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LibraryAmanda - Here's your pre-2WW hug! I totally understand where you're coming from. I often wish it were as easy for us to get pregnant as it is for prom-night teenagers.
Now that we're TTC, I'm also noticing a lot more BABY everywhere I go: Pregnant women and babies are everywhere I look!
Oh, it costs us $350 for each IUI, and an extra $50 if it's on the weekend. Plus $560 a vial. Yikes! And those vials are SOOO tiny! Needless to say, we are also only doing one IUI per cycle.
I have to say, I'm not sure I could stay away from this thread, either... but I don't think it makes me obsess more, I think it helps me to obsess less, actually! I need you people!
It sounds like your timing was great; and I will cross my fingers for you until we hear your good news! This is our month!

AmandaHope - I've decided, since we are having so many BFP's this month, that you and Library and I must be a part of it. I hope you're ready! Amanda power!

Wehrli - I am so incredibly happy for you and DP! You deserve this! I just know you'll have a great pregnancy. It pretty much makes these past several months all worth it, huh?! A million congrats!

Newbian Mama - Hey there stranger! Glad to see you jumping in. Hopefully all the baby dust floating around this board rubs off on ya!

Max - I love your positive attitude. Keep it up! My fingers are still crossed tight for you, hon!

escher - I don't feel particularly pregnant, either. Up until today I felt so certain I was, but I have my doubts today for some reason. I'm feeling pretty Zen about the whole thing, though... If I'm not pregnant then it just isn't the time for us, etc. But I REALLY HOPE I AM! haha

chiquitayy - That sounds like quite an ordeal you've got planned! I'm sure your timing will be perfect. Three insems should certainly do the trick.

AFM, nothing new to report. Temps went down a bit today, but not a lot. I think I feel a little crampy... Is 9dpo too late for implantation? Either way, I'm testing tomorrow. You all will be first to know the results, after DP of course! I've got it in my head that even if it's negative that doesn't mean I'm not pregnant, and it isn't over until AF shows up, and even then it's just the beginning of a whole new cycle to try again.
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I have everything crossed for you and I'm sending positive thoughts your way! Your positive attitude is infectious

If I needed any references to join this group, I was going to use you and Monarchgrrl
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Wehrli!!!! Yay! I had a feeling for you this month! You were just so zen...no symptoms...just thought it was the time. I'm thrilled for you! :rotflm ao:tipha t

AmandaMom OK! You're on! Let's make this a three Amanda BFP month! You are first--good luck with test #1 tomorrow!
AFM, I'm feeling pretty good about this cycle. I'm using the monitor this month, so I'm much less stressed (although that's easy to say at cd 10 ). I'm also ditching the IUI and going for two fresh-through-the-mail insems with my KD's newly tested super-duper swimmers. I just have a better feeling about fresh, given that I really don't know when exactly I O (might be as much as 48 hrs post OPK positive), and since the cost of the IUI stresses me out. Also, if I do get pg this month, I'll have to use up my sick days (no paid FMLA for me!) during winter break; in other words, it would be really not-ideal timing...which probably makes it all the more likely. I'm happy, of course, to work my schedule around this baby, whenever it cares to join me/us. So I'm optimistic for this new approach and for this beautiful month of fertility and new life.

Escher Sorry about the BFN--hopefully (like for the others this month), it is just too early.

Newbian Welcome! Hope your stay is short and sweet, as they say!
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afu - 7dpo over here. DP has been very sleepy and there has been cramping that feels very much so like ovulation. i'm cautiously optimistic. we have been down this road so many times before. but it just keeps on feeling like this has to be the month... half way there.
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Quick note to say hooray for validation! Woke up this morning to a watch saying Fertile Day 1! Let the roadtrip commence as planned! Well, on Monday, anyway...

for AMom and giggle! And everyone else, for that matter!
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14 dpo

chiquitayy, hooray for validation!! isn't it a great feeling when you can predict your fertile time?! good luck with your insems early next week, sounds like you will be busy... try and stay relaxed.

giggle, FX for you and your DP...

AHope, i loved my monitor... i hope it works well for you! sounds like you have a new outlook... and that's great!!!

AMom, 9 dpo is not too late for implantation.... i'm pretty sure it can happen all the way up to the end... if you look at my chart, i had a temp dip at 10dpo and i would swear this was implantation! i felt off that whole day and i had been chalking it up to PMS but alas, it was not! i felt crampy 9 dpo through 12 dpo... FX for you!!!

afm, thanks again everyone! i have another beta this morning and will find out this afternoon... i am feeling quite confident about this although i will feel better once i hear about the doubling...
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I am TOTALLY READY for the 3-Amanda-Month! We'll get our Power of Three mojo working again and hopefully make some magic!

My temp went up today just like I hoped it would. I spent all yesterday evening lying on the couch with my legs over the arm, so I hope those swimmers swam all the way up in there! Thanks for all the hugs and good thoughts. These weeks are LONG but hopefully there's goodness at the end of it.

Chiquitayy~ good luck to you! That is quite a session you have planned, but it does sound like it has possibilities, since you're sure doing a lot of insems. Yesterday in the doc's office my sweetie and I were speculating about sperm banks and the 'helpful magazines' they provide for the donors. Being a librarian, I was wondering if they subscribe to these mags, and if so, how do they choose what they subscribe to? Do they take donations? It was making us laugh really hard, the nurses kept looking at us.

AmandaH, you're right about noticing a lot more baby~ I see preggo women everywhere I go, it seems like many more than before, though it can't possibly be. Maybe soon we'll be a part of it!

