy will somehow transfer to energy for babies for dykes. Yeah, why not?
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New month, new cycle. My temp dropped yesterday, and AF greeted me this morning. That's the shortest cycle I've had in ages (26 days), but if it means we're moving on to the next one, all the better!

Can you move me to waiting to O? If all goes well, O will be right around--if not on--our 10th anniversary. That ought to bring with it plenty of good luck, right?

Good luck to all this month!
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post
I got my go-ahead today, my ticker is ticking as it should. I should get to inseminate the week of tax-day.

And at the concert, I even commented on being old. We stood in line an hour, waited an hour for the first band, 1.5 hours of opening bands and 1.5 hours of T & S. And in my case, another hour and a half to drive home. Long night, sore feet. They said the one in Cleveland was really strange cuz it was sit down seating and no alcohol. We were in Columbus, I stood right next to security so I got to see big guys jump out and eject folks. Saw a couple of those. I am hoping all that baby-dyke energy will somehow transfer to energy for babies for dykes. Yeah, why not?
I am so glad that you got the to try next month!!! The baby-dyke comment almost made me spit out my smoothly on my desk
I know that Tegan was supposedly really under the weather and they were really running on empty. I wish we were home when they were coming to Hershey or Reading with Paramore... It figures we will be on Vacation in Canada

AFM - I was too to test. I will test tomorrow, but my temps were up again this morning and no AF as of yet. I usually wake up with AF on the day that it is due so far so good. I still don't feel pregnant, but that doesn't mean anything I guess.
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wehrli- Thank you for all the threadkeeping you have been doing! I know the fairy dust is going to get to you soon

painefaria- Keeping fingers crossed for you! It's so exciting!

AFM- I am taking advantage of spring break, had a massage from my transfriend today. At the end he put his hands on my stomach to send me strong baby thoughts. When we were done he told me that he felt a very strong sensation on my belly that made him tingle. Probably will be picking up the tank tomorrow!
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wehrli: Thanks for moving me, I didn't even think about that, it was too early in the morning! Glad everything's feeling good for you.

LibraryLady: Hooray for little yellow pills! Hope they do the trick!

escher: Ha! I totally did that last month! Glad I'm not the only one reading the minutiae...

tigerlily: Thanks for letting us know you're thinking of us. I agree, we're due for some BFP's!

seraf: I like this energy-transfer idea...maybe we should all start implementing it. Congrats on the good news ticker-wise!

Amy: Okay, here we go! Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

painefaria: All appendages firmly crossed. Your chart looks beautiful!

max: Massage sounds wonderful...hooray for tingling!

AFM: This is it. This is the month I will conceive. Visualizations every night before bed. New sensor in OVWatch. Chatted with KD about scheduling for the month--it'll be a little funky. I have a warm puppy on one side of me and a warm kitten on the other side to keep me happy and loved. I will not obsess over ex-DW and her insta-family. New month's resolutions? Works for me...
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Hi Everyone,

Chiquitayy: I agree--this is the month for you!

MaxK: Hooray for belly tingling! That sounds like a very good sign. I hope picking up the tank goes well!

Painefaria: I've checked your chart three times today! Any news? I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed until I hear!

AmyPDX: O around your 10 year anniversary sounds like very auspicious timing!

Anyone have a QOTD for us today?

AFU: 5dpo. I have no clue if I am pregnant or not.
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Picked up the tank today! Now just waiting for the rest of the signs to line up!
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Thank you everyone for the good thoughts. So I tested this morning and took DP to work and when I came back there may have been a line... Do $tree tests get those infernal evaps? Well I tested again with a FRER and nothing... Still no AF and will be testing in the AM. We are at DP parents and need to be careful as no one knows that we have started TTC again. I'll post in the morning
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painefaria -

escher - I'm with you; this not knowing one way or the other is killer!

max - Good luck to you!!! I'm certain your signs will line up, and you'll insem at just the right moment. Would you mind sending your friend over here to put his hands on my belly?!

chiquitayy - This is definitely your month. No doubt about it!

Amy - Good luck this cycle! I'm sure your anniversary will bring you some baby magic.

wehrli - Thanks for the pretty new thread, which I'm sure will bring you much luck!

seraf - Hooray for healthy hearts! That baby dyke comment was hilarious, and hopefully true!

