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Could you add me in the "waiting to cycle" bucket? We're taking a month off after IVF #2 (BFN), and should start again in May. Hopefully with a KD this time! (haven't asked yet )

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Jumping Boards

Thank you everyone for all the support over here! As I am eating 5x a day, have gained two cups sizes in three days, and already cannot button my pants (!) I am gingerly moving over to Q&P. We will have some bloodwork sometime this week, but I feel fairly certain that I am pregnant (for as long as I have wanted this, it is still a HUGE shock to write it, even after saying it about 50x a day). Hopefully the uterine septum will not cause any trouble and I will stay pregnant.

I wish everyone so much luck and am sending on baby dust to you! I hope to see you all soon!

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2 dpo

AmandaHope- Where do you order your fresh sperm? This is something my partner and I want to consider in the future if this cycle doesn't work. The sperm count is so much higher with with fresh, it does seem ideal.

Congrats Lisa! Hope to see you soon over in the Q&P forum!

AFM- My temps were still normal today. Very frustrating as I expected them to go up. My only solace is that it is unusual. My temps have always spiked after ovulation.

to everyone waiting to know and getting ready to O!!!!
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Originally Posted by maxK View Post
AmandaHope- Where do you order your fresh sperm? This is something my partner and I want to consider in the future if this cycle doesn't work. The sperm count is so much higher with with fresh, it does seem ideal.
It is our KD who is sending us the almost-fresh sperm. There are at least three companies that use the same egg yolk buffer (from the exact same supplier, from what I understand) for their kits. There are BioTranz, Donor Home Delivery (run by a gay male nurse whose mission is promoting queer family formation), and Northwest Andrology. We've only done this once so far (and I screwed up the insemination timing completely). We used NW Andrology. Next time I plan to use Donor Home Delivery, since my KD can pick up the kit in the SF Bay Area. The kit consists of the buffer solution, a collection cup, insemination supplies, ice packs to keep the stuff cool, and an insulated box to send it in. You have to send it overnight mail via Fed Ex and use it asap after receiving it. There is a queer couple on mdc who used the BioTranz version and got pregnant (multiple times, I think). Apparently, sperm banks and REs have been using this same yolk buffer for decades, usually in order to do inseminations for married women when their jet-setter husbands are off traveling, etc. With the yolk buffer in the material, though, it MUST be used for vag insemination only...or it can be washed and used for IUIs. Here's the link to DHD. That's probably more info than you wanted!
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kkearney1982, welcome!! hope your stay here is short and sweet! if you want me to add your chart to the roll call, post a link to it. please post all updates in bold.

thanks everyone for the support... i can't shake this feeling of "it just didn't work this time" but at least i am not obsessing about it what-so-ever.
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Hey everyone! This board is quite busy and that's a great thing!

So, I've gotten BFNs each time I've tested in the morning. I'm going to test once more tomorrow morning and then schedule a beta for Wednesday.

This morning, I thought AF was coming the way I was cramping but she hasn't shown her ugly face so I'm happy. I've had some other minor cramps today, some back pain, uterine stretching feeling, heartbearn and fatigue so I'm keeping hope alive. The last time I got the BFP, you could hardly see the 2nd line and DW thought I was seeing things so perhaps it takes my body a while to produce a + test.

Also, the last time I had sore bbs and I don't have them yet. My mind is all over the place.

I'll check back with you all on Wednesday evening.

Here's to more BFPs this month!
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Hey ladies~ peed on my first opk of this try this morning. Neg, as I knew it would be, which is also fine (my dad's visiting and since we don't want to tell anyone until it's actually happened, a sudden trip to the doctor for 'no reason' would have been totally suspicious or worrisome). My sweetie, The Keeper of the Chart, thinks it'll be Friday or Saturday, so I'm ready to start the hardest part. Ugh, sometimes it's so tough keeping your spirits up. I know I don't have to tell any of YOU this, but it's still true.

Kimlyn, good luck to you and eager to hear about your next test, and to all us ladies in waiting.
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Hi Everyone,

LibraryLady: Good luck with the wait to O!

Kimlyn: It sounds like you have lots of encouraging signs. I can't wait to hear good news from you soon!

MaxK: I'm sorry your temps are being weird. Hopefully that weirdness is a good sign!

Mtnlisa: Hooray! Congratulations! Good luck!

Kkearney: Welcome!

AmandaMom: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Your temps look great!

Wehrli: How are you feeling today? I'm glad your temp is back up!

AFU: 9dpo. Yesterday I was feeling totally hopeful, and today I'm feeling completely discouraged. I do feel like the 2WW is easier for me (so far) than the wait to O was. I hope I'm pregnant!
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Ok, so this morning I used my last $ store test and though maybe just maybe I saw a lil sumthin sumthin but dismissed it and went to bake a cake. My DW, who always looks at the tests after she wakes up, says she sees a faint line. So I look and there it was but it was way past 10 minutes later. I called the RE to schedule a beta for tomorrow anyway. I take DW to work and stop at the $ store to pick up another. This time, I see the faint line clearly. It's very faint though. I call DW and she said I should've tried a different brand to confirm.