Newbian~ I know Princess Leia when I see her

Good luck and good wishes to us all!
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library, sounds like you had a relaxing afternoon! FX that those swimmers made it all the way up there and you will have great news in 2 weeks!! i'm thinking of you... i know how hard it can be when there are so many bfps going on... i mean, really, it's very hard. but i hope you get to jump on this train! and just about being concerned about only doing one insem... i did only one this round and couldn't even rest afterwards... i went straight to work after only 10 minutes on the doctors table! and it still worked!!! FX that these 2 weeks fly by!!
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Thanks Wehrli, your success story is heartening. I do want to jump on this love train for sure!
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Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking for a while, so I thought I'd finally join you all and hopefully get some luck .

About me: I'm Lauren, 32, and TTC #1. DP (T) and I have been together for 10 years. I'm an attorney (meh...) and DP is a geologist (which she loves!). We started this crazy TTC journey last year, with our first attempt in July.

We've been doing at-home insems with frozen swimmers. So far, no success. With the exception of one really crazy long anovulatory cycle last May (which was when we'd planned on starting) and one very unfortunately-timed stomach virus with high fever on days 13-17 of one cycle, my charts have looked great, and we've had (seemingly) good timing for insems.

This is my third month on Clomid. Although I ovulate without meds, my progesterone was (kinda) low at 11.1, so my Dr. thought it would help. It has helped to raise my progesterone level (20.5), but still no luck.

Today is day 13 of my cycle, and I almost always ovulate on day 15. Swimmers arrived this morning, so we're just waiting for the +OPK at this point.

I've been lurking for so long because I tend to be very obsessive about TTC and am especially crazy in the TWW...I thought if I stayed away from the boards I'd be less obsessive. LOL! It will be good to have the support and advice of all of you!

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Welcome Lauren~ sounds like you've come to the right place! Even if you're not an Amanda, we'd love to share the power
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Welcome Newbian and Lauren! Wishing you a short and sweet stay here in the Trying to Conceive forum!

LibraryLady- Keeping fx for you!

Werhli- I just knew your great threadkeeping karma was going to make it stick this time! Congrats!

AFM- It's DPO 6 and my temps have now risen into the 98's! Both my partner and I feel really good about the last insem. It was our first time doing a DIY IUI and it was the first time my IUI did not hurt at all and I had no spotting afterward. I think the timing was perfect!
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I posted this morning, but now I see my message isn't here.

BFN today. My temp also dropped almost to my coverline. I was feeling kinda down until I read what you wrote to me, wehrli. I now have renewed hope. It's still very early for a BFP, I know. Please keep all appendages crossed for me. DP thought she might have seen a very faint line, but it looked lily-white to me. I will test again tomorrow... and probably every day until Tuesday, when AF would normally be due.

Welcome, Lauren! I hope this board brings you some baby luck!

Max - Things are sounding good! Hooray for high temps!
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Congrats on the timing, Max! It feels so good to conclude that you got the timing right, and now you can just try to relax and let nature take its course (with emphasis on the "try" part ;-)

AmandaMom BFNs are NO fun--I'm sorry. But it is early, and your DP thought she saw a very faint line?! A temp drop this early (if AF isn't due until Tues) shouldn't mean anything. So I think you're definitely still in the game. Hang in there.

Welcome, Lauren! Come share the fertile energy!
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Hi Everyone,

AmandaMom: It is very early, but I know BFNs can be discouraging. I hope you get a more exciting result very soon!

MaxK: Hooray for good timing! How is the 2WW feeling so far?

Lauren: Welcome! Good luck with your wait to O!

LibraryLady: Your timing sounds great! I think this is the month for you.

Wehrli: How was your second beta?

Giggleblue: Sleepy and cramping sound like good signs!

AmandaHope: Fresh sperm sounds great. I can't wait to hear how that goes!

Chiquitayy: Your insems are coming right up! It sounds like a tiring but very exciting schedule.

AFM: Wehrli, can you please move me to Waiting to O? Thanks!
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AMom, sorry about the bfn... i am hopeful that DP saw something, though.

max, i am very impressed about your at-home IUI!! i always wanted to try but my DP was not having it.

lauren, welcome!!! i added you in the roll call under waiting to O. i hope we can provide you the support you need.

afm, had my 2nd beta this evening... won't know results until tomorrow (i hope)... it's sinking in a bit but i will feel better after the results of the 2nd blood draw. the sides of my bbs hurt very, very badly... bloated, backache, headache, some cramping. i keep checking the TP for spotting when using the restroom... i just can't believe AF hasn't shown up! i will have a hard time leaving this thread, especially if you don't all move with me. i dipped my toes into the Q&P thread today but will continue to bounce back and forth at least until the end of this month.
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wehrli: Dipping toes is fun, but I'm glad you're not quite leaving us yet.

AMom: Appendages still firmly crossed!

max: Sounds good to me! Hooray for perfect timing!

lauren: I'm pretty sure hanging out here can't make you any more obsessive...welcome!

library: The couch sounds awesome, I wish that were an option for me! Amusingly enough, when I'm at KD's house, I insem on a bunk bed in the guest room. I totally think you should call the bank and ask them how they pick their magazines! Once upon a time in my undergrad years, I worked at a convenience store next to a frat house. The older guys knew me and we all had fun with the new pledges by sending them on scavenger hunts that involved the weirdest magazines we stocked.

escher: Sorry
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Hey I'm Back... can you move me to waiting to be ready
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Painefaria: I'm so sorry.
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Painefaria, I'm so very sorry to hear.
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