AFM, 3dpo and I'm going crazy. Could the days go by any slower?!
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Oh my goodness! So many insems happening!! Hooray for Seraf's healthy heart, and Max's tank! My fingers are crossed for everyone, and my hearts go out to the bfns~ it hurts so bad, but as long as the eggs are still coming, we're still in the game. I was just reading an article in the Guardian about rich straight people doing gender specific IVFs (to get boys of course) and I just frowned and frowned. I'm sorry your family of four girls is inadequate, Sir, hopefully your money will buy you that extra penis you feel you need in your household (sorry for the rant, it just really got my dander up). I'm still taking my yellow pills, haven't started peeing on opks yet, but it won't be much longer. My dad's coming for a visit next week, I'm going to have to hide the peesticks, since I don't want him to know anything until there's really something to know.

Escher, that's a great story about your family's ridiculous names! I'm just feeling ornery now, and want to tell my family weird stuff. My last name's Clay, so I'm thinking of telling people 'We want to name her Tara. Tara Cotta.' I'm sorry, but I forgot who suggested the nymbler site, but that was a very interesting one for sure. Some fun selections! Have you guys seen the blog notwithoutmyhandbag.com? She has a list of terrible baby names which are hilarious in and of themselves, but the woman's commentary on them made me just about wet myself laughing.

Hope we all get babies very soon (no matter what the gender, though I now want a baby dyke!!)
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I'm Baaaack--Sorry for the long post!

Okay, I've spent a half an hour catching up and to summarize: Good Luck to all those in the TWW! Also, I have been having accupuncture in preparation for this process and I am really happy with my accupuncturist--he definitely agrees about thinking in terms of the "secret" and focusing energy on pregnancy

And For Us--it was great to be away--though I did almost take out my mom's fever thermometer one day just to see! We took off and put a new roof on my folks house (well, one side anyway) and built my mom a new compost heap box. All this work was a good excuse, because I slept 10 to 11 hours every night (pretty unusual for me) and happily ate a second helping at every meal (not at all unusual for me). After a few glasses of wine (on her part, not mine!) my mom asked if, now that I have a house and a nice girlfriend, whether I might be thinking about having babies. I was evasive but did let on that I have seen the doctor to find out that everything is working okay. This also gave me the opportunity to ask her if it took a long time to get pregnant with my sister and I (first month of trying with both pregnancies--good news). I have continued to feel like my uterus is "working out" like the muscles are flexing themselves and periodically I felt warm in my abdomen. I arrived back in denver around 6, we went out to dinner because DP was hungry and surprisingly I was already hungry too. We are Survivor fans, but since we don't have tv we watch it online. So, while she hooked up the computer I decided to just go ahead and pee on the digi that came with the ClearBlue opk box and...

"pregnant" popped up in less than a minute!

So, we're not ready for the dancing veggies yet. The RE said to call on Monday if AF hadn't showed so we'll be going from there. I AM SO EXCITED!!!
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Originally Posted by mtnlisa View Post

"pregnant" popped up in less than a minute!

Stick little bean !!!
Very excited for you !!

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Hey everyone,

i dont have the heart to write all the details but we are having to wait one more month. We did an ultrasound at cd11 that was promising,m with a nice follie at 15mm... then on the morning of CD13, when we expected the RE to tell us that we were all set and to inseminate.... the ultrasound showed that the follie dissapeared...... no little liquid was there indicating ovulation.... so its a mystery. Temps seem to show that DP O'ed on cd11 or 12, which doesnt make sense because the follie was far from being mature anyway. So now we have a prescription for clomid for next cycle..... and we have to play the waiting game once again this month. Overall, we are rather zen about it all... but deeper down, we are both very dissapointed.

Coco... trying to be patient.

PS: Happy easter to everyone.
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just thought I drop in to say CD 14.......


so DP is still in denial but she doesn't every really accept that I am pregnant until the second trimester . Thanks for all the support. I am due 12/11/10 1 day before DP grandmothers birthday (we lost her in January, 13 days after my m/c.)

Congrats to Lisa!
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