So, on my way to work I stop and get a clearblue digital. When I get to the Open House, before anyone arrives, I poas and it said.... PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, tomorrow we will get confirmation and I will begin to inject w/Lovenox so this baby can last. I've already thanked God for the blessing but I also want to say STICK BABY STICK! I had low progesterone last time and I'm anxious to get the beta and see if I need to go back on it.
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Originally Posted by kimlyn32 View Post
So, on my way to work I stop and get a clearblue digital. When I get to the Open House, before anyone arrives, I poas and it said.... PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11 dpo

kimlyn, that's so wonderful! sending HUGE congrats your way!!!

escher, i totally know what you are saying about feeling really good about it one minute and feeling totally discouraged the next. i hope you are pregnant!

library, i know that feeling quite well, too... being excited but anxious for the wait and possible let down at the end... but try and keep your spirits up because that BFP could be yet this month!

max, how are your temps?? i hope you are able to keep as stress free as possible.

AMom, how are you doing?? have you found anything to accupy your time during this wait?

afm, i got my results back from my progest b/w: 29.98, the doctor likes to see 30 or above for 7 dpo so they up'd my dosage to 2 pills a day... i have my beta scheduled for tomorrow night, so i hardly feel like it's worth it. still feeling down... crampy, tender bbs, backache, watery CM, irritable... i feel like AF is looming and she isn't even due until thursday. sorry to be such a wet blanket, especially with all these wonderful BFPs happening. i truely am happy for all of you.
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Kimlyn!!!!! cast Yay!!! Congratulations! So happy for you!
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12 dpo

escher, when are you testing??

kimlyn, when will you get the results from your beta?? FX for a very, very sticky babe!!!

afm, nothing new here. beta tonight, won't get results until after 2pm tomorrow... but i expect AF to show before then, anyway. i will keep y'all posted. my temps are still up which is unusual but i've never taked progesterone so i'm sure that's why.
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Kimlyn - Congratulations! Stick, little bean!

Wow, three BFP's this month, and it's only the 7th. This is our month, people! AFM, just trying not to think about testing. DP insists we wait until Friday, 10dpo, but I'm not sure I have the strength!

Everyone else - Try to stay positive!

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford
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Hi Everyone,

I agree with AmandaMom--this is the month for BFPs!

AmandaMom: Look at your temps! Very impressive!

Wehrli: Your symptoms sound good and your temp is still up--hooray! I hope you hear terrific news tomorrow afternoon!

AFU: 10dpo. I'm embarrassed to admit that I tested yesterday morning (9dpo), and of course it was negative. I'm still alternating between being hopeful and feeling very discouraged. I think we'll probably test again tomorrow.
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Kimlyn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting for you both~ you must be thrilled. Hopefully this positive streak will continue. AmandaMom and Escher, hope you're next, then I hope I am too sometime soon!! Neg opk this morning, but that's still to be expected. Exciting to be peeing on things again, though. Watching the lines appear is fascinating. Hiding the peesticks from my dad was also an adventure, but he's going back to Baltimore today so I won't have to hide tomorrow's. Hope to be able to call him soon with excellent news.

I hope this is the month for us all~ I'm ready!!!
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Congrats Kimlyn
Werhli and escher- it's not over till you get your period!!! Don't give up hope, your charts look excellent!
A-mom - as hard as it is I wish that I had waited until 11 or 12dpo to test. It is so hard to get those BFN's

AFU - Things are good around here. I scheduled our first appointment with the Family Doc to get some blood work orders for 4/16/10. I might change it and just call the midwife and see what she has open. We will see.
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Thinking of you, Wehrli. I hope you get a pleasant surprise with that beta. I'll be checking back tomorrow afternoon!
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Wehrli - I was supposed to hear back from the doc today but they didn't call! I'm hoping we both get great news tomorrow!

AmandaMom & escher - hold out and test as late as you can. Getting a BFN can really change your attitude for a couple of hours and not worth it if it's too early.

LibraryLady - good luck!

afm, I'm so disappointed that the doctor didn't call back today. They usually call between 2-3. I called the office at 4 and was told the nurses will still in the midst of making their callbacks. I fell asleep and woke back up when the office was closed. The nurse that drew my blood said she would call the doc I usually see at the office he was at today so maybe it got lost in the shuffle. I would assume if it was bad news, the nurse wouldn't have bothered to pass it on to the doc and would've called today.

As soon as I got back from the beta, I took progesterone and a lovenox shot. I want to be pro-active and am 98% sure anyway. The nurse thought the prog wouldn't hurt anyway and since I had low prog last pg, I dont' want to wait and have something happen.

Soooooo, I'm cautiously optimistic and will probably be that way for a while yet. I'm excited and want to tell everyone but at the same time I'm scared. So, I can't wait to hear from the doc and will be calling them at 8am when they open! Hmph
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thanks again, everyone, for your support.